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September 18th 2012  |  4  |  Category: Drama , Other , Romantic Love  |  Author: Amani  |  761 views

Even it was a beautiful sunny day and the mansion was surrounded with sparrows’ twitter and bloomed flowers , Emily was not able to escape her feeling of loneliness, isolation, being apart from these natural elements. It seemed very difficult for her to harmonize and integrate with her surroundings. She had an interest in one thing which is reading. She was able to alleviate her loneliness and fear by reading books and escaping reality.
Psychiatrists said that she was affected hardly by the accident occurred to her husband last year and since she is too sensitive and tender , she needs long time to recover and overcome her pain .
Emily lives in a grand mansion alone after the death of her husband. Of course she has relatives who offered her their homes to live and to comfort her, but she persisted that she wants to be alone. Emily has one friend whom she trusts and loves ,but she lives in another country and seldom they meet.
Last week, she received a letter from her friend in which she tells Emily that she is coming soon to visit her in the mansion and she will spend the summer vacation with her. Emily put the letter aside and took a book to read . The book she was reading was not the sort of books she used to read. Now she has become interested in reading pessimistic books , sad ending novels , impossible love stories.
Two weeks later, her friend, Catherine arrived but received no warm regards from Emily. Although she expected to see her in sad mood , she thought she would be received more eagerly. Anyhow, Catherine was sure that Emily would not continue as this for a long time and she would make her effort to get her out of her gloomy life. But surprisingly enough, Catherine herself needed someone to comfort her . She had depressed feelings, desperate smile and inner pain reflected in her faint face. Still, Catherine knew that she had come to the mansion to alleviate the pain of her friend and cheer her up .
Catherine and Emily met at dinner time and started talking about old times.
Emily: do you remember when we were children…. All what we wanted to do was just to play, have fun, purchase toys, play hide and seek . In those days, we sensed the mean of happiness, comfort , peace of mind . If we get angry of something , being given a piece of chocolate or being told a story would reassure us and bring back the smile to our face.
Catherine said: why so pessimistic???? as long as we can breath, we can enjoy life, we should make use of every moment of life and turn it to happiness. We live just one time.
Emily: these are just theories or wise words taught to children , real life is tough.
Catherine: people who are tough. We are unable to judge things in an objective way.. We demand happiness because we test sadness, We miss summer because there is winter and we prefer dreams because there is reality . Wherever there is sadness, there is happiness and wherever there is darkness , there is lightness.., come on..cheer up
Emily : anyhow, How is your work going??? Are you able to manage between home and work??
Catherine: things are going well. I think I can manage.. since there is nothing new in life, duties are the same. I’m used to it.
Emily: you seem unhappy
Catherine: not exactly, but at least I’m convinced with the way I live …. I think I’m satisfied, everything is going well I have my work… my husband next to me , what do I want else???
Emily: passion , are not you eager for passion????
Catherine: why do you think I’m in need for that??/
Emily: it is evident that you lack it. There is no brightness in your eyes while talking about your husband, your life. You are talking about duties and routinish life, do you love your husband???
Catherine: I cannot but love him, he is so tender, sensitive, calm, peaceful, tolerant, I think … he loves me too ..
Emily: then you admire his having these characteristics, you have an ideal husband, this is has nothing to do with love , do you still………
Catherine: still what ???
Emily: still love John??
Catherine : don’t be ridiculous, it has been long time , I know nothing about him and I do not have the courage to know???
Emily: why not??why do not you live with the person you love. Minutes ago you were preaching me about life and seizing the moment. We live just one time. You are here now, why do not you try to find about him?? Are not you yearning to see him, why if he still loves you as well and eager to get back to you and…
Catherine: stop it …. What are you trying to do, I’m a married woman, I respect my husband and should protect his reputation, why should I seek a person who does not try to investigate about me ?? can you imagine how much painful I would be if I recognized that I mean nothing to him
Emily: you will do it because you still love him, because of passion
Catherine: I’m not here for this issue , I’m here to help you recover
Emily: you who need to be recovered. Medicine and tranquility will make me feel good , but what about you??
Catherine: I’m fine, by the way , how was your relation with your husband? How much did you love him??
Emily: a lot, he meant to me everything, but…..
Catherine: but what ??
