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March 8th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Fiction  |  Author: tina20  |  4377 views

I knew Mr. Lu when I was a foreign teacher for N college.

He always came to our office, which was a huge meeting room, with huge conference table, talking with humble attitude to P, an English man.

“ Who is he?” I asked P one day, after Mr. Lu left the office.
“He is Lu.”
“Is he your student?”
“He always follows you; I guessed he was your student.” I said.
“I don’t know who he is either. He follows me, I guess for practicing his English.”
One day,just me in the office, Lu knocked the door and came in the office.
“P is not here today.”I told him friendly.
“I am here not for P; I’d like to stay here to prepare my lesson, can I? He showed his humility.
“Of course.” I said: “The kettle has just boiled and you can have a hot drink, if you want.”
“Thank you so much.” Mr. Lu made his drink and said.
“How long have you been here?” He said.
By the way I would not move my stature to him, if there had third one there.
This was the first time I saw Mr. Lu totally and clearly: about 30-ish, thin, Chinese middle size, with woman’s physical body and pale Chinese skin.
“I’m here just one month.” I said.
“How do you think about this college?” He asked.
“It’s ok.”
“I heard the college treated the Chinese and foreigner differently.”
“How?” I asked him.
“You are Chinese, the salary less than the foreigners.”He told me.
“I am foreigner, Chinese race.”I told him.
“You are foreigner, but your pay is still lower than the others.”He said.
“I see. I don’t know the others; so far know P and K’s salary are less than I. I was told the salary was connected with the education Degree and also with which teaching program the teachers were involved.” I told him.” By the way, what do you do in this college?”
“I am a part time English Teacher here. I have 6-8 periods each week.”
“Do you have another permanent full time job somewhere else?”I asked.
“No.” He said.
“Why not to get a permanent position and also you can have this part time job?” I concerned about him
“I can’t get permanent job.” He said.
I didn’t know why he couldn’t find a decent teaching job, as his age, education: MA in English Teaching and his American accent. In Chinese education market, people were curacy for American accent. Anyway I didn’t want to ask why not.
“Have you been in the States?” I asked him.
“Strange, how do you get strong American accent?”
“Watched American movies.”He said.
“What subject do you teach here?”
“IELTS.” He said
I was not surprise why many IELTS students trying hard to change their American accent when I was teaching IELTS.
Before the end of the term, the school held dinner for foreign teachers P, N, S, W and I, attended the dinner where was in a luxury hotel. I saw Mr. Lu was talking with S, a Canadian teacher there already when I went in.
“T, can you help Lu to get a girl friend?”S said to me.
“Yes, what kind of girl?” I said to Mr. Lu.
“I want to have a white girl.” Lu said.
“Here we just got white men and a yellow woman.” I said.
“That’s correct, T.” S was laughing, “Why you don’t like Chinese girl, the same race? The students in the campus are pretty and sexy.”
“Because white much better than Chinese. White girls more open, smart and intelligent.”Mr. Lu said.
“Oh, I see.”S said.
“I am not sure the difference of intelligent, but more’ open’ is true, especially American girls.” I said
“Yes,they open their legs, if people pay.” S said and showed
“Your are bit dirty.” I was laughing.
Mr. Lu was very happy.
In the dinner, Mr. Lu choose sitting between S and W. Next S was P and next W was me, N, the President, the vice President, the dean and an English teacher. The dinner started, Mr. Lu immediately stood up and toasted to S.W, P and N, these four white men, he bowed himself and said : “Welcome and thanks your work for our college.”
I looked at the president and vice president and seeing they were looking at each other. After a while, the president had toast speech in Chinese to everyone and vice president translated to English.
The food was so nice and I was enjoying it.
“T, how to eat this fish like you so elegant and comfortably?” W asked me while he was using his chopsticks to attack the steamed fish.
“Well, that needs practice and practice. The first thing you should stop to bully this poor fish. Look, the fish here you abused looking like the mashed potatoes.” I said to W “The first step, using the chopsticks like this.” I showed how to use the chopsticks to W, at his time; Mr. Lu came and used his chopsticks to put the best part of the fish in W’s plate.
“Eat it; this is the best part of the fish, which will help your brain be better.” Lu said.
Gosh, that was the part I would like to have later.
“What’s going on?”W said to me: “To be honest I don’t eat fish and don’t like the fish in my plate either. I am just interesting in using the chopsticks to catch the fish, especially your way.”
“I know, but I have lost best part of the fish and my brain would be worse.” I was looking at W said seriously.
“Can I buy a fish for you?” W asked me.
“You can, but not now.”I said.
“I know. We can go to the other restaurant after diner here?”W suggested.

