Make Your Life Magical !

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December 31st 2013  |  0  |  Category: Inspirational , Moral , Tragedy  |  Author: Nikunj  |  769 views

A short passage with a big moral.

Once upon a time there were two great friends – Ram and Shyam, both were aspiring dancers at ground level. Ram was very passionate about his dreams to become one of the best dancers India has ever seen. He wanted the world to know who he was. He wanted to create his own world where dance was defined by him. Though he had already given a good number of auditions, he was never able to click to fame; but from each rejection he would learn something new and made sure that he implemented it in his next performance. Shyam, on the other hand was a plain and easy going guy, who considered Ram a day – dreamer who would never be able to create his stand in dancing career. He believed in plain and simple living and considered Ram as an ‘immature mad guy’.

This is how the conversation between them used to be:
Ram: Shyam! You know what ? One day I’ll be dancing star !!
Shyam(laughs out loud): Ha-ha ! In your dreams ?!

Nevertheless, the bond of friendship between them always remained intact. They spent hours working together in a local dance troupe, the only difference being Ram frequently went for auditions to different metropolitans. Though it barely fetched him any form of silver lining, he always made sure that he does not miss any chance to showcase whatever he had inside. Sometimes he compromised with his food, sometimes with his health so that he had sufficient funds to travel.

Once there was a mega audition in Mumbai open to all. Ram as usual asked his all time buddy Shyam to come along with him and as usual he heard something like this:

Shyam: Ram ! Are you nuts? This week’s Aashiqi 3′s releasing ! You know how much I love Shraddha Kapoor ?!

Ram: Yeah, yeah…I know that. Wish she also knew that !

So, as always, Ram went alone for the mega audition all by himself ! But by this time he had years of experience (which he gained by watching others perform) and practice which had raised his bars and standards to national level performances. He knew that this opportunity could bring that MAGIC in his life that he always craved for ! So, this time he had done his homework and was pretty much confident regarding his selection for the next round of Top 50 dancers. And as rightly said by people in history: confidence and belief is the key to success, Ram made it to Top 50 and the entire nation recognised this boy from small town as he was the first one from his district to claim this kind of success in dancing. However, he didn’t win the title of dancing star because of tough competition but he got a tremendous boost is his confidence. He managed to start his own dancing classes, the first one in the town !

Well, regarding Shyam’s fate, what happened to his love saga with ‘Arohi’ ?
He’s learning contemporary dance on Aashiqi 3 songs at Ram’s Dance Academy !

To make your life magical, the hunger for your success; the thirst to accomplish your goals and live your dreams should be larger than your appetite for the plain, simple and daily gratifications in your life.

#ake_Your_Life_Magical !


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