Just Friends

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December 27th 2016  |  0  |  Category: Romantic Love , Suspense , Tragedy  |  Author: Titu  |  10804 views

As he drove past another dainty looking eatery, he got anxious. He was hungry and also angry at poor highway dhabas and thought,’ less appetizing and more starving.’ Only couple of minutes back, he had called his hotel for dinner. The hotel had agreed to take his order and keep the order in his room. He had ordered Peppy cheese pizza along with orange juice, its crumbly moist expectation was salivating his mouth.
He was back from meeting with Suna, his colleague once and sweet friend now. She always carried nicer, bigger and sensational latest rumours.
Now She was managing her own boutique named Negozio. It was a successful venture as she could easily dye her hair and lie about her credentials. Suna was a confident urbane girl. She always wore chik smile and dresses. Her vocabulary was elegant and ideas were intelligent. After all, she was a Business management graduate and convent educated.
He was mesmerized in sweet memories of her and was dreaming about unknown future. His feelings were surging ahead of pleasurable sensation at each thought of Suna. This romantic rush combined with macho driving feel had transferred him to eternal timeless paradise.
He continued thinking about her tight yellow polka dotted lycra trouser along with tight top. She wore no makeup on her fair complexion. She looked amorous and adorable. She had a personality, which could not be ignored even in a crowd.
The mobile placed on left seat of his car rang and broke his state. Unmindful he picked up the phone.
Before he could say a female voice echoed, ‘Hello!’
‘Suna, surprise, I thought you would be sleep’
‘Hmm, have you reached?’
‘Not yet, few more minutes’
‘Have you taken food? ’
‘No, would take at hotel’
‘So you did’t find even one good eating point?’
‘You should have stopped and…at least called me, ‘You don’t care… I wanted to talk ’
‘Come-on! Highway food is bad’
The phone went dead. His mouth went dry.
His world had a mini crash and all the sweetness from veins vanished. The zooming confidence floored. He saw some testing times ahead.

It was somewhat serious; Suna was more anxious and was throwing tantrums. Today, also she was more judgmental and he, he was blind, as a lover is always supposed to be blind.
‘Is she testing me’ He thought.
He called Yug, one of the best friend. Yug was only friend he could trust at such times. Yug knew both him and Suna and was very close. Yug was working with Real Estate and was slick money maker. He was a master sales manager and disguised his true self professionally. He had successfully bought and sold large properties for his company by sheer skill of converting information into scare.
‘Hello Yug, I need to talk to you’
‘Ok, tomorrow, already late’
‘It’s about Suna’
‘You always talk about Suna, Have you got anything worth talking. It is past  Midnight’
‘ She is getting strange’
‘ Who? Ok, tomorrow ’
‘Sure !’
The phone went dead, but thoughts were alive and crazy. This was getting strange in his life. He was in a lot of stress for the last few months. Perhaps, Yug could suggest. ‘Ok ! I would talk to him. Let me hear his mind.’
After meeting Yug, no new insights and no new way.
Yug was normal and calm. He advised him to go away from Suna and find someone else. He called Suna in front of Yug, but she didn’t picked his phone. At last, he left a text massage and waited.
One month passed in waiting and still no reply and he was more depressed. Suna was no more attending his calls and still her last words echoed, ‘I wanted to talk.’
Yug was busy and strangely unavailable and his words echoed, ‘Find someone else.’
Today, he received a wedding e-card on his mobile. It was drowning and hitting him profusely.
It Read ‘Yug weds Suna’
He could not believe it. So they shared a secret pact n password n hoarded lot n lot of information.
How could world be such an unfriendly place? It was strange, but never such a mockery.
Words of would-be couple looked like: I want to talk melting into find someone else.’
His thoughts echoed, ‘I was fooling, No! … They cheated. I would expose. …No! …You are a fool…. Find someone better. ….We are Just friends.’


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