“No, I couldn’t eat anything after dinner.”
Mr. Lu was busy looking after P and S this time, from both P and S,’ awkward looking, I guessed Mr. Lu kissed wrong places of their asses.
“I can eat something after dinner.” N was joining our conversation ‘But no one invite me”
“Poor thing.” I said.
N’s head on my shoulder right away: “I need someone look after me, but I have no that someone so far.’ N said.
“You will have one soon.” I called to Lu: “Mr. Lu. N needs you to look after.”
“No, I don’t need him; I like you to look after me.”
“Nonsense, I am person looked after by someone, you got wrong direction” I pushed him away.
“I am the person look after you” N said to me and I hadn’t got time to talk Mr. Lu came and bumble to N
“Sorry, N, I am later, what can I do for you?”
“You can do nothing.” N said to him rudely.
“Sorry, but I will do my best for you.” Lu kept asking.
“Is he mean?” W asked me lightly.
“I guess so.”
“This is the essence of Chinese?”W asked me.
“No, Mr. Lu is individual.” I said.
“Piss off, leave me alone.” N was yelling to Mr. Lu when Lu brought a bean curd to him. Mr. Lu was sticking there a while looked like a stature.
Wow, bean curd! That was my cup of tea and nobody sever me and I had to find itmyself.
“What are you having?”W wanted to touch his chopsticks to my bean curd.
“Don’t touch it.” I said to W “This is the last food I can eat since finishing the fish.”
“Yes Her Majesty.” W said.
Mr. Lu was busy toasting to the president, the vice president and the dean.
S came to me and had toast with me, and asked me: “What did you think when Lu just had toast with our four white men, without you?”
“Not bothered me.”I told S.
“But a little bit weird for his behavior.”P said: “You are Chinese race, a woman, he is Chinese too, he ignored you and just followed white, what does he want? Is he a gay?”
“He is bad ass kisser.’ N said: “He is always following me and annoying me so much.”
“He is not bad; I can ask him to do anything at any time.” S said.
“Is he a call boy?” W asked.
“Who knows? I am not a gay.”S said.
“Pity.” I said :"Try him, you might be a gay someday."
"But I like women better. I asked Lu did thing such as, picking up my packages, bought my tickets, booking restaurant when my friend came." S said.
" I asked him did the tings quite similar." P said.
"I never asked anything from him, but he always called me and asked me to do something." W said.
"He did same for me too, I hate he called me days and nights. I hate his smile too." N said:" By the way, who he is? He just a part time teacher here and he held the leading toast. Gosh, speak of devil."
Mr. Lu was coming back with his smile from his toasting with the school authorities.
“Let’s have toast again." He held his cup to P, S, W, and N, one by one, N didn’t response his toast and just had talking with me.

In the new term, the school got new teachers was K, an American girl, tall and big, just graduated from a college and M was an American man about 50 ish without any hair on his head.

Mr. Lu became K’s tail soon: Chatting to K, holding lap top for K, cleaning the blackboard in K’s classroom, inviting K to dinner, KTV and bar, traveling with K and buying the presents for K, Mr. Lu worked really hard.
"Lu, you like K, don’t you?" I asked him one day.
"Yes, very much."
"Why not ask her to be your girl friend?"I continued.
"No, I am too old for her, we are just friends." He was bit nervous.
"How old are you?"I was curious.
"I am 30 and she is 23."Mr. Lu said and eyes on the school bus which just stopped at the school gate, and K was getting off it.
"Hi K!" Mr. Lu waved his hand and ran to her.
K was walking and smiled to both Lu and I.
"K, Lu wants you."I said to K.
" Yes, he does, but impossible, you know I like big man. He is my little brother."K said.
Mr. Lu was proud beside K and seemed like a son with mum.
Later, M, the new teacher became a person in charge part of Z program.
Mr. Lu became M’s tail too. First, he always had something to ask to get suggestion from M, and then they talked whatever. After that they two had dinners together in some places. In front of M, Mr. Lu looked as a spoil young girl to her boy friend sometimes. M called:”My sweet heart.” To Mr. Lu.
"The students are stupid."M said in the office. "The assignment I asked them to do last week, but I was told they didn’t know what to do."
"Yes, Chinese students stupid and lazy, they don’t want to do anything." Mr. Lu said.
"No, I don’t think so. My students are very smart and study hard, the tasks I asked them to do and they did properly." P said.

" Mine too." I said’ I guess they haven’t got your option and so they didn’t know what to do.’ I said to M.
“You are wrong, M told them clearly and just they are idiots.” Lu was ruled to me.
“How do you know M said clearly to his students and you were in his classroom?”N asked Lu.
“Sorry, I was not in his classroom. I’ve just guessed.” Lu had an apology to N.
“Not in his classroom, but his bed room?” W said.
“Yes, in my bed.”M was laughing.
“You are not qualified, young man.” S said to Lu: “You need physical exercise, to be bigger.”
“Dirty again.”I said to S
“I beg your pardon?” Mr. Lu humbly asked S.
“Go, go, boy.” I said to Lu firmly.
K repeated my words and all the men in office laughed to tearing, Mr. Lu asked: “What’s happening?”
“Nothing.” I told him: “Just going home.”
“No, I’m waiting for M.” Lu said.
The laughing waved again.
The next term, Mr. Lu lost his job in N college and left our office.
“I missed Lu.” M said a day.
“This Lu can do.” P said the other day.
One week later, we got a Chinese women teacher in our office, her name too, was Lu.


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