It Ended with a Whimper

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July 2nd 2012  |  3  |  Category: Philosophical  |  Author: Darryl  |  852 views

As is the case with all species there is a distinct start, an evolution and finally its ultimate demise. We call this event extinction but in truth it is just the normal progression that happens on this planet we call earth. What we, the human race, could never comprehend was that we could not change that fact. We always thought of ourselves as something special, something above evolution, something that could change its own destiny. We were wrong…

Global warming and cooling is something that has been happening since the planet first formed millions of years ago and whether we as a species sped this process up or not is irrelevant as it was always going to happen. The minor rises in temperature didn’t really seem to be affecting anything significantly with only half a meter rise in sea levels and about a twenty percent loss in the polar ice caps. There were a few low lying islands that were evacuated as the sea took over but this took time and there was no loss of human life just a bit of habitat. What was never noticed or possibly never told to the general public was that the shift of the weight of water and ice from the poles and spread over the entire planet caused a shift in the axis of the planet. Again it was only minor, it was only a half of a degree, what difference could that make, right! . Life can be fickle and it can take only a minor change to allow one species to leap ahead whilst another species dies out. What we could have done with this knowledge even if we had known is very limited as there is no way we could have changed what was happening on a global scale anyway.

What had happened with that slight shift was that the finely balance magnetic field that wraps around our planet and had kept us safe from the solar radiation also shifted and it now allowed for more radiation to be absorbed in to our atmosphere. This in turn reacted with the nitrogen in the air that makes up almost 80 percent of what we breath. It started with the very biggest animals first like the herds of elephants, hippos and rhinos and soon became apparent that it was affecting more and smaller species. The first cases were recorded as unknown cause of death but there was a marked level of lung deterioration showing up in autopsy. It was already too late for all of us by the time the scientists analyzed it as being a difference in the actual nitrogen element in the air we all breathed as the cause of death. Plants appeared to be totally unaffected by the change as was life under water but everything relying on oxygen was shutting down. Small creatures with short life cycles seemed to be doing better, they were adapting to the new air supply, evolving to compensate and survive. New species were appearing but that meant nothing to us as we, the human race, also succumbed to the new atmosphere. All of this took less than three hundred years from the start of the shift to our final demise and there was nothing that we could have done to change it after all we are just another species that started, evolved and ultimately died out. A natural progression of what happens on this planet we used to call earth.


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3 Responses to It Ended with a Whimper

  1. Avatar of Ami Ami says:

    Short, simple and nice.. nice story.

  2. Darryl says:

    Thank you for the comment. I tried to keep this particular story short because the meaning of these types of stories can easily be lost by over writing it.

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