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February 27th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Fiction , Tragedy  |  Author: tina20  |  1259 views

Jennifer was not young,the beautiful faded away from her face and replaced by the eye bags, deep and shallow winkles and dry eyes tearing. She was retired three years ago and she got pension but she was still occupied the position- a Service Manager for People with Learning Disability and Mental Disorder.
Jennifer concerned about her appearance very much: she was a fashionable lady, she never wore the clothes she wore before and she always wore high heels which in different colors and styles. She got up early every morning, washing her hair, making up her hair and her face. John, her husband, a retired engineer, got up early too, for cooking full English breakfast for Jennifer, then making a cup of tea and went to his bed enjoying his tea.
Jennifer had a four bedroom home in a small town in the middle of the England. The house was very beautiful both inside and outside. One bed room for Jennifer and her husband, one was study, there was a snooker table in another one, John liked playing snooker and the next one was guest room.There were two cars and a moto in her garage. John loved moto cycling with his friends sometimes.
Jennifer was always smile, the words from her mouth were interpersonal, caring and beautiful. She was very capable as well and she dealt with the issues happened in the service or connected with the service very well. She liked talking with the staff members and service users to know them well, but no one liked her in this service, including the person who was looked after by her well and she trusted very much.

Staff Metting

The staff meeting held once a week in Jennifer’s office.
Jennifer was very smart and fashionable as usual, she was sitting in her chair and crossing her legs, the red high heels showed bright and shining.
“The first issue we talk is Danny. I heard that she was drunk last night.” Jennifer asked. “Who did bring her out last night?”
“Me.” Celia said.
“Why did you bring her out and agree her to drink?” Jennifer was surprised and said “You are senior staff here and you should know the service policy.”
“You were at Danny’s house yesterday afternoon and you asked me to take Danny out for some entertainment. I asked if including the drink and you said yes, so she drank.” Celia explained patiently.
“That’s true, I said that yesterday. That is not your fault, its Danny’s. I heard that she was not only drunk but also had vomit on the bus, wasn’t she? Awful girl.” She smaked her lips and said.
“Yes, the bus driver was angry and forced her getting off the bus, and I had to bring her home on foot, her body was against my body and we fell over manay times, at last we were home.”
“That’s good, safe back home is good.” Jennifer appreciated Celia’s work firmly.
“I was on shift last night, I went out to meet them when I got Celia’s phone call. Danny was crazy total on Celia’s body and her smell terrible. I push her to the toilet when she was just in, vomit again. I had to open all the windows but Danny was happy and said: Happy evening.”Candy laughed and said “She said that it was the best time she had since she had been in this service and she really appreciated going out with Celia and she hoped with Celia again. I guess something funny with her; tell us the details of last night please.” Candy begged Celia.
“Yes, very much. We went to town center, first I supported her to get cash from the bank, then we went to cafe, I ordered a fish salard and water for myself and she ordered a beer. Danny sat at a table which she could see anything infront of the door and I could see Canny’s expression and to know what happened in my back. Everything was fine, Danny was drinking her beer and I had my dinner.
“Celia, what do you think of that man?” Danny asked me delicately.
“Which man?” I asked she and same time moved my eyes to the place Danny mentioned. “Oh, that man, what’s matter?”
“What do you think of him?” Danny asked eagly.
“Nothing.” I said.
“No, should be something, is him handsome?”
I suddendly understood Danny; the alcohol stimulated her hormone, wanted a man.
All the staff laughed:
“Yes, alcohol really can raise people’s sex imaginalation.”
“The alcohol stimulated her libido. This is first time I heard Danny wanted a man ha ha ha.”
“Stop noise, let Celia continue the story.” Candy stopped the colleagues’ discussion.
Celia continued:
I said to her: “Not that one, he is married man.”
“Not him, who? Where is my man?” Danny insisted to find a man for her in the cafe.
“I don’t know, could be in the church or day center?” I just guessed.
“Church men are too old to see, they are marrie. Day centre all women.” Danny worried.
“You should ask her to pray and she will get.” Jennifer said.
“You got your husband from your pray?” Ashely asked.
“Yes, I did, and then the Lord sent me my husband.” Jennifer said.
“Really?” Candy shook her head and said lightly to the others “Her husband was from her yonger sister. She and her yonger sister’s fanance nacked having sex on the kitchen floor, and her sister left that man and finished relations with Jennifer when se saw that. When she saw that.”
