Ole Tyrus: An Introduction

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December 8th 2012  |  5  |  Category: Adventure , Drama , Fiction , Suspense , Tragedy  |  Author:  |  1238 views

My name is Tyrus. Tyrus Claney. I served my country proud for 10 years and labored in the coal mines of north Alabama the rest of my working life. I am now retired. I was married for 42 years to my dear Judy, the love of my life and the heart of my being. She has been gone for quite some time now. Died from the fever. I am alone…well… ‘cept for my blue tick, Pud. He is a very loyal pooch.

After I lost my Judy I decided to go back to the place where I grew up… my pappy’s homestead between Beaver Creek and Sulligent in west Alabama. It’s in the sticks, just the way that I like it to be. The only thing connectin’ me to Sulligent is a gravel road and a dirt trail with a bunch of deep mud holes. I get all my supplies delivered by Shane, a young feller that works at the all-goods store in town. I pay him accordingly for his bringin’s since the mines compensated me fairly for my time of labor. I might even say they over-paid me. Guess that’s what I get for a black lung or two.

I have been at this ‘stead for a number of years now and I have to say I have encountered some mighty interestin’ people and things that happened along. I’ve heard quite a few things, too. Such a time I have had here. It hasn’t been boring that is for sure. I didn’t believe that the sweet smell of the surrounding woods wouldn’t be the only thing I would’ve experienced from this place. Some things I just cannot explain about it. I wasn’t one to believe in spirits and phantoms, but now I take those beliefs in stride. The animals in these woods have been everything from neighborly to unfriendly to just down right evil. Some of them are quite the devil they are. That’s alright ’cause I got my guns and they’ve come in handy. I’ve met some different people out here, too. Gotten some wanted and unwanted guests. Some have definitely met the open end of my barrel.

These here woods have always been so eerie. Even when I was growin’ up. Something just didn’t seem right about ‘em. Like someone or somebody was always out there lookin’ at the house. I wasn’t ever scared of ‘em, though. Still ain’t. I’m a war vet. I’ve seen everything I do believe I can see. Fear is just a state of mind of the weak. I may be a shell of the man I was before, but I ain’t weak! My mind may slip every now and then, but I am a strong sort. Me and Pud will always defend the ‘stead no matter what. Nobody or nothin’ will ever get us or this place!

I have decided to write about all the happenings here over the years. Just to keep a history. Some of it you just won’t believe. Sometimes I have hard time believing some of these happenings myself! Like I said, the woods are eerie. Gonna tell you about all my visits and encounters. ‘Bout my huntin’ and fishin’ stories out here and everything. I’ve came across some big game. I swear I shot a bear one time, but I’ll get to that later.

The time here has been something, I tell ya. The old homestead has been a hoot of a place…

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  1. Avatar of Ami Ami says:

    very nice story. Keep writing

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    really great story…..!!

  3. Avatar of priyanka priyanka says:

    Interesting story.. well done..!!

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