Emily: I think he did not , or maybe he was
Catherine: I think you are tired , why do not you go to sleep
Emily: He loved another woman. She was his first love. When we got married , he told me that he was in a relation before but they broke up . He was lying, first love can never be forgotten. This is the source of my pain, I lost my husband twice; one when I discovered that he still loves her and the other when he made that accident. Watching him seizing her hand and uttering his last words to her broke my heart .
Catherine: oh… my dear, how much you suffered , but how then after all that can you convince me of turning back to my first lover, you know how much it was difficult to you to recognize that your husband’s heart and feelings were with another woman, how can you??
Emily: it’s fair enough, not women alone who should suffer. We also have sensation and impulse we want to satisfy. We women ignore our feelings and emotions just for the sake of being reputable , just to please our husbands, just because we care about them and unable to hurt them.
Catherine: if you had this malicious heart, then why did not you get revenge of your husband?? Why did not you leave him, why should I ??
Emily: I was so weak , terrified , alone and unable to take decision and I had no other lover, he was my only love. And their relation did not continue for a long period. After a short period of their reconnection, he made that accident and died. So, there was no time to act or decide what to do.
Catherine: did not you inform him that you know about his betrayal??
Emily: confessing to him that means ending our relation. I did not want to lose him. . I wanted to give him a chance to rethink and regret what he had done, but in vain
Catherine: well. My dear, I think it’s better to go to bed now and get rest.
Catherine could not sleep that night. Recognizing the source of her friend’s suffering shocked her. Pushing her to leave her husband and the hatred dwelling in her heart towards men surprised her more. She did not know what to do. Come back to her husband and leave her friend during this difficult time or stay and wait till the suitable moment .
On the other day, Catherine woke up lately and left her room to see her friend. But Emily was outside home to do some business. While Catherine was sipping tea, the maid of the house came and told her that there is a postman who wants her. Catherine was sure that her husband had sent her a letter. Surprisingly enough, the letter she received was not from her husband, but from another person she did not expect. It was from John, her first beloved. Catherine was shocked, surprised, unconscious , many feelings haunted her. After minutes , Emily came and saw her friend amazed , unable to collect her ideas and utter sensible words. It was evident how much Catherine had loved John .
Emily: what ‘s up???
Catherine: you will not believe it, John has sent me a letter
Emily: what?? How can he???
Catherine: how did he know that I’m here??? He is following me . He still loves me right???
Emily: my dear, of course he still, as much as you are in love with him
Catherine: is it clear that I’m still in love with him?
Emily: look at yourself in the mirror, you love him madly. Now, what did he write ??
What did he inform you? is he still married or got divorced or what??
Catherine: wait ..I have not read it yet. Come, let us read it
Dear Catherine,
Hope this letter finds you well
It has been long time. I wondered and hesitated a lot before I decided to send you this letter. I do not know why in this particular time I choose to write it??? I know that there are many questions you think of. But there is no answer except yearning for those days when we were together, I can call it passion. I’m writing this letter hoping that you will read it once time. I wonder when this letter reaches you and you read it, how will you feel: indifferent or interested .I got married, had a child, then I got divorced. That is how my life went on without you. Anyhow, you will find my phone number on the opposite of the envelope. If you think that we can reform what had been broken, if you think that I deserve another chance, call me or let me know by any way you feel convenient.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Your first and last beloved,
Emily: that’s fantastic , now Catherine go and call him
Catherine: of course No, I will not I cannot do it
Emily: why not???
Catherine: because of dignity. He remembered me when he got divorced and became alone with no family, not because he truly wants me.
Emily: if that was right, he could make a relationship with any other woman . He would not choose to put himself in this embarrassing situation and send you this letter. There is no dignity in love, there is forgiveness.
Catherine: what shall I do??? I think it is better to come back to London. I missed my job….. my husband.
Emily: you want to escape, you prefer harsh reality to dreamy, bright life. You choose darkness instead of lightness. Ok, then go and continue leading the same routinish, dull, boring life with a person you do not love. John himself knows that you are hesitant and that is why he chose to communicate with you by sending a letter not meeting you personally. He wants a clear decision.
Catherine: I’m unable to decide what to do. What shall I do Emily???
Emily: follow your heart and it will tell you what to do.
Catherine knew what to do but unable to act. She wanted Emily to push her and convince her that what she wants to do will not wrong any one. She was driven totally by passion , a strong desire dwelled in her heart urging her to call John and hear his voice. So, she made that call .
Catherine: Hello, is it John ??

John: yes, who is speaking???
