Mirage: Desert Gold

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December 27th 2016  |  0  |  Category: Fiction , Inspirational , Moral , Philosophical , Satire , Suspense  |  Author: Titu  |  422 views

Two miserly travelers, Ram & Rahim in search of fortune had lost their way in a barren desert. Unmindful of mighty desert, both went deep, chatting n discussing about arid desert and golden sand. The travel was worth it as in Desert; golden nuggets are not deep and are, often exposed to bedrock.
They were filled with enough supplies of food and water. As they moved in desert at the peak of day, suddenly both of them saw a sparkle at distant Western dune.
Ram thought, ‘’It’s treasure in West.’’ Rahim gasped slowly in happiness, ‘’Wow! Gold in West.’’
They both took it for a cache filled with silver, gold and diamond. It was love at first sight. Both were hooked and fevered with gold. ‘’Today, they had hit the elusive POT OF GOLD’’
As both of them were greedy and grasping, so sharing this pristine booty was virtually impossible. Both of them halted abruptly and faked as if they had seen nothing. Friendship and companionship suddenly melted into hatred and greed. Both thought, ‘’Time to use secret weapon.’’
Ram spoke first, ‘’Rahim, let’s stop here. I am tired.’’ Rahim gladly responded, ‘’Yes, it’s good time for rest. I think we have travelled long today.’’
They decided to stop for rest under palm trees nearby, so that they had time to plan next move. As night fell, both were anxious still they pretended to sleep deeply. They planned in their minds how to prevent other from reaching the treasure.
Throughout night, both thought the only best way was to eliminate fellow traveler by poisoning. It would be silent and unarmed. Ram got up in deep night and mixed the poison in the water of Rahim. Later, Rahim got up and poisoned the food container of Ram. At morning, both waited in smile for wealth and also for others agony and death.

They waited and waited for others’ misfortune, but as both had heard each others’ movements in the night, so both avoided water and food. As greed lurked in their mind and patience ran out, so ultimately they decided to move without water and food intake.
As now Sun was up and It was another hot sunny day and the illusion formed again. As now they felt excited in hope of getting this new found wealth and possibility of removal of last hurdle.
As none of them wanted to approach in the direction of Western treasure in another’s presence. So, Rahim was first one to come out with pretext. He said, ‘’Ram. I am thinking of travelling north. I dreamt last night that there is danger in West. ”
Ram was quick to respond, ‘’Yeah. I had similar dream, but I was instructed to go south.’’ After pretending to travel in their chosen direction till other got out of sight, both turned and pointed in the direction of Western treasure and rushed towards it smiling expectantly. As they advanced towards treasure and realized it was Mirage. They realized their big folly. They saw deep hollow within. Heavy disappointment and utter sadness engulfed themselves.
Suddenly, they saw each other’s face. First, mad thoughts of survival rushed their mind and then, suddenly both started laughing at themselves. At last, both looked upwards towards sky for help in one towards God. But still they had to admit to survive.
In heaven, The God smiled and thought, ‘’ You don’t prospect to hit GOLD, but to discover SELF. If only you can trust and admit now. ’’


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