“Bitch.” Viv murmded
“Looks like an angial but an evil.” Candy said to Viv.
Staff members talked about Jennifer and her husbanc immidately.
“I heard that man is wealthy, the annune salary about 60,000 pounds.”
“He is very caring as well, doing house work, fixing the stuff at home, and doing everything.”
“What are you talking about?” Jennifer put her attention to this group.
“Nothing. Listen to Celia please.” Candy said a bit loudly.
Celia continued:
“Maybe you are right.” I comforted Canny:” But you can’t have a man who you see in the cafe immidately. You will have a lot of opportunities to meet men, and then you can choose one youself.”
“Where?” Canny asked me intelligently and correctly and I had no answer.
“Forget that one, how about this one?” Canny movered her head to point a man who was walking pass our table. That was a tall, good looking man, about 38 ish.
“Hi” The man greeted gently to us.
“What do you think, what do you think?” Canny asked me again again in front of that man and made I shy.
“Behaviour Canny, this is public area, to be a lady, undestand?” I reminded her.
“Understand. I like that man very much, Celia.”
“To be honest I liked that man too and I can say every woman likes him.” Celia said.
“What he looks like?” Jennifer was very interested in.
“He looks like James Bond” Calie said.
“Wow, he is my idol.” Candy said.
“I love the man you met at town centre.” Jennifer couldn’t wait: “I would kiss him if I met that man.”
“She would take her pants off as well.” Kelly whispered in Candy’s ear
“I guessed so.” Candy and Kelly couldn’t stop laughing
“Stop talking, everyone. Please continue the story, Celia.” Jeinnfer said with great interesting.
Danny was very exciting and told me that she would have another drink, I told her no and also reminded her that we need bus fee as well.
She got two bottles of red wine, a white wine and a beer when I came back from the toilet.
“What’s going on here, I said no why you didn’t listen?” I asked her.
“I listened, don’t worry I will be fine. I love drink; I love this cafe and this night. Look that man is looking at here.” Canny was super exciting and laughing loudly.
Yes, I saw that man was smiling to me.
“He was interested in Calie, I guess.” Ashely said
“Don’t interrupt, carry on, Celia.” Jennifer couldn’t wait.
“Canny, it’s time we should go.” I told her “We would miss the bus, if we were still here.”
“Ok, please promise me, you will bring me here next time.” Canny begged me.
“I promise.”
Canny and I moved on and I could feel that man’s eye sight was still following me. Out the gate of the cafe Canny fell off and I was trying to use all my energy to push her stood up, and I was surprised that this time she became lightly and easy to stand up, “ The alcohol made people light?” I thought my self. When I move my head I saw that man supported Canny standing up. I really appreciated his hand and he gave me his card before I said: Thanks. His hezel eyes were with love and confidence.
“I am Robert. Your name please” He shaked my hand.
“Celia.”I accepted his.
“That’s all?” Candy asked.
“That’sall.” Celia said. “The rest of the story you’ve already known, struggling to take Canny home.”
“Why didn’t have a drink and have a chat?”Ashely asked.
“No, she couldn’t. She was on shift and also Canny was drunk. Celia’s job was bringing Canny home safely.” Jennifer said. “By the way, can I see Robert’s card.”
Celia gave her the card.
“I’m going to check this Robert is real or not and I will return the card to you later. Be careful scammers.” Jennifer said seriously and friendly to Celia.
The staff group made noise again:
“Robert is real or not is noune of your business.”
“Celia can check herself, if she wants”
“Jennifer thoght that just she got the hole”
“Jennifer was skillful for checking, do you remember several years ago she checked for her younger sister’s boyfriend then she replaced her. Is it time for her to get a younger man?”
“Oh, yep. That is why she spends lots of time on her apperance everyday, she wants a young bird.”
Jennifer pretended not sure people’s whispers.
“Please come back to the meeting everyone. As the timing, we can’t discuss the other issures today. The result of Danny’s issure: she will get a warning for drunk and stopping her pocket money in three weeks.” Jennifer said.
“I don’t agree to stop her pocket’s money” Candy said. “If that, she would get Sara’s snack and use Sara’s shampoo and made the mess for everyone.”