Catherine: it’s Catherine, do not you recognize my voice???
John: uhhhh, Cathy, how are you??
Catherine: fine, I’m just calling you in responding to the letter you have sent me
John: letter?? ….
Catherine: Today morning, I have received a letter from you telling me that you got divorced and want to…
John: well Catherine, hearing your voice again makes me happy. I have a lot to say and there is no person to trust except you?? Can I meet you?
Catherine: well, where?? When???
John: at the café we used to meet,, tomorrow morning
Catherine: ok, see you, Goodbye.
Catherine was so happy, enthusiastic and eager to see John but at the same time afraid of being over whelmed by passion. Her heart tells her to ignore traditions and break lines and enjoy herself, satisfy her need, on the other hand, her mind tells her to pay attention to her reputation and not to forget that she is married to a person who has never hurt her.
Catherine went to see John trying to convince herself that her act would not hurt any side .
At the café they met each other. Great happiness drawn on Catherine’s face when she saw john . At that moment she forgot everything about her marital status, society and restrictions, and remembered only, the person in front of her eyes.
John: hi Cathy, it has been long time , how are you??
Catherine: I’m well, what about you??
John: I feel better now. Do you remember the first time we met? It was here. Those times were amazing.
Catherine: yes, this place contains enormous memories, happy and sad moments.
John: you got married, right??
Catherine: yes, since three years ago
John: have any children?
Catherine: no, I have not
John: why?? I mean is it your decision not to?
Catherine: when the suitable moment comes, I will have many. You have one child, is it a boy??
John: yes , his name is Sam
Catherine: does he live with you , I mean after the divorce….?
John: yes, he lives with me now
Catherine: you seem different, weird, serious, use concise words, you are not the same John I used to know.
John: life changes us, there is nothing stable , nothing fixed. We cannot stay reckless for all life, experience teaches us to become mature and maturity means to pay attention to every word we utter and every gesture we make intentionally or unintentionally. This makes us more stressful, more serious, more restricted and unable to react.
Catherine: you changed a lot. I think you are mature enough now. You are overwhelmed by maturity. Now, why did you want to meet me today after this long period??
John: actually that was incidentally, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. But I want your help.
Catherine: I do not understand how I can help you
John: I have no friend that I trust as much as you
Catherine: friend???
John: I know that what connected us in the past was stronger than I call it friendship, but things have changed now., your life seems to be stable, tranquil , You have your husband and you seem comfortable with him. But my life has been deteriorated. My wife left me and my son will live instable life . I know it is not your business and you may not care about it , but I hope you can help me in getting my wife back.
Catherine was shocked and unable to utter a word, suddenly , all her dreams and hopes evaporated.
John: hey, Cathy , do you hear me??
Catherine: do you love her that much?
John: she is all my life. I cannot breath without her next to me. I cannot but love her
Catherine: that much?? What about your past days with me? How could you stay alive and breath easily after we broke?? Did you love me??
John: in that time you were my only beloved, but I lacked the experience to know how I should take care of you , I could not keep you and I lost you, but things have changed, I changed too and don not want to lose her, please I need your help?
Catherine: do you know how I feel now? Can you imagine how much I’m disappointed now? you changed my whole life. Before that letter I was satisfied with my ordinary, rational, boring life, convinced of my husband , now you’ve entered my life give me hope of big dreams letting me forget that I’m a married woman. It seems that I’m who is reckless now, but if you were mature and do not want to lose your wife, why would you send me that letter? How did know that I’m in the country? You were just kidding, (crying) I’m I a joke ? why did you tell me that you miss me and want me again in your life?
John: what letter you are talking about since yesterday? I did not try to communicate with you since we broke up. Catherine, calm down, You who called me and I felt happy of that call and directly think that you are the only one who can help me.
Catherine: then , who sent it??
John: I do not know, I’m sorry. I did not mean to hurt you. I think inviting you to this café is my mistake and letting you interfere in my own business is not right. I did not know that you still love me as much as in the past. I think I should go now. I’m very sorry, Catherine .
Catherine: wait, I’m who should be sorry. I should not have put pre-assumption and follow my imagination and take it for granted that you want me back in your life even if this was evident in a letter. You had never sent me a letter in the past. You had never loved this way of communication. It’s Emily who did it, no one else. how much idiot I’m.
Now, tell me why did your wife leave you??
