Minoko, The Courier

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December 3rd 2012  |  2  |  Category: Fiction  |  Author: rmmaltbie  |  992 views

Long ago, God cast out the arc angel, Lucifer, from heaven, banishing him to the depths of hell. God did not cast him out alone. He sent Lucifer’s lover, Minoko, with him. But it wasn’t long after banishment that Lucifer’s evil grew, and he forced Minoko to stand by his side while he stole souls from God’s minions and burned them for eternity. Knowing Minoko was bound to him, he forced her to go to earth to collect souls for him, carrying them strapped in chains to the bowels of Lucifer’s subterranean inferno. One day, Minoko had enough. Her transparent heart was not evil, only enslaved. It never turned black like Lucifer’s. Lucifer renamed himself Satan and he became uglier than the demons he commanded. Despite her love for Lucifer, Minoko could no longer force souls into hell and throw them into the pits of fire, so she escaped.

Minoko went to God for help and asked him to return to heaven. God told her what’s done is done and that he could not allow her to return. “I can not go back down there,” she begged God. “I can’t be a proctor for the damned.” Seeing the genuine goodness in Minoko, God decided to take pity on her. He could not let her back into heaven, so he offered her an alternative.

“I have a special job for you,” he said. “My angels are not fast enough to catch my human riders. They cannot reach the riders before they crash and perish. As a result, my riders are feeling excruciating pain before they leave earth. They die confused and have trouble finding the light.”

Minoko was hesitant to accept his offer. It would be the same job Satan had made her do. “You want to make me a reaper,” she said to God, but he shook his head. “No,” he said, “a courier. The riders are my favorites you see. I have already chosen which ones I want to return home, but I don’t want them to suffer. I need you to get to them and remove their souls from their bodies before they feel any pain. Can you do that?”

Minoko considered carefully the decision she had to make. She could not return to hell, nor gain admission into heaven. If she did not take God’s offer, she’d be cast out into the in-between’s, a Netherland of nothingness and eternal purgatory for poltergeists and exorcised demons who have been locked out of hell for failing Satan. She would have no protectors there in the endless darkness. She’d have to fend for herself. “Where do I find them?” she asked.

“You won’t have to,” God said, “They’ll come to you.” God handed Minoko a scroll, his list of names for the riders racing around on earth on machines with two wheels. Minoko took the scroll and as she peeled the tattered papyrus open with her fingers, it began to dissipate into a golden mist. The mist took form mid air before her eyes and swirled into a convoluted vortex of gold sashes. “You will wear it,” God said and Minoko’s form was pulled forward into the vortex. The sashes wrapped tightly around her and she assumed the body of a human woman. The second the sashes were bound to her human-like skin, the names were memorized. “You, Minoko, are my only angel with a transparent heart,” God said. “You alone are capable of bringing my riders home. The sashes will shorten and when they’re gone, you may return to heaven.” And with that, Minoko journeyed back to earth to begin her life as The Courier.

She was smart. She knew she could not chase the riders. They were too fast. The only way to catch them was to meet them at the point of impact and grab their souls before they hit. Legend says you can see her just before you die, crouched and ready in the road ahead of you, the irises in her eyes burning an amber glare, flickering like fire. Legend also says the sight of her doesn’t incite panic, but relief. For God removed Satan’s curse of malformation, transforming Minoko back into her angelic state, more beautiful than any woman on earth.

It is said Minoko leaps for you, pulling your soul from the shell of flesh and bone just as the machine with two wheels begins to fall. Your soul is carried straight to the gates of heaven where you, the rider, are met by a family member or friend that has passed before you. Once safely at St. Peter’s gates, Minoko returns to earth to do the same thing again and again, every time running from Satan’s demons as they try to return her to his grasp. But each time she escapes and carry’s God’s riders home.


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  1. Barry says:

    Not a very religious person but I really liked this.

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