“Canny didn’t make any mistake in this case, people drink and then drunk that is normal. Her drink was you agreed.” Celia said “By the way, please return to Robert’s card and I can look after myself”
Jennifer was unhappy about that and nagged something without any reason and logic.
“Celia already told you she could look after herself, why you don’t give her the card back?” Candy said firmly.
The staff members made noise again:
“It’s weired; Celia is an adult, educated well intelligent lady, why need someone look after?”
“That is an excuse; anyone can see that she wanted to try Robert.”
“That is true, but Robert wants Celia.”
“Jennifer thought she was still in her time.”
The issue was not Canny’s but Jennifer’s and she realized that she had to give the card to Celia if she wanted to end this situation.
“Everyone pay attention please, I was just playing with Celia and I am not interested in this card, the card for Celia.” Jennifer said and gave Celia the card.
The staff meeting finished.

Sovervice Users Meeting
The service users meeting held once a month too, but not in Jennifer’s office.
Jennifer got up early this morning as usual, washed and made her hair, made up her face and found her suitable clothing and shores from her huge wardobe, then rushed to drive to the resident’s house and she forgot to have her breakfast, although her husband, John, had cooked it for her.
It was very important day for her and she would get something disadvantage for the staff members, which could heal the damage she got from the staff meeting.
This resident home was Mel and Pearl’s and Danny and Sara were picked up by Viv from their resident home. So now the four ladys met together, with two support workers, Viv and Fee, shared the stories happened in their lives.
“Did you have your breakfast, Danny and Sara?” Fee asked “You can have toast or cereal or I can cook beacan, sausages and eggs for you. We’ve just had our breakfast”
“Thanks Fee, Sara had big breakfast Viv cooked. I don’t eat breakfast, but a cup of cofee.” Canny said.
Jennifer was coming: “Good morning Ladies.” She hugged each one” its nice day, isn’t it? We should go out playing, shouldn’t we?”
“Yes, we go now?” Canny was outgoing person.
“We go walk? I love walk.” Mel asked.
“No, ladies, I am joking, not go anywhere, we stay here for meeting.” Jennifer laughed.
“Oh, teased us.” Mel murmed.
“Our meeting starts now please are quiet. The issues we will talk today are two: one is how much do you understand of this service system; two is the staff members’s job, behaviour and personalities and your expectattions” Jennifer said :” Now we start the first one, what do you think about the service system?”
“What is system?” Peral asked.
“System is kind of policy.” Jennifer explained.
“The system is stupid and unfair” Mel said “Why put two people in one resident house? I like to live in my own alone, like my friend, Nina, lives in a flat.”
“People have no support workers working for them live in the flats. Are you sure, you can live totally independ?” Jennifer asked her.
“Yes, I can go shopping, sports centre, and visiting friends myself.” Mel said.
“Can you manage your finance yourself?” Jennifer asked.
“No.” Mel admited:” I still need kind of support.”
“The day centre is bored, I picked my lunch and went there every week day, after lunch I was sitting there had my choclate bar then came back home. I like staying at home, listening music, watching TV, drawing or just relaxing at garden.” Peral said.
“But you can get friends and learn something at day centre, such as sewing and painting.” Jennifer said “At home, you have no friend.”
“I have, Mel is my friend.” Peral couldn’t understand why she had to go to day centre.
“I need some pocket money. Sara got lots of money and she can’t spend totally each year, but I can’t have enough pocket money.” Canny said.
“Why you need much pocket money?” Jennifer asked.
“To buy a drink or snack sometimes outside.” Canny said.
“We bought drink and snack and whatever in home shopping every week, so you can pick up the snack or drink from home to day centre. What the pocket money for?”
“For buying a gift for my Mum when I visit my mum’s home on Sundays.” Canny said.
“Your mum doesn’t need your gift.” Jennifer said.
“Sara, what do you think about the service system?” Jennifer smiled to Sara
“I don’t konw?” Sara woke up by Jennier “What time is it? Candy!”
“ We have meeting, Sara,Candy is not here.” Canny told her : “It’s your turn to say something you don’t like.”
“I don’t like Jennifer, she is a bitch.” Sara murmed and slept again.
Viv and Mel looked at each other and smiled. Jennifer had to ignore what Sara said.
“Ok, we start second one: what do you think about staff members?” Jennifer said: “First one is Candy.”
“Candy?” Sara woke up immidately.
“No, Sara, Candy isn’t here, just talking about her.” Canny told Sara.
