Nerds vs. Vampires

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March 19th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Adventure , Romantic Love  |  Author: rowzamagic  |  1373 views

You know how people say high school years are the best years of your life. Where you’d find friends, love and most importantly yourself. How high school can shape you into the person you want to be. Well that’s just a bunch of, of – well baloney! High school was the worst experience of my entire being. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a bespectacled, comic-loving, computer brain – not to mention an all out klutz – girl like me survived the jungles that are called high school? It was really hard. Like university math hard. I was called Godzilla the moment I stepped into high school. I was immediately labeled a nerd just cause I preferred math equations to magazines. I was the girl who wore those huge sweaters and yep I had the headgear too. Not only being the president of the mathletes, chess team and spelling bee champ since I was 5 but you guessed it, still a virgin. I’m pretty sure I’m destined to die as one too. Not that I’m crazy to have sex or anything but honestly who wants nerd who is still a virgin? So here I am. Twenty-five in my own apartment, no friends, – unless you count my online buds – not pets and still a virgin. This is the life.
I got out of bed and did my morning stretching to the radio. Since I was a kid I had always -always- had bad eyesight so Im like Velma in Scooby Doo. If I lose my glasses Im blind like the three blind mice. So me being forgetful and all I forgot to put on my glasses as soon as I woke up. I went looking around for it, bumping into things along the way till I finally banged my head on a wall. I went down like a tree.
“Ugh, sweet Jesus,” I cursed as I rubbed my head.
Oh, wait sorry I forgot to tell you my name. I’m Dylan. Yeah, I know its a weird name for a girl but bad eyesight runs in the family so my dad mistaken me for a boy. You wouldn’t believe how much that happens in my family. So yeah, I’m stuck with the name Dylan for the rest of my virgin life. Ok back to my current predicament.
I crawled back – i think – to my bed and felt around for my nightstand.
My hand reached something and I said “Aha!”
I pulled it down and it landed on my head. That does not feel like my glasses. I rubbed my now sore head. I felt around my nightstand again and came in contact with my glasses. I put them on and sighed with relief. I got off the floor and head over to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and cringed. I touched the bird’s nest that was my hair, my eyes looked all sleepy and I had drool all over my chin. I took off my spider-man pjs and matching underwear in the hamper and took a quick shower. I got out and dried myself with a towel. I wiped the mirror and looked at myself. I was one of those girls who didn’t develop through high school. My wet hair covered my B cup breasts. But once you went lower my bum and hips were – well developed. All my development happened there, not up where I wanted it to be. I was on the skinny side plus I was covered in freckles. I had a cute face. That was it. I was born in Jamaica but lived in London all my life so yep I got a British accent combined with a Jamaican one. My black hair was already starting to curl. Ugh, I hated having curly hair. Its impossible to manage it. I quickly lotion my skin, blow dry and put a little cream in my unruly hair. I got dressed up in a baggy azact sweater, warm black and white – the white shaped like bows – leggings, grabbed my green beanie, beige jacket and purse. As I reached the kitchen I looked at the time and saw it was 8:31. Oh, firetruck I’m gonna be late! I rushed and put on my furry boots, jacket. I grab some yogurt and a banana and end up hitting my pinkie toe on the refrigerator door. I hopped over to the door, grab my bag and car keys and hopped out the door.

“I am so sorry for being late. Again,” I said as I entered the board room.
My job was that I create video games. A nerd’s dream job. I’m one of the lucky few who got to live out their dreams.
“Chill, you were only a minute late,” my hot co-worker Mike said.
I had a crush on him on my first day and I still got butterflies just seeing him. I took off my jacket and set it on my chair. I grabbed out my notebook and pens and set them on the table all neat and tidy. Just as I sat my butt on the chair I fell off. No surprise there but the others though so. They all rushed over to help me and asked if I was ok.
“I’m fine, really. Happens all the time,” I fixed my clothing.
They all sighed in relief and started the meeting back up again.
“So this is a new year, 2013 and we gotta do better than we did last year. So its time to start pitching ideas.”
Now I had a notebook full of ideas but I was afraid to show them. Nothing hurts worse than rejection or getting hit by a bus but you get the picture.
Mike stared at me and mouthed “go!”
It was like he could read my mind. I bit my lip and tried to get my boss’s attention but not only am I nerd but I’m a shy one too.
Mike shook his head at me and said “hey boss, I think Dylan’s got an idea.”
I blushed as everyone’s head turned towards me.
I gulped and said “Umm I had this idea that um that the heroes in the video game would be nerds. To like give nerds empower and the like. They could save the world from destruction by using super powers from previous superheros like spider-man and the such.”
The whole room went silent. I knew it was a bad idea! I looked over at Mick and he shrugged his shoulders at me.
“Dylan,” the boss said in a low voice that she doesn’t usually use “that is a fucking amazing idea!”
Everyone in the room started to talk. They what? They like my idea?
“Baxter! Get your team on the move on this idea! Dylan we’re gonna need you to supervise this one. Here’s you big shot, don’t screw it up!” The boss yelled at me.
I nodded and began to work with the teams. Me, Dylan Sparks, is gonna supervise her own game creation. This day couldn’t get any better! I talked to the teams about my concept and where I wanted this game to go. I have been developing this game for awhile now so I was prepared to say the least.

