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April 2nd 2017  |  1  |  Category: Drama , Inspirational , Moral , Suspense , True Stories  |  Author: Titu  |  205 views

Everyday the Sun rises in the morning and then it travels in sky from East to West and finally sets in the west. Once Sun sets, slowly dusk comes and it is followed by dark night. Sometimes it is night that is black dark and other times it is moonlit starry night. After night comes deepest night, when every things become still, scary and calm. The wise always knows that there would be dusk next and then the Sun would rise again. The wise also knows that universe acts on simple plans and definite patterns.
Similarly a human body also follows the definite pattern and simple plan. Our energies, emotions and thoughts swells, stays there for certain period and then falls and finally calms.
A wise businessman knows the cycles of business and he also knows how to best manage in those cycles. While Business genius is rare gift and business foresight can be learned, still it is business wisdom that is integral to keeps business floated at all times.
A coastal town ZOE was known for its tanneries and leather manufacturing. It was known for its entrepreneurs, designers and makers. It was a town with robust manpower and talent. Few years back three businessmen, who were great friends and also, foes ran their respective businesses passionately. They were Sumed, Hiren and Yojeet. All of them wore different business shoes.

It was cold wintery night and it started raining and then snowing heavily. As darkness fell, night became more calm, but freezing.
There was huge bungalow large lawn. In large living room a huge Tao painting hung at one of the wall, the quote on painting read:
Knowing others is intelligence ; knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength ; mastering yourself is true power
A child was playing with shoes in warm well lit living room. There were lying shoes of different sizes on Persian rug and the child was trying each shoe one after another. Child wore all shoes and walked few steps and then unbalanced and then tried another one. Sumed, the father kept a watchful eye on child and let it play. He was happy at his child’s act. Ultimately child got bored and asked complaining, “Dad, why can’t I wear your shoes?”He thought first and then said calmly, “Well, your shoes are more cozy and beautiful than mine.” The child retorted, “No, I want to wear big shoes with high heels.” Sumed said amusingly, “One day you would wear those big and high shoes, but I think you have more comfy, colorful and trendy shoes. Child said, “One day, Papa, I would design my shoes on my own.” Sumed said philosophically, “Yes Son, no one can design right shoes for you, only you can.”
The child returned happily to shoes and continued trying different sizes of shoes and said excitedly to father, ‘’Yes Dad, I would one day fit into more bigger and higher shoes than you and Papa, those shoes would be invisible shoes.”
Sumed asked laughingly, ‘Why Invisible shoes?’’
Child said, “Because nobody would see them.”
Sumed thought bit philosophically, “Yes, in corporate world everybody wears those invisible shoes to protect them from their opponents. In business, you can’t risk to remain barefooted and let people hurt your as people would often try to trample on your feet.’’
Sumed was a seasoned tycoon. He was wise, a rare combination of courage and ability to think and act. He was gifted with insight and commonsense. He was a rare mix of intelligence, perceptiveness, spirituality and shrewdness. He could act in difficult and complex environments swiftly. He had a great intuition. He acted on gut feelings. He could easily sense the feelings and thoughts of other people. As sumed was man of action, so going at market place was his habit. He used to flock the market regularly and he involved himself in all operations of business. He was a product and customers man.

One day at Airport, he met his old business buddy Hiren.
Hiren, a genius was a person of rare talent, intellect, creativity and productivity. He had made terrific addition to industry. He had a soul which was vast and he had a rare talent of remaining in excitement and appreciation of all things. He believed in verse:
Lead me from the unreal to the real. Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality. May there be peace, peace, and perfect peace”.

One day both met at an airport while waiting for their respective flights. It was bad weather that had delayed the take off and landings. Neatly dressed captains and crew members wore anxious looks. Both sat in big lounge away from ticketing, customs and passport area. Big led screens flashed two words prominently, “FLIGHT DELAYED.” Intermittent announcements and occasional travelers filled otherwise quiet shopping area and food courts.
After exchanging initial pleasantries, both started talking about business in general.
Sumed said, “How business is and what do you see in market?”

Hiren reflected, “Well business is as usual and..and..I see market far..far.. better than yesteryears. Oh..Ya..I ran few analytics… and.. I think it would shoot up.

Sumed had done his homework well like before and was bit worried.

He said, “Yes, we are blessed to be in such times…but…I suspect few more turbulences n disturbances in market…recent aggressive takeovers by few players are bad.

Hiren, “Yes, I also suspect few enthusiastic takeovers and…. also, some bad closures…markets are getting too competitive.”

There was an announcement for flight and both to rushed to respective flights.