“Oh. I like Candy.” Sara said.
“I like Candy too.” Mel said.
“You, Pearl?” Jennifer asked.
“Who is Candy?”
“A Scottish lady, a staff here.” Viv reminded her.
“Oh, I know I like her; she sometimes worked for this house.”Peral said.
“Canny, you know Candy more than anyone else; she always works in your house.” Jennifer said.
“That’s true, she is kind lady always smile, I like her.” Canny said.
“Is anything she did not well for you, such as abuse, bully or bringing men on her shifts?” Jennier asked.
“No, never. I did abuse and bully her and the staff members sometimesl” Canny said “ I ignored her and the other staff when they were on shifts, I was happy to see their worries and concern about me, and see they were in depression.”
“Second one, Celia.” Jennifer knew that she couldn’t get anything which she could shot Candy.
“I like Celia.” Pearl can’t wait and said.
“Me too.” That was Mel
“Celia is nice lady.” Canny said“I like her too.”
“You like her, because she persuded you to have drink last week in the town centre and encouraged you to have dirty feeling to a man in there.” Jennifer said seriously. “The issue is very important and I should consider about Celia whether suitable for this job.”
“No, that is not true. Celia didn’t do anything as you said. She said I just could have one beer and she encouraged me to have a healthy food not drink. I got lot of drink when she went to the loo and she was unhappy about my drink.” Canny explained rushly.
“How about that handsome man?” Jennifer asked.
“How you know that?” Canny was surprised.
“Celia told us. Is she asked you to try to have that man?” Jennifer asked.
“No, she never did.” Canny said “I was interested in that man from my heart, he is handsome and kind. What is dirty feeling, Jennifer; you don’t like handsome man, do you?” Canny was confused.
“Yes, everyone likes beautiful things. My meaning is Celia did something in that situation, such as she fancied that man and asked you to contacted with him etc.” Jennifer still tried to guide Canny to say something bad f about Celia.
“No, she didn’t. Please don’t insult her again.” Canny was nealy tearing.
“Ok, forget that night. Anything Celia did that made you is not happy?” Jennife worked hard to try to get something.
“Celia always bring happiness to me, she took me to the sport centre when I asked for.” Mel said “Although she is not good in the water.” Mel said.
“She did nice Sunday lunch for me. I like her.” Peral said.
“Celia also drew Sara, the picture is sam as Sara.” Canny said to Mel and Peral.
“What about me” Sara woke up.
“We are talking about Celia drew you a picture.” Canny told Sara.
“Oh, yes, same as me, he he he.” Sara was enjoying in talking.
“Do you like Celia?”
“Yes, I do. But I don’t like Jennifer.” Sara woke up totally.
Jennifer smiled to Sara:” Why you don’t like me, Sara? We are friends, aren’t we?”
“Candy, I want Candy” Sara was shocked seeing Jennifer there.
Jennifer knew that she would get nothing from this stupid meeting and she didn’t want to talk the other staff members one by one and she knew that Viv and Fee would tell Candy and Celia and all staff about this meeting soon. She ended the meeting and left there as soon as possible.
She hurt her ancle and broke her blue high heels when she fast walked to the garden gate. At same time Viv supported Sara and Canny passing there and Fel, Mel and Peral seeing the view from the window.
Jennifer had to smile to all of them.

“Do you need help?” Viv asked her.
“No, thanks.” Jennifer. “I am fine.”
Jennifer called her husband and asked he came to pick up her home.
Her husband reminded her on the phone: “You haven’t had your breakfast, Darling.”
What a terrible day Jennifer had!

Lunch Meeting

Candy,Celia,Ashely and Janet were told to have lunch meeting at White Swon pub. They saw Jennifer and Aggie had been there when they arrived.
Jennifer wore the top which could see half of her breasts, on which showed her loose skin and age spots.
“Here we are. Mel and Fee are on shift at the moment. The rest are all here. It’s nice to have lunch meeting, isn’t it.” Jennifer was excited and said: “I will try to work with the budget well and we can have lunch meeting again later.”
“What’s rate of our lunch, Jennifer?” Ashely asked.
“Eight pounds, including drink.” Jennifer said. She ordered an apple pie and an orange juice. Candy’s was egg sandwich, and a milk, Celia ordered fish and sarlard, Ashley liked cake and sprite, Janet wanted fish and chips and Aggie asked mashed potatos with chips and an ice cream.
