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April 4th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Fiction  |  Author: tina20  |  2540 views

N town was a small town at the border between England and Wales, it belonged to England and it difficult to find on the map and most people didn’t know it. It was quiet, clean, and backward and slow. The fashion, the luxury things, modern industry, the pollution, the finance crash, the issues of Middle East and Far East seemed without any collection to this town.
Lady S flied from Shanghai, an international city in this world, and settled at N town. The library became the place where she spent most of time with. She read variety of books, newspapers, made new friends, looked for a job and learned the culture and knew the people of N town there.
‘Good Morning, Miss S,’ Mr. John said to S. He was the librarian, a middle age man and always friendly to S.
‘Morning, John.’
Lady S found the book’ Two Cities’ and went to the seat where she always sat there.
Ai, I don’t know how to live, ai.’ An old man nagged and showed huge pain on his face.
‘What’s up?’ Lady S considered and asked him quietly.
‘You look here.’ The old man pointed the news on newspaper to S.
The news was about Council workers’ demonstration for asking for increasing the pay. S read it and asked the old man:’ what’s connection with you? Are you government officer?’
‘So?’ S was confused.
‘But I am a pensioner. They asked more money and the government will cut our pensions to demonstrators.’ The old man said.
‘That doesn’t make sense. Are you sure it works that way?’
‘Pretty much.’ The old man said.
‘You meant if someone asked more money, the government would cut the others money to him or her?’ S asked seriously.
‘Yes, something likes that.’ The old man was very positive.
‘Ok, what are you worrying about if work like that way? The council workers can demonstrate, and pensioners can as well.’
‘No, the council workers should satisfy their current situation and not ask more.’ The old man complained.
‘But how much you know about their current situation. They asked for increasing the pay is not wrong and the action of demonstration is created jobs for government, which the tax players are happy and willing to pay, the government should have something to do. By the way, the money should come from tax, if government will pay the demonstrators, not cut pensioners’ pensions.’ I explained to him.
‘No, I didn’t understand, I am still worrying about my pension.’ The old man was still in pain and murmuring.
‘Understand, keep worrying then.’ S said.
S moved to the place closed to the window: in there she could see the white flowers outside.
‘Good morning, young lady you are earlier here today’ a gentleman was greeting to S.
‘Morning, John, how’s the things?’
John was working for a bank and he was a stocks holder as well.
‘I am fine, thank you. The stocks up and up these couple days and I have earned much this time.’
‘Wow, have you sold them?’S asked.
‘Yes, I called my broker and asked he did yesterday afternoon.’ John was in tremendously exciting. ‘Look this newspaper: see here finance, stocks and investments.’ He passed the paper to S.
‘Let me have a look.’S got the paper.
Suddenly a woman in 50-ish coming and screaming to S: ‘Ai ai, how long is you going to hold this paper?’
‘I don’t know.’S was gentle to her.
‘The newspaper here for everybody, not just for you, you can’t hold that long.’ The woman’s voice and attitude had hostility.
‘I see. You don’t think I am belonging to that everybody? Please tell me how long is ‘this long’ and I can behavior myself to the right way?’ S said peacefully.
‘You can’t occupy this paper!’ She was screaming.

‘But I’ve just got this paper one second before your inquiring.’ S was in humble,’ Anyway you can have this paper and I will read after you’ S gave the paper to her gently
The woman didn’t accept it and kept her aggressiveness, her anger and her dignity leaving.
‘That is a stupid woman I’ve ever seen: arrogant, shallow, rude and ugly.’ John was talking to Mr. Smith, the man next to him.
‘I would tell her: Ai, don’t bother me to buy horse lottery if she did that to me.’
‘She would not do that for you and me, we are men, Caucasians and living here long time.’ John said. ‘She is ugly and jealous to S: young, beautiful, sexy, good manner, and as men all like around her.
‘I think so. The other thing I guess is that she is racist, she attacked S because S is Chinese.’ Smith analyses.
‘That’s right, everyone could see that. But she met S, that did not work.’ John laughed,
‘What are you talking about so happily?’ S finished the reading which John had mentioned her to look.
‘We are talking about you and that rude woman and we have admired your way of dealing with this issue.’ Smith said.
‘Do you think it’s weak to give the paper to that woman?’ S asked.
‘No, that was your strength’. John said
‘And your power as well.’ Smith said.
‘Are you sure? Two gentleman.’ S smiled to them.
‘Absolutely.’ John said and gone and told S he would back in a minute.
The man next to S said to S:
‘I’d like to talk to you, Miss.’
‘Yes’ S was friendly to him.
‘Your friend’s gone and I can talk to you. They are English, they don’t like Welsh. I am Welsh, my name is Leif.’
‘Nice to meet you, Leif, my name is S’
‘It’s glad to talk with you, S. The English people bully Welsh people with long history. They went to Wales to force people speak English, to occupy our lands and wanted to end Welsh culture and language. They call us Welsh pigs, stupid, idiot Welsh.’
‘Why do they do that for your people?’ S was curiously.
‘Nothing, English people don’t like anyone else, except themselves. You’ve just experienced that woman’s attracts- the reason is that you are not White English.’ Leif said.
‘I can feel that, although I’ve just here some weeks.’ S agreed ‘Do your people hate English?’
‘We‘ve been becoming numb. The point is some English are angry about their people’s bully us. They moved to this town and Wales and learning Welsh language and culture and working for Welsh people.’ Leif said.
‘Sounds great, not all English are racists, such as the Liberians, my friend John and Smith and some people I met so far. The situation will change eventually and all the people can get along well some day.’ S was very positive.
‘I wish I could see that day. To be honest I was quite nervous during the time you were attacked by that English woman, I worried about you if you could handle that issue.
I can’t image you were in stillness, peaceful, gentle and bumble with the every word you said was reasonable and caused the consequence that when you gave the paper to her and she had to leave. You are brave.’ Leif said.
John came back with an English man ‘This is S,’ He pointed S to that man:’ I’ve recommended to you just now, an intelligent lady.’
‘I am Frank, nice to meet you. S.’
‘Nice to meet you too, Frank.’
‘John told me that you’ve just dealt with an racist’s oral attack,’
‘Yes’ Leif couldn’t wait: ‘She is gorgeous.’
‘Not too much to say about that, just some kind of misunderstood between that lady and I. It passed.’ S said.
‘True, passed is past.’ John said: ‘We talk something about now, it’s lunch time.’
‘Yes, I invite you and S for lunch.’ Frank said immediately.
‘Thank you, Frank.’ S accepted the invitation.
‘See you tomorrow, Leif.’ S was waving her hand to him.
‘If people were all sunshine like S, the world would be nice.’ Leif murmured to himself.
‘What’s he saying?’ Frank looked at S.
‘Not exactly got, something about sunshine.’ S said.
‘Sunshine is good, I love sunshine.’ Frank said
‘We all love sunshine’ S and John said nearly same time.
They three went out the library, walking to the pub, for their lunch, for enjoying bit sunshine in N town.


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