Love Song

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March 16th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Inspirational , Moral , Romantic Love  |  Author: rowzamagic  |  832 views

To me life is like an endless song. Alot of noise or really quiet or frantic or slow maybe not hitting all the right notes but nonetheless a song. Enough with the metaphor, today is my first day of sophomore year at Moorision High- or as i personally like to call it my personal hell hole. As i walk through the door im bombarded by a sea of people and not one face I recognize. “Why do you care? Would you rather be friends with spoiled bitches or jackass, those choices are just so tempting.” I make my way to my locker through the sea of people who just to stand around as if nobody has somewhere they need to go. i put my lock on my locker. Im gonna need a damn miracle to get through today intact.

It seems God has a liking to me today and i make to my 5th period- lunch. I grab a tray and head over to the lunch line. “I wonder what they’ll be serving today, road kill or blobs of crap. I just can’t pick!” I laugh at myself. I bite into my apple and sit at an empty table. I look around and I yet again see a sea people and not one i recognize. “Why do you care. Its not as if anyone here is decent enough to hang out with”. I poke at my lunch and i swear it moved. I take off my apple, chocolate milk and my store bought cookie and throw out my mutated lunch. “I wonder why a rich school such as this one can’t atleast afford decent food, oh wait they’re funding brainless douches and pom-pom waving pornstars” i laugh at myself, Im just so funny today. I head outside to sit on the grass and eat my mini picnic. I plug my ear buds into my ear and turn up my music and the world off.

The class i have been dread the most- Phys Ed. Its not enough that you make us eat intoxicated cafeteria food and makes us write mile long essays on top of that we have to “exercise”. I enter the boys change room and keep my head down. “Don’t see me, don’t see me, don’t see-” just as i was about to reach my gym locker i hear “We if it isn’t my bud the cocksucker.” “Damnit!!!!” Shane Grey my ultimate tormentor. Ever since the “incident” he’s been punishing me ever since. He comes real lose to my left side “And that’s all you’ll ever be. People like you disgrace men everywhere and i’ll make sure i get rid of every one of you”. I freeze up.”Don’t you think i know?! You think i wanna be like this? I’ve tried to rid of myself too but God just wont let me.” i brace myself for the pain that will surly be coming. I was right, Shane punched me right in the gut. I gasp in pain and before i can even finish my gasp he punches me in the head. I fall to the floor like a stack of cards. I black out for a second and i wished i had been longer so i couldn’t feel the ringing pain in my head and the ache in my gut. He kicks me in the head and crotch as if he’s trying to kill me. When he finally stops he spits on me and walks over to his friends, giving him high 5′s for his accomplishment. “Suck it up, Jaydon! You’ve gone through worse than this, get your ass of the floor!” If you haven already noticed I’m a guy. I staggered to my feet and quickly change and with every move my head, gut and crotch pulse in pain. I head out of the change room and walk as if i hadn’t just been beaten up. Don’t need on top of being called a cocksucker to being a snitch. Mr. McCal drones out attendance. “Listen up, we got a new kid” Mr.McCal announces. He moves aside to show the new kid. “Great another brainless zombie jock.” The new kid waves mickly “Hi, My name is Zayn. Nice to meet you guys.”"Hmmm, he’s ok looking. He looks brazilian, with his nice tan and long wavy black hair. Damn he’s got hazel eyes, come to think of it he’s really hot- whoa how did i get from ok looking to scorching hot. The next day this guy will be out to kill me with all the other jocks.” Yes the mystery has been solved, Im gay and not proud of it. “Listen up,” Mr.McCal boomed “Zayn will need someone to show him around.” He looks around and zooms in on me. “Oh shit!” “Lancer, Show Zayne around for the next couple of weeks” he starts talking about talking about something else but i blank out. I stare at Zayne and see what im gonna have to deal with for the next couple of weeks. Somehow as if he can sense im staring at him, he looks my way and he does the most unexpected thing. He smiles. “He’s defintely on drugs or something” i think to myself. I stare at him more but he just smiles wider. “What the fuck is up with him?” i finally give up and look away first. I look back up and he walks towards me. I tense up “please dont be coming towards me.” But as usually God doesn’t answer my prayers, he walks right up to me. “Damn,” i think to myself. He’s soars above me at 6 feet while i stare up at him at 5″2. He’s ripped to, i can see his six pack through his white t shirt. I start to sweat. “Ummm, hi I’m-” he starts to say but i interrupt. “i know your name.” He winces as if i just might punch him. Before it can get anymore awkward, God grants me another miracle and Mr.McCal shouts “Today we’ll be starting on volleyball. One partner for each group of two gets a ball and together you’ll practice volleying the ball to each other.” Quickly before i can blink Zayn says “I’ll get the ball,” and he jogs over to the ball rack. “He’s already disgusted by me, not surprised.” He comes back ball in had and says cheerfully “Let’s start.” We volley the ball back and forth and like the klutz i am i always end up volleying the ball miles away or not even hitting it at all while Zayn gracefully volleys the ball back perfectly to me every time.The class passes by me like this till we get dismissed by Mr.McCal. I head into the change rooms and change and surprisingly i don’t get a second beating courtesy of Shane Grey. He’s too busy brainwashing Zayn. I sigh. “Why are you sighing, you know this was bound to happen eventually.” And somehow i just cant seem to shake this sad feeling of loss. I finish changing and grab my backpack as the bell rings. I walk out with Zayn in tow.


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