“It’s nice pub, comfortable with elegant decoration.” Jennifer Said.
“Yes, it is nice pub.” Agie followed Jennifer immidately. “I was here last summer with my husband and my son.”
“Oh, was it? That was a lovely family activity, wasn’t it?” Jennifer talked with Aggie.
“Yes, it was.” Agie said.
“What are you going to do in our service?” Jennifer asked.
Agie put her voice very low down, “Maybe not suitable to say that in this situation and I am going to your home to talk about that this evening. But don’t worry; I will do anything which you want.”
“That is what I want.” Jennifer was happy.
What was Jennifer’s want? She wanted Agie to help her to fight the stuff members because she thoughtpeople didn’t follow her, but Candy and Celia. And she also wanted to find good reasons to fire Candy and Celia, that was why she hire minority people, such as Agie, Lorna, and Gina, which not only could reduce the influence from senior staff but also showed she implemented British individul and diversity policy well.
Aggie was a black woman, beside Jennifer, she was another one, nobody liked in this organisation. She controlled and dominated people and she was very happy about Jennifer’s hireing black employee’ policy which helped her to build her power in this service. She was ugly both outside and inside, she lied, stool and played games.
“I checked the funiture in Canny’s house yesterday and found one chair need repair, I put that on the diary and also contacted with the repair man. I think he will come this morning.” Agie said with Jennfer.
“Wonderful.” Jennifer’s eyes were full of appreciation and said to the group: “Ladies, look at Aggie, how beautiful she is.”
All the ladies looked at Aggie and every one saw the ugliest person in the world.
“Howbeautiful and smoth black skin!” Jennifer looked at Aggie and continued.
“I ve got goose bumps.” Candy laughed and looked at her arm.
“Me too. Quite weird what connection with wonderful and beautiful? The job Aggie did just routee job which every one did?” Viv said to Ashley.
“The routee jods to Aggie is wonderful, because she is black, if you wanted Jennifer to admire your job, the first condition you should be black, because Jennifer likes black” Ashely said.
“Oh I see, its pity for Jennifer not black, but she can change to black.” Viv said.
“Yes, Jennifer should dye her to black this evening come back home.” Celia said.
Candy, Celia, Ashely. Viv were laughing.
“Ladies, what thing you are talking so happly?” Jennier moved to them and asked.
“Nothing.”Viv said
The food was servicing.
They were eating the food.
Celia asked Candy. “Have you found Saras’mood is not good recently?”
“She has been not happy since the service users meeting. Have you heard anything about the meeting?” Candy asked Celia.
“I heard something” Ashely answered “Jennifer was fell off and hurt her ancle and she had an embarrassment.”
“I was told that Jennifer persuaded the service users to complain the staff, especilly me and you, but the result was that the sercive users admired us.” Celia said.
“Yes, I know that as well. The funy thing was Sara did. She said she didn’t like Jennifer and she didn’t know that Jennifer was behind her, she was sleepy.” Janet said. “It’s funny thing Jennifer asked us to pointed out the service users’s mistakes and to punish them on staff meeting, and on service users meeting said bad words of us and asked service users to complain us, the reasult is no body is into her trap. What Jennifer really wants?”
“She wants we both parts fight each other and she can control us well.” Celia said.
“Now I know why Sara is unhappy. She was frustrated when she saw Jennifer after she said she din’t like Jennifer and I also know that Jennifer visited her resident home the day after the meeting and just Sara knew what jenifer did to her, but she couldn’t make the issue clearly.” Candy said.
“We should help Sara to get away the miserable from Jennifer. Candy, ask sara when you are on shift this afternoon.” Celia suggested.
“What are you talking about, ladies?” Jennifer stopped talking with Agie and moved to the staff group.
“Not much, just the shift and service users.” Candy said.
“That great, we are great team, we are thinking about job all the time.” Jeniffer said enthusiastically. “Please pay attention, ladies, I will tell everyone good news.”
“Good news for all of us?” Ashely asked.
“Yes, for every one.” Jennifer said
“Raise the rates?” Celia guessed.
“Bunus?” Candy guessed.
“More holiday?” Janet thought.
“Ok, please stop guesses and listen to Jennifer.” Canday said.
“The good news is Aggie is an Assistant Manager of our service starts from today.” Jannifer cheered and clapped her hands heself and Aggie.
