• It is said that people often show true excellence in the midst of great tragedy. This was certainly true in the story I’m about to

    The Siskiyou Golden Fair is the event to top all events in Siskiyou […]

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    Thanks so much for your comment! It makes me cry, But that’s because it’s a true story.

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    Great story Josiah. I love your voice and the mood it sets for the character and story. Keep writing!!

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    I appreciate your effort but I’ve heard most of these one-liners before. Don’t think it works for a short A bit too long to keep my interest.

  • Thank you for your comment. Reading it over now, I’m thinking that the beginning is too long and drawn out, having very little to do with the story. What are your thoughts? Do you think it should be changed?

  • I love the message of this story. It is far better to focus on the good things in life than to always look at the bad–even when we have to look hard for them. Life is so much richer than our daily existance often reveals.

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