Not Enough Time. Year 8 Assignment.

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April 5th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Adventure , Fiction , Thriller , Tragedy  |  Author: Boughen  |  271 views

Not Enough Time

It was an ordinary summer’s day for Bryan. He was bored and waiting adventure. It was the summer holidays and all of Bryan’s friends were on vacation so he was a stuck at home, nothing to do, the only person with him was his three-year-old sister. While Bryan was laying in his bed wondering what to do while he was looking out at the window at the cloudless sky and remembers that his little sister was given a map in an old wooden box as a family air loom. So he went into her room and found the map in an old brown wooden box with gold feet. It’s an old map that was crinkled and browned. He scanned it for a second and found our street. And on the other side of a map was another street both with wavy writing. Excited to go exploring he grabs his cap and runs to the door as he opens it starts to rain. Bryan found this extremely peculiar because no less than half an hour ago there want a cloud in the sky.

After a while, Bryan arrived at his destination, an old wooden cottage with dry grass and an old swing set. Just as Bryan was about to walk into the door an old hunched, wrinkled man walked up to him and whispered. “Don’t knock on that door.”

Bryan swung around “what, why?”

“That map that you are holding, it holds grave danger to whoever possesses it. I used to have a friend that was named Bryan, he looked just like you and in the summer vacation of 2013 he disappeared.” The man said ignoring Bryan.

“It still the summer vacation of 2013 and my name is Bryan.”

“No lad, it is now 2083, my name is R.S You will find out all about this soon but keep in mind the map can’t be destroyed.”

Bryan began to have enough of this conversation and continued to walk towards the door. As he got closer to the door the thought of the cursed map began to dawn on him then. Knock! Knock! Knock! Bryan was at the door of an old creepy house and he could hear footsteps running toward him. Next minute the door swing open and there stands a 10-year-old girl with curly hair and a pink shirt.

“Hello, can I help you?”

“Is the owner home?”

So the girl yells out and asks if she could allow him in. An old voice calls back telling her she can. She shows me into the house bring me into the living room where an elderly lady is sitting with a book entitled Phenomenon. When she looks up from her book she begins to stutter the name ‘Bryan.’ The old lady stumbles over and over this name until finally, it clicked. The old man, the gangsters and the rapid weather changes. All this is to do with the map. It’s like every hour he spends in possession it is 15 years in the real world.

Bryan runs out of the house trying to find R.S since he knows that they were best friend but he finds him crippled and dead on the pavement. He looks at his watch and it strikes 6 and R.S disappeared he ran back to the house and the lady is gone too and the girl is now living there. Frantically Bryan locks the map in the box from his sister’s room and threw it in the lake.

Since it didn’t come back Bryan thought he was done with the map so he goes to the graveyard to see who’s there. He finds himself standing in front of his family’s graves it read

“Smith family, R.I.P, Jane Smith beloved Mother and Wife, Dan Smith beloved Father and Husband, Jenne Smith Grew Old searching for her missing Brother” and down the bottom, it read, “Bryan Smith Disappeared at the age of 13 years.” At that moment everything around him started to reverse extremely quickly. People were almost running in and out of the Graveyard from the footpath, Coffins were lifted out of the graves and tombstones were taken out. Next moment he was at his father’s funeral then his mother’s funeral it stopped. It was the same weather as he first touched the map. After an hour of running to get home, he opens the door and finds his mother baking in the kitchen and his father mowing the yard. Later on that night Bryan told his family what happened and explained how it could only be uncovered in a drought.


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