Ashley was surprised so hard as to spew her food from her mouth and unfoitunately which just covered on Jennifer’s half breasts.
“What?” Janet was shoucked.
Candy and Celia kept the silence.
“Its good news isn’t it?” Jennifer was cleaning her breasts and said. “Look, Ashely couldn’t control her exciting and the food jumped from her mouth. Really good news, we should have a drink today, but we drive and some people have afternoon shift.” Jennifer said and worried about her breasts.
“That’s right.” Aggie’s face showed sunshie.
The lunch was going and Jennifer was still talking with Aggie. The stuff members were still talking too.
“What do you think about this issue?” Celia whispered to Candy’s ear.
“It is Jennifer digging the hell for her.” Candy said lightly: “She didn’t like us, who working for her, but Aggie: she thought Aggie supporting her, in fact, Aggie would replace her.”
“Shall we tell her that?” Celia asked
“No, she wouldn’t listen. Do you remember Tracy who reported the stealing issue of Aggie and Jennifer fired her and soon promoted Aggie as an Assistant Manager?” Candy said.
“Yes, Tracy was a nice girl.”Celia said.
“Jennifer likes black and hot, why not heir a black boy as her secratry? That will be better to see Aggie’s ugly face nearly every day.” Ashely said suddendly.
“You are funny.” Celia laughed.
The lunch meeting ended, some were happy for getting and some were worried for losing.

Christmas Party
Canny’s house was decorated with strong atmosphere of Christmas, Christmas tree with coloured lamps on it and lots of packed boxes under the tree. The Santa Clau’s pictures on the wall and the winders. In the dining room there were lots of drinks, sweeties, fruits, crisps, sandwiches, vegetables on the table. Candy, Ashely and Viv were busy making Christmas pudding in the kitchen and the roast chicken was in the overn.
Canny and Sara were in the living room watching the TV and sometimes Canny went to the kitchen to see the food and made the troubles.
“Canny, what are you doing? Please don’t open the oven, it need take time.” Candy told her.
“I know.” Canny smiled and said.
“Go back to watch the telly with Sara please, love.” Viv said to her.
“I’s bored for TV, I’d like to be here with you.” Canny said.
“That’s fine.” Candy said.
Someone knocked on the door.
“I get it.” Canny rushed to the door. They were Celia, Fee, Janet, Mel and Pearl
“Merry Christmas, Canny.” Celia’s group hugged Canny and asked “Where is Sara?”
“Watch the telly.” Canny told them.
“I’m here, Celia, Fee.” Sara was laughing: “Janet, I haven’t seen you ages, hi, Mel, Pearl, and Happy Christmas.”
Mel, Peral, Sara and Canny were together in the living room and they shaed their stories.
“I’m here.” Candy copied Sara’s voice from the kitchen.
“I know you are here.” Celia, Janet and Fee went to the kitchen.
“What thing we can do here, chef?” Janet asked Candy.
“Ha ha ha, I am not qualified, Viv is, and she is making Christmas pudding.” Candy said.
“I am still a learner.” Viv said.
The door was nocked again
“I get it.” Canny went fast and opend the door, this time was Jennifer.
“Hi Canny, love, Merry Christmas.” Jennifer hugged her.
“Merry Christmas, Jennifer.” Canny was very very happy.
“Ladies, Merry Christmas.” Jennifer hugged the service users and staff members one by one.
“Merry Christmas. Jennifer.” People said and hugged her as well.
Jennifer was charming and attractive, the low top could see her nearly whole breasts, no loose skin and no age spots, she got suntan skin today. She looked like thirty years young lady.
“You are so beautiful today, Jennifer.” Celia said with admiration.
“Thanks.” Jennifer said: “The time passed quickly, I remembered that we had Christmas party at Mel and Peral’s house last year. Peral did some thing funny, can you remember?” Jennifer asked Peral.
“And Sara ate too much and got stomack pain, didn’t you?” Jennifer asked Sara.
“Bug off.” Sara’s answer.
“And Canny was drunk last year, didn’t you.” Jennifer spoke to Canny.
“Yes, I know.” Canny was excited and said.
“And Mel was in moody of breaking out with Scott, weren’t you?” Jennifer huggled Mel and asked.
“Yes, but who is Scott?”
Jennifer and all staff members all laughing.