John: I do not have a clear answer, because I do not know even why? She told me that she is not happy with me and this is not the life she expected to live and cannot put up with this situation any more. One day, she got out of the home leaving me and her son writing a letter telling me that she wants to get divorced.
Catherine: and you did.
John: yes, but after many trials to convince her not to, but in vain.
While Catherine and John were talking, a man was standing looking at them. It was Catharine’s husband, Jack. He approached them and said angrily:
Jack: well done, my dear. That is your friend you come to help her recover! Sitting with your x lover forgetting that you are a married woman and has a husband who should keep his reputation
Catherine : wait Jack, you misunderstand us, it is not like what you think my dear
He just wants me help him in getting back his wife, nothing else
Jack: oh yes, yes his wife, you know, you are a big liar, big betrayer, I’m being dishonored to have you as a wife for all this period. You are not my wife any more. Stay here with the person who threw you before. I would thank Emily a lot for letting me know everything about your infidelity to me
Catherine: Jack, Emily is a liar. She has planned all that, believe me. I did not make any wrong to your reputation.
Jack left the place mumbling and uttering disdainful words on Catherine.
John was embarrassed of the whole situation and regret inviting Catherine to the café which led to destroy her whole life . He promised her to conciliate the situation and clarify the matter to her husband.
Catherine at that moment did not think of anything except reaching Emily and killing her .She tried her best to know why her best friend would do that with her and why she wanted to destroy her life, is it a jealousy ?or she is affected highly by the medicine she is taking. Whatever the excuse was, Catherine would not forgive her.
When Catherine reached the mansion, Emily was waiting outside, looking at Catherine with victorious eyes.
Catherine said furiously: why did you do that to me??what wrong I did to you to reward me like that??
Emily: wait, my dear. I know how much angry you are, how much you hate me at this moment. This night, you would thank me and feel happy of what I let you do , come in now.
Catherine: where, what are you trying to do else?
Emily: nothing my dear. There is someplace we should go to and what are you going to see, will answer all your questions.
Catherine surrendered to Emily’s words and had nothing just to follow her hoping to find an excuse for what she had done.
Catherine was so stressful and impatient for the night to come.
Emily and Catherine left home and arrived at a hotel.
Emily: Catherine, you should go in
Catherine: where? It is a hotel. What I’m supposed to do here?
Emily: just go in and you will find the answer and you will recognize why I have let you go in all theses hardships and why I’ve put you in that situation with John and Jack, remember that I’m your sincere friend , I would not ever wrong you or let others do so. Go now.
Catherine went inside with slow steps curious to discover the secret , but at the same time afraid of discovering something bad, something unexpected.
When she entered the hotel , she found John there. She went directly to him asking what he is doing at this place. John was totally shocked as if someone showered him with cold water, Catherine asked him: John, what’s the matter , what has happened??
John: I cannot believe it, I cannot believe it. She left me because she has an affair with another man. She loves another one. She has betrayed me.
Catherine: calm down, how did you know that? You should investigate the matter, you should not do like what my husband has done.
John: I have investigated the matter and I’m sure of it. She is booking a room here ,
a double room. I asked the receptionists about her and they told me that she has been here since two months with her boy friend. I’m waiting for them now to appear. But what are you doing here?
Catherine: I do not know. I hope it would not be another trick of Emily.
After a moment, John’s x-wife appeared seizing a man’s arm. Surprisingly enough, the man she was seizing was Catherin’s husband, Jack.
Catherine was terribly shocked. She did not expect to see her husband who seemed to be faithful, solemn and ideal man with another woman, she was disappointed to recognize that he had never loved her and had been always deceiving her. That was the most painful experience she had ever gone into. She wished it to be a trick planned by Emily, but it was undoubtedly true. Her husband who should be abroad in another country has been here since two months having with another woman an intimate relationship , enjoying his time.
John recognized at that moment that there was no place for any conciliation with his x- wife. He was shocked of the act of her infidelity more than the person she was deceiving him with. He moved towards her scolding her and telling her to forget that she has a son.
In spite of the desperate feeling Catherine felt inside, she glanced at Jack with self- assurance. She was happy with the favor Emily did to her. She recognized that her friend did not want her to appear weak, inferior and defeated while facing her husband’s cheating . Catherine felt strong , happy to defeat him.
Her husband looked at her maliciously and she left the place delightful at her triumph.
Emily was waiting outside to congratulate her friend’s triumph.


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