“This game is gonna sell,” Baxter patted me hard on the shoulder.
“You really think so,” I looked up at him cause dang he was tall!
“No fucking doubt. You’re finally giving nerds the recognition they deserve,” he grinned at me.
I smiled back. Baxter has been in this business for a long time so what he says goes.
He walked me over to the artists and we worked out our main concept of the designs.
“What are you gonna call it?” Baxter asked as he turned towards me.
I didn’t even have to think about it cause I already had one, “Nerdfighters.”

As I got my french latte I ordered from a Tim Horton’s worker I thought back to the crazy day I just had. I cant believe their gonna bring my video game concept to life! I found an empty seat, took off my jacket and indulged in my french latte. I wasn’t one of those coffee gals, coffee just tasted down right awful. I sipped my latte and shivered as its warmth seeped down my throat. I checked my twitter. Yes I got 2 more followers! Yep, I prefer Twitter over Facebook, hands down. Just as I was tweeting about my day, a man walked in. I didn’t notice him at first cause I was too busy tweeting. After I took another sip of my latte I offed my phone. I looked outside at the hustle and bustle of New York city. The Big Apple, even though it wasn’t an apple. I looked over at the guy and he was just standing in the middle of the room. What the fishsticks?! Why is he just standing there like that. Suddenly I saw him raise a gun – a really big one. I silently gasped and got underneath the table as he started to shoot. All I heard were the screams of dying people, bullet shells dropping and his maniacal laughter. How can human beings be so cruel? Doing this to their own kind. I saw an old lady get shot right in the face. Her brains splattering against the wall. I cried for her. The guy was still shooting but it wasn’t like he had a target. It was like he was doing it for the fun of seeing people die. My blood started to boil. That good for nothing turd! C’mon Dylan you have to do something! What would Superman do? He wouldn’t sit on his butt, he would stand up and help these people. As he turned his back to me I got on the table and jumped onto his back. I directed the gun away before it hurt anyone else. The guy struggled, trying to get me off his back and it worked. I fell on my back. He turned and aimed his gun at me. I rolled away seconds before those bullets hit me. I got on my feet again. He aimed at me again, this time i rolled under the spray of bullets. As I rolled I used one leg and kicked the gum out of his hands. I got on my feet again. Thank God I took those martial art classes. As I turned I saw a flash of silver. I moved out of the way just in time before the blade could do some real damage. I dodged every one of his attempts to do some serious damage. I finally grab his hand and squeeze hard at his nerve points. He lets go and I knee him right in the kiwis. He goes down on his knees, holding his crotch. I quickly look around for a weapon and spot coffee on a table. That will have to do.
I grab the coffee off the table and say to the people hiding underneath the table, “so sorry!”
I take the really hot coffee and splashed it on his face. He screamed and now held his burning face. I kicked him in the face and blood arced over his head. I went to his back, twisted and pulled both arms and put a knee to his back so that he couldnt escape. Out of nowhere a SWAT team came in.
The one leading them said “put your hands up!”
I got off the guy and raised my hands. Oh, crackers! The men took off their masks and looked at the scene. The leader – I assume – took off his mask and I swore angels were singing. This guy was hot. Sahara desert hot. He had nice tanned skin, bushy eyebrows, long wavy dark hair. I just had to wear a sweater today. An ugly one at that.
The guy said brashly “get off him.”
You don’t have to be so rude about it. I obeyed his command and got off him. Its always the hot ones that are mega jerks. There has got to be a scientific explanation.
“Whats your name?” He asked bluntly putting his gun back in its holder.
“D-Dylan. Dylan S-Sparks.” I stammered
“Why, Dylan, were you on this man?”
“Cause he was killing innocent people and he needed to be stopped,” I looked him straight in the eye, not backing down.
He looked me up and down and I knew what he was thinking. How could a little girl like me take down a big guy with a gun. I cant believe it either but that doesn’t make it any better.
The guy kicked the guy onto his back. I instantly knew who the guy was.
“Wasn’t this the guy who killed Senator Max with a sniper on September 14 at 2 pm at his own home but escaped and was hiding over at Florida?” I said reciting what I saw I saw on TV.
He gave me a suspicious look “how do you know that?”
“Television and photographic memory,” I crossed my arms against my chest, “why would he just go and start killing people when he’s in hiding. That makes no logical sense.” I pondered.
The guy grunted. He called people over to capture him and put him into a vehicle. I looked up at him and say he had such beautiful gray eyes. But they had a feral look to them. I couldn’t help but not stare at him. It was like he was sucking me in. He was the first to break the stare. I blushed instantly and looked away too. As he walked away he stopped and turned back to me and said “I’m Damon. Damon Hunt. I’ll be in contact with you.”
I looked at him as he and his team left the scene. This has been a crazy day indeed.


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