“Every body pays attention pleas. The checken is still in the oven and it will be done in 30 minutes, now you can have a drink or snack, if you want.” Candy played host to every one.
They enjoyed drinking, talking and playing.
Jennifer had a talk with Viv upstairs.
Someone knocked on the door.
“I get it.” Canny ran to the door.
The door opened and a black young handsome man there, Canny closed the door and ran to Candy.
“Ask him what his name is and why he came here.” Candy told Canny.
“I know” Canny opend the door and asked: “What’s your name why you came here?”
“My name is Poul and came here for party.” The young mand said with friendly smile.
The door closed again, Canny ran to Candy again.
The door opend again and Candy and Canny were there together.
“Excuse me, young man, I guess some misunderstanding, here is.” Candy hadn’t finished her words.
“Here is the place he has qualified to come.” Jennifer walked dowstairs and interrupted: “Come on in Poul.”
“This is Candy and Canny and this is Poul, my secratry.” Jennifer introduced.
“Nice to meet you.” Candy friendly to Poul.
“Nice to meet u Candy and Canny” Poul shook Candy and Canny’s hands and made Canny extreme excited.
Jennifer led Poul to the living room.
“Ladies, please give me a minute. Let me introduce this young man to you: Poul, my secraatry. Surprise? Ha ha ha.” Jennifer laughed.
The ladies in the living room all opend the mouth and eyes bigger.
“Really surprised.” Fee said.
“That was I want- your surprise. Poul and I came here by my car, I was in door first, and asked him after thirty minutes knocking the door, now he is here. Such fun, isn’ it?” Jennifer was satisfied about her plan.
“Wow so handsome man.” Viv’s eyes never moved from Poul and neither did Canny’s. “I like Poul. Viv, you check my heart jump faster and faster.” She held Viv’s hand to her chest.
“That is my dream man.” Celia said to Jennifer: “Where have you found this handsome boy?”
“Aggie’s country mate.” Jennifer recommended Poul’s background, such as: graduated form a college, 30 age, how capiable of his job. “Aggie recommended Poul to me; she is really capiable of her job since she is an Assistant Manager. Strong hand helps me and made me have time to know new staff well”
“How many new staff you have haired recently?” Candy asked,
“Just one, Poul, I have to spend lots of time with him to know him, at last I can say he is super in his position.” Jennifer said.
“I guess so.” Celia said “How long Poul has been in our service?”
“Near two months, you know to get to know a person need take time.” Jennifer said.
Candy and Celia realized that was the reason why they didn’t see Jennifer and didn’t know Poul either when they went to the staff meeting these two months. They went to somewhere to know each other better.
“That’s nice.” Candy said.
“More than nice, that is gorgeous.” Jennifer corrected Candy.
“We can have Christmas dinner when Aggie comes.” Candy said to Jennifer.
“Oh, I’ve forgot, Aggie will not come for dinner with us, because she is in London, having a meeting in the headquater of our service. We can start now” Jennifer said and made toast to all people in the house. “Merry Christmas and New Year to every one, I’d like to have wishes to all ladies here: happy, healthy, beautiful and lucky in New Year.”
The cheers in exciting, laughing and happy. They were eating, drinking and talking. Jennifer told Poul the background of each staff member when she was eating.
The time of servicing Christmas putting, Canny and Mel couldn’t wait: “I do that!” Canny liked to cut the pudding
This time someone knocked on the door.
“I get it!” Canny went to open the door.
Aggie was in front of the door, dressed up and made the hair and face up shining.
“Aggie! It’s you?” Canny couldn’t belive her eyes.
“Hi Canny, it’s me indeed.” Aggie laughed and hugged Canny.
All the people were surprised when seeing Aggie coming, except Poul.
Aggie told the people that she didn’t want to miss the party, so left the meeting a bit early and drove fast so she could have dinner with all of them. How stweet, the ladies were touched by her.
“I cut the pudding.” Canny worried the others would take her job.
“Ok, we have pudding now.” Canddy said.
“Give Aggie a big one please.” Jennifer said: “She did good job and she thought all of us and just drove from London.”
“I know.” Canny cut the big piece for Aggie.
“Oh, thanks. Jennifer and Canny” Aggie was so polite, not looked like herself.
“How are you doing? How was the meeting?” Jennifer was interested in Aggie: “You haven’t back home to see your family, have you?”