Hiren sat in flight and took out his laptop and leafed through Global leather Industry forecast report published this morning. He was happy to see prediction of CAGR of 8% and see few big import orders predictions. He read the product launches, price wars, mergers and acquisitions in detail. After reading the information, he looked into profiles of big brands like Kering, Coach, Prada and Hermes. He knew that these reports and profiles would be followed by everybody in industry, but he was a leader who knew the analytics the best in industry. After reading the report, he ordered lunch.

Leather industry was always had many players, but now sharks had entered the market. They were ready to kill as many small fishes as possible and clean the ocean.

Now Yojeet had also become one of such aggressive players after his recent aggressive successful takeovers. He was now also sitting head of leather association also had many future plans. During the leather association meetings, he deliberately occupied on his laptop and mobile as it showed that now he was busy and big man .Also, he has want to display his technology savvy avatar to his industry associates. He was a diehard optimist, believed in his strengths and knew to exploit opportunities. He was more focused and disdained his past friends for their vulnerabilities, but he was never afraid. Yojeet now lived in a dimension of extraversion. He seemed an impatient and achievement oriented in his talks.
Yojeet had big money now as his recent successive successes in businesses had flooded him with investments. He knew that only more aggressive takeovers would be the answers. He had aim to change the dynamics of leather industry in totality.
He had a plan and now he aimed two big players. He knew if he could disrupt Hiren and Sumed, then he can easily become a leading international brand. The competition was tough and more complicated this time, but Yojeet knew his strengths.
This year the markets were optimistic and unreasonably great. Hiren received big orders from China and European markets. Hiren was happy that ultimately his associates and marketing were getting him these big orders. Hiren was happy about his orders and had raised huge loans for capacity expansion to fulfill the export orders. He had to fill the orders over a period of 3 years. He had now planned more refinement in his data analytics processes.
Sumed too had few orders from China and European markets, but he was bit more cautious. He was concentrating first on traditional vendors and was only thinking of supplying the balance to new vendors. He was bit surprised that how can such big orders come from already US captured market.
As Hiren’s facilities started manufacturing big orders and also supplied the materials to Chinese and European markets. He started facing few initial challenges. He bulk orders were rejected due to quality problems and the order which were fulfilled were also having payment issues. Hiren was distressed and could not figure out what was happening to his suddenly well operated business. Yojeet was happy with his traditional market and looked forward to one bigger takeover.
Hiren met Sumed at a secret meeting. Sumed was aware of Hiren’s export order cancellation due to quality problems and also the payment problems that were so devastating. Sumed had also another man with him.
Sumed: – Hiren, I know your problem. I cautioned you that bad play can happen in market. It is bad play, not competition.
Hiren was silent and distressed and said: – But now what I have to do.
Sumed asked the third person to answer and the third person said, ‘’Sir, The mess is created by Hiren. He took over many small existing companies both in China and Europe. He purchased the controlling rights and let the management run the company as before. He asked his managements to place huge orders on you both. He knew that he would ultimately cancel the orders and cite quality as issue and also delay your payments. He had lot of cheap money from venture capitalists.”
Hiren looked vainly in blank and then looked towards Sumed, “Please takeover my business and save me. I won’t let Yojeet takeover me with the help of bankers.”
Sumed said, “what are your valuations now?’”
Hiren said, “Negative. There is huge dip in goodwill and big liabilities.”
Sumed ultimately said, “What was your valuation before all these fake orders.”
Hiren, “Probably USD1 billion.”
Sumed, “Send me your financial guys and we will figure it out.”
Sumed had noticed yojeet’s behavior and pattern earlier and today he attracted Yojeet to a battle, where yojeet only saw his own glory in the field, not realizing it was merely a projection of his past glory.
Yojeet was sitting in his office and he smelled another big takeover and was happy that he could finally play big. A phone rang. It was a call from his venture capitalist and he had asked for emergency meeting of Board. The Board sat and in meeting sat few representatives of investors.
The chairman asked Yojeet, “We have heard that you diverted huge money to fake companies abroad.”
Yojeet said silently, ‘’I purchased few small good companies.”
The member asked, “What companies? What price? Do you have any idea? Now you are cancelling the legitimate orders. Why?”
Yojeet was taken aback. He had money, but he had put everything into dirty play.
The Chairman finally said, “Mr. Yojeet, Our angel investors are unhappy and you are fired.”
Hiren was happy to receive a handsome consideration for sale from Sumed. It was far in excess of his expectations n company’s valuations. Sumed succeeded in getting all cancelled orders rectified through his wisdom.
Yojeet had considered himself to be a master hunter endowed with great power to beat the market. He was proud and disdained his allies and true associates. Now Yojeet is frantically looking to sell his nonexistent business and exit the industry.

Then one afternoon, Sumed sat in his living room, looking outside the big window and reading