Invisible shoes

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January 30th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Adventure , Drama , Fiction , Philosophical , Tragedy  |  Author: Titu  |  1135 views

Invisible shoes

Zoë is a coastal town known for its tanneries and leather manufacturing. It was known for its designers and makers. It is a town with robust manpower and talent.
Once upon a time, three designers owned businesses at local market in Zoe. Their names were Udaant, Yojeet and Neraav. All of them had aptitude for hard work and rare talent with lofty dreams and aspirations.
It was sunny spring morning. The snow was melting at distant mountain and fresh water was flowing in many springs. The fresh fruits were blooming on trees and also, colorful flowers were blooming in gardens. It was season of rare cherries, chrysanthemums and daffodils. A season of growth, renewal and new life had sprung up all around.
All the entrepreneurs sweated during the day and talked in evening sitting in cafes and bars.One evening Udaant and Yojeet were sipping their tea at local cafe.
Udaant reflected, ‘’my father was lead in this business, but he couldn’t foresee the market of today.
Our family always learned the trade and we have best designers in our family. We all are moiling, toiling and working till date. We are rich not because of our designs and entrepreneurship, but because of our sweat and grind. If I have billion dollars home, it is our efforts. The people and the system in corrupt. The God must correct the system and save our souls.’’
Yojeet listened to Udaant achievements, frustrations and decimations quietly. He was curious about Udaant’s ancestry and parentage. After taking his time to reflect, Yojeet reverted, “Well, What kind of outline and form you are stinting on these days?”
Udaant was distasteful and answered scornfully, ‘’Well, I am going acceptable and traditional. The last idea that I treated and patented was contaminated swiftly. See the market, it has nothing firsthand to offer. It is real hard to evolve in this kind of market.”
Yojeet knew that Udaant always needed someone to aim his anger at. He thought silently, ‘’Thank god, he always blame the combination of invisible forces that run a market system.’’ Yojeet finally sipped his last coffee and revealed bit positively, ‘’I think we must innovate and explore new markets.’’
Udaant was bit pained at Yojeet response but he was quiet and finally both retired to their respective facilities.
The market was good and bubbling and Yojeet wanted to make best of this bubble. He often said, ‘’Now or Never.’’ And he often thought, ‘’People call me a talkative man, but I often surpass my talks. It is little secret that has kept my pace in the market’’

After hard day work, Neerav was silently eating his brunch at coffee shop. He was deep in contemplation when a voice entered his thought realm.
‘’Hello, Good evening Neerav, Our Gentleman.’’
It was Udaant with his coffee mug.
Neerav was nervous and quietly vibed, ‘’Hi! How are you?’’
Udaant was as always, ‘’Bad market, you know I am just staying float due to my past fortune in this barter.’’
Neerav was bit confused as only yesterday he was in forum where key orator was haranguing on hunt or opportunity present in current market. He responded sadly, ‘’Hmm, Yes I also think so, but lot of positive gag in media.’’
Udaant retorted , ‘’Thank god, My father earned enough for me to survive. If we are in trouble, I think everyone is in shit.’’
‘’Not each one, Yojeet is making big waves, but my market numbers are going down. At least, you have great legacy, I have only my work that brings me bit of solace, joy and happiness.’’ Neerav said politely.
Udaant was bit angry, ‘’only corrupt is surviving by stealing. Only corrupt like Yojeet.’’
His last words were like a big scream on Neerav’s solitude. Next Neerav found that Udaant had left hurriedly.
The markets are always filled with activity and fluidity. Players join and leave and nobody could ever beat the market. With fewer players, more margins and everyone are happy, but once market is filled, it is bad market.
Yojeet had faith in business. He lived in action, knew the markets broadly and often interacted with right people.
Yojeet had gone to business conference, where he met Niraav. Yojeet knew gatherings were full of cues and fresh breaks as they were mostly filled with lonely people, who over interacted and thirsted for visibility.
Sipping his tea he said, ‘’Niraav, I often hear about Udaant’s plans to exit the business very soon.’’
Niraav said, ‘’Yes markets are bad, even I often contemplate of exiting the market.’’ Yojeet was bit curious, ‘’Have you any specific plans after retirement? Udaant has family wealth to display.”
Niraav, ‘’Well! That is what stops me.’’ While leaving the conference, Yojeet said, “Keep in touch Neraav.”
Yojeet sensed his prey and he sure had some good days head. He thought triumphantly, “Finally, I can stretch and play big.”
— (End) —-


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