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November 7th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Adventure , Children  |  Author: Zoe  |  116 views

Hi, my name is Alex and I am thirteen years old and live in a little town called Chino Hills in California. I live in a little townhouse with my older brother Malicah and my two parents. A couple of months ago we moved over from Brisbane, Australia. I have a little story to tell you that has gotten me into a lot of trouble.
One day Malicah and I were walking home from school when a group of girls walked up to us and said to Malicah.
“Are you really walking home with this freak,” said one of the girls, as the rest of the girls behind her started laughing. Malicah turned around his palms turning sweaty and answered then by saying.
“Ahhhhh no, my parents told me that they would not make me do my chores if I walked my little sister home for the rest of the week, as she is getting bullied.”
I turned to look at Malicah but all of a sudden I started crying because what he said was a lie. He always walked home with me after we finished playing basketball with the boys at the park. After Malicah had said those words I turned red and lit up with fury because he never lies about anything. He never lies about family because he knows that he will get into trouble if mum or dad find out.
When I arrived home I went straight to my room but realized that when Malicah got home he would go straight to my room to check on me. So I decided to go to the basement where he wouldn’t find me at all. After about an hour of sitting in the basement and crying my eyes out. I decided to look through a couple of the boxes that were laying around.
I found a box that was labeled ‘Grampa’s things’. I opened the box and pulled out an old looking map. I pulled the piece of rope that was tying the map together. Once opened a bunch of little pieces of paper fell out. I opened one of them and it had a whole lot of scripture writing on them, I knew this as in History class we learned about scripture writing and how people used to communicate with this kind of writing. After about an hour of reading the map and little pieces of paper, I heard Malicah walking down the basement steps.
“Hey,” said Malicah in a tone of sadness. I didn’t reply as I still was angry at him for what he said about me in front of those girls.
“I’m really sorry for what I said before, I didn’t know what to say in front of them because I sort of like the girl who called you a freak.” Malicah pleaded as I looked away from him. I couldn’t help but turn around and give him a hug because he hated moving away from his friends in Australia. But I did what I knew was the best thing to do and gave him the biggest hug I could ever give someone. I told him about the map and how it was in Grampa’s stuff and we decided that we should give Grampa a call. Grampa told us that the map was a map of underground places that are just not heard of and you could only imagine them in your dreams.

The End.

Well, that’s the story of the beginning of the map, and it’s brought a lot of adventures to me and my family. We have traveled around the world and ended up in some pretty weird situations. A couple of weeks ago my brother and I ended up getting in trouble with some people from the Asian spy agency because we went underground without their permission.
After a few hours, they forgave us when we described our Grandfather John and the map. We said that Grandfather John gave us this map and told us to go underground and travel around the underworld. They told us how our grandfather had been to this underground world and that he had created the map and underground world industry.
I thought this was pretty cool as I didn’t know that my grandfather created such a cool thing. I didn’t believe it but when I got home I called him. He said it was true and that he had many children from around the world that kept this the underground world industry going.
About a couple of months later Grandfather John passed away and we had to travel back to Australia for his funeral. At the funeral, there were people from all around the world.
A lady came up to me and said.
“Hi, you must be John’s granddaughter. He told me a lot about you.”
I smiled and replied with.
“Oh well yes, I am John’s granddaughter. I believe that I have seen you on one of my tours around the underworld. If you know what I am talking about.”
She smiled and gave me a little piece of paper and walked away. After she walked away I opened the little piece of paper up and it was another map that had places on it of the other half of the world. It was Australia and I cannot wait to tour around


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