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August 27th 2013  |  1  |  Category: Suspense  |  Author:  |  1189 views

As usual, Katie took a sip of her morning coffee before heading out to college. She realized she was running late, class was starting in 20 minutes. To top it up, the morning jam is unbearable. It normally takes her about a quick 10 minutes drive from Kiara Park Condo to HELP University College, excluding traffic. Thankfully, she managed to prepare an on-the-go breakfast- she packed 2 bananas and a yogurt in her tupperware. She decided to take the Myvi out today as it was smaller. Most of the time she’d drive the Waja, but she needed to rush her way to college. Today marks the deadline of her final psychology assignment. Last night, she finalized everything. She took 2 weeks actually to do her finalizing. Katie is known to be a very consistent and discipline student, highly adored by her lecturers and friends. She’s got that glow. Finally! She arrived at the HELP car park 5 minutes before class, got a parking not far from the main entrance, which is unusual on normal days. She looked around and saw quite many empty parking spaces. Katie made her way to class. Her Lecturer, Miss Ong, was standing by the lecturer’s table, looking determined. Katie immediately apologized for being late and handed in her assignment and folio. Class ended. Katie and her friends would always gather at old town kopitiam for their lunch, and to catch up with things. The previous weeks were 2 long hari raya breaks, and many of her Malay friends had exciting stories to tell. Katie could not attend any of her friends’ open houses because her grandmother passed away the first week of the festive season. Katie misses her so much. Her friends have been very supportive towards her loss. They gave her a box of chocolates and a bouquet of lilac flowers because she liked chocolate and flowers. Her friends know that simple treats make her the happiest and they wanted to keep her calm. Katie wanted to treat her friends lunch, she thought they’d been the sweetest. When the day ended, Katie went home. She heard loud quarreling from the front porch. Must be her parents again. Katie was never close to her dad. He’s always been a heavy drinker, and cheats with other women. Katie knows his secret affairs, but never mentioned to her mother, because she knows her mother has too many on her shoulders already. They were yelling at each other in Malay, and Katie heard her dad slap her mother unconscious. Unconscious?! Katie thought. She locked the front door and grabbed the bat that was leaning against the dining table. It was just a self-defense weapon. She ran up and saw her mother lying flat on the bedroom floor, pieces of glass were shattered everywhere- her father sitting on the bed. He refused eye contact with Katie. Katie looked at him angrily, waited for him to say something. “Both of you are pieces of sh*t.” The man said. “What did you do to her?!” Katie yelled so loud. She maintained her distance from him and held the bat in front of her. He stood up, Katie saw his right arm bleeding. He ran to Katie with the most hideous, angry-man expression on his face. Katie grabbed the chair next to her and blocked him. He pressured on making his way to her. Katie made the loudest scream. Within 5 minutes, the door bell rang and there were knocks at the door. Katie got hold of a small vase and threw it at the wall to get external attention. She screamed and screamed for help. She was running down and the man chasing her. “You pervert, crazy old man!” Katie screamed. Finally, 2 policemen broke their main glass door open, assured Katie’s father to stop. One of them took out a gun and pointed at him. He looked terrified all of a sudden and fell on his knees. Katie was shivering on the floor and told the other policemen to check on her mother whom was unconscious on the floor upstairs. Katie had a glass stuck at her index finger which she thought came from the glass her father attempted to throw at her. The policemen arrested him, and assured to take Katie and her mother to the nearest hospital.


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  1. Rahul says:

    Amazing story….it holds you till the end …:)

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