Is it Enough?

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April 4th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Children , Fairy tales  |  Author: Jada Palu  |  144 views

Is it enough?

In a world of tiny people, living on an unnamed floating island, life is perfect. Plenty food and friends
But is that enough?
East of the floating island in the village of Lush, Ezra and Rein lived in a rather large coconut.
During the depth night, Ezra woke up to a loud thump coming from the door. Ezra shacked as he jumped onto the table to look through a small crack at the top of the coconut. He sees a large piece of paper. Ezra held his finger under Rein’s nose until she woke up and then Ezra showed Rein the Paper through the crack. Then they slowly push open the squeaky and begin to read this strange paper. Whilst reading the paper, they learn about a beautiful, luscious garden full of delicious and colourful plantation like roses and sweet and juicy fruits, Ezra licks his lips in excitement. They go back to sleep and dream about the beautiful garden. That morning, they woke up determined to find that garden. They search their house for a map of the island but unfortunately have no luck. Suddenly, Great Grand Sarhssprite, the wisest and oldest member of Lush enters the house. Great Grand Sarhssprite hands Rein a map of the village without knowing their request for one.

Ezra and Rein were feeling prepared for their journey and planned to leave at dawn the following day, accompanied by Great Grand Sarhssprite. To their surprise, the map had a missing section and they were quite disappointed but despite this, they began their journey to find the garden.

Their first challenge was to cross the River of Row which leads them out of the village gates. Just as they are about to step on the bridge, Great Grand Sarhssprite says “I have gone too far. I can’t carry on!” Ezra and Rein were determined to find the garden regardless of who was joining them so they continued their journey.

After they cross the bridge over the river they find a brony. A brony is an evil creature disguised as a tiny person but has a large round tattoo on his hand. The brony temps them and persuades them to let him accompany them on their trip. “Fine “roughly said rein. He follows them but says that he doesn’t think the map is real and says “you’s are just trying to run away from lush”. Ezra crunches his fist because hates it when people don’t trust him so he grabs the map out of Rein’s hands and holds it to the brony’s eyes. The brony grabs the map and runs off He looks back to get a glimpse of their reaction but bangs into a well not more than 10 metres away from Rein and Ezra and then falls in.

Ezra and Rein were shocked and stood in their exact positon without moving for at least half an hour, until they start to cry and fall to the ground. Rein blames Ezra for stealing the map from her but Ezra blames Rein. Ezra and Rein knew that there was no point getting another map because if they didn’t have the capability to go more than four kilometres without fighting they couldn’t take on the journey of searching the entire island.

Both Ezra and Rein walked home disappointed, ashamed and without speaking a word until they reached their house. They were surprised to find a large book beneath some sand on the beach called the Bible. They were unhappy but thought the day could not get any worse by discovering more about this large book. After opening the book they start to read until they both stare at each other and Rein says “the garden we have been looking for is the Garden of Eden.”

Before Rein can finish talking, Ezra says “it is hidden far, far away not to be found but.”
“But what?” says Rein? Ezra does not answer Reins question but instead slowly pushes the bible over to a tree and starts to read more. After an hour of this Rein walks up to Ezra and says “we have been planted in our island and it’s where we’re meant to be, this is where we’re happy with our friends and family. What we’ve been longing for, a garden full of plants and fruit to fill our missing place, but the only thing that could fill that is God.”

Rein was confused with what Ezra had said but she read more in the bible and then echoed God’s love through the island until everyone had a bible of their own and was happy, life was perfect. Plenty of food and friends and that was enough.

The end.


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