“No, I will go home after the party. The meeting was good and I am good.” Agie answered gentally when she was eating her pudding.
“Look at Aggie, everyone, she is so beautiful today, isn’t she?” Jennifer said.
“I can see that.” Celia said.
“Aggie is fresh view of this party.” Candy laughed.
“Any good news from the meeting?” Jennifer asked in great curiousity and happiness.
“Yes, it has good news.” Aggie smiled and said: “could you let me finish my pudding?’
“No, please share the news first, the rest of pudding all belong to you.” Jennifer said.
“Yes. Please Aggie!” Ihe staff members couldn’t wait either.
“It looks I have to tell the news now although I was going to tell that tomorrow.” Aggie smiled and got a paper from her hand bag. “The news is on the paper.” She said.
“Please hurry.” Jennifer couldn’t endure Agie’s nagging.
“Ok, I read it:
The Notice to BB Service.
Dear Ms Aggie,
Congratulation to you as a Manager of BB Service and to Mr Poul as an Assistant Manager from 5 Jan 2006. Thanks for Ms Jennifer’s work for BB Service.
HR Department of BB Service Headquater
That’s all” Aggie finished her reading.
The people’s eyes opened wide in shock. They all looked at Jennifer who laied on the chair, her mouth and eyes kept opening as well and the attractive and charming chests gone and the lose skin and age spots came back.
The Christmas party ended by no any announcement, every one was miserable, except Aggie and Poul.
“Please send Jennifer home, Poul.” Agie orded Poul and left.
The staff members woke up from the shock and looked at each other.
“What the hell happened?” Celia asked Candy
“A silent coup.” Candy’s answer.
Poul was driving Jennifer home; she was really damaged by the news from Agie. Seeing the young handsome black man and thought that she was driving him to the party, now changed the role. Now she was zero, but Poul was Assistant Manager and Agie was the Manager the radical change of social role, which all caused by Agie’s coup. Jennifer would go to HR office to tell everyone in there about which person Aggie was: a thief, racialist, voilence, lie and bully, and was a puppy doggy behind her. Jennifer was determined to fight Aggie and to get the position back. Getting the direction, Jennifer felt better and thought about the last two months’ life with Poul: The beach of Southeast England, the strong arms and strong something of Poul made Jennifer very very happy, she wished she could be there with the young black man forever.
“Darling.” Jennifer put her hand on Poul’s lap “Congratulation as an Assistant Manager.”
“Thanks. Please call my name, no call me darling.” Poul moved her hand from his lap.
“What’s matter?” Jennifer was upset.
“That no good. Now I am an Asistant Manager and you are nothing. I must be in good behaviour and manner to match my position.” Poul said seriously.
“You are son of bitch and you forgot how you licked my body form my toes to my ass and how your dick hard and harder again enters my hole? You never thought your manner that time?” Jennifer was angry.
“That time you are Manager. Now I’m a Manager” Poul said.
“You fucking bug, use me!” Jennifer was cracy.
“Can’t use the word ‘use’, but exchange.” Poul said.
“Conspiracy, you and Agie’s worked together. You two should go to the hell” Jennifer just realized but it’s later.
“Please concern your manner, you are home now” Poul reminded her “Do you want me to company to your house or I just leave?”
“Piss off, you bug.” Jennifer was yelling.
Jennifer opended the door and she was surprised, the home was not hers? Everything changed and all strangers had party in the living room. She thought she went to the wrong house and as she was going to leave and she heard a very familier voice:” Welcome to our party, Jennifer.”
Gosh, that was Aggie’s voice, what happened? Then Jennifer saw John and Agie hand held hand together coming to her.
“What do you think of our party?” Aggie and John said.
“Your bitch, you took my job and my husband.” Jennifer fought Agie without thinking.
“But you took my Poul.” Agie returned.
These two women were fighting together, screaming, swearing, biteing and crying.
The visiters in the house all came to watch this game; one of them asked John” What this program?”
“It called power struggle.” John told him
“It’s interesting isn’t it?”Visiter A said,
“Yes it’s a new game which broke the conventional Christams party- after dinner, people going home.”John said
“Such fun, John, thanks so much.” Visiter B said.
The Christmas party ended by Jennifer and Aggie were too tired to fight and the visiters left.
Jennifer had two parties during several hours and nobody would know what she would do in her later hours and her future hours.



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