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April 25th 2014  |  2  |  Category: Romantic Love , True Stories  |  Author: Girdhar Mishra  |  783 views



He was only 9 when fell in love with Swati one of his classmates. Though it is tough to believe that one can even understand the feeling of love in this younger age… but he kept on staring her smile throughout their classes , he kept on thinking of her when at home and started to listen old songs… and I am very sure… it was love !

Year passed and they were now in class sixth when their classes departed and there were a few chances now for him… to get a glimpse of Swati every day. He was too young to think how to start? How to proceed? And how to complete the journey of love? But his heartbeats start drumming every time he sees swati in front of her…

Some more years passed and now he was 14 and ready to open his heart before his love.

He planned a surprise gift for her on her birthday that he was going to place at her door in silence of night with a letter inside. Everything was well planned. He woke at 4AM early in the morning and moved to her house at a distance of 100 steps from his own house. His heart was pumping loud enough to come out from his mouth…

He was just to reach at her home when he saw two big dogs in the street. As dog was the biggest fear to him. He had no options but to quit the idea and come back. He stepped back with wet eyes. And slept again.

He spent whole of the evening writing sad poems how he failed in his plans.

As more year passed … The intensity of his feelings got lower down….

Now he was a tech graduate and Swati was perusing her MBA… when one day they crossed met on a road.

He initiated the formal talks how is she was doing in her studies and what were her future plans but his eyes were stuck on a tiny mole on her pretty nose that he loved the most in their school days… From the corner of his eye he stared at the beautiful face of Swati and realized that he has not seen her so attracting and charming ever before… Soon the road was finished and so their journey.

In this short walk to remember, he realized that he still has feelings for her and thought to express his feelings. But soon he felt that is would not be a better idea until he becomes sure that Swati has or not someone in her life.

But his true feelings were so ignite that he couldn’t stop them to come out. And finally he expressed those events of road walk in form of a short story and published them on SHORTSTORYLOVERS.COM… the name of the story was… ‘THE ROAD’ (

One more year has been passed and he totally forgot about the story he had published on the website. But one day he received a mail that someone has commented on his story.

He checked out his story on web and found that it was no one else but Swati who has commented … “wow… this story has a resemblance with one of my life event.”

As he didn’t mention his real name as an author, Swati couldn’t even realize that it was really their story…

But he thought that it was the best time to open his heart before Swati… He just replied on her comment mentioning his name … and thus their conversation started.

Finally their short conversations turned into long chats and then even longer night phone calls. Their love has finally got its destiny…

And it was Swati’s 26th birthday when they enjoyed the opening of ‘2 STATES’… a movie based on true love story of the writer… much similar to this one…



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  1. Tomoko says:

    What a interesting story!
    I enjoyed reading this story! <3

  2. thanks… Tomoko…
    it is 80% true.. only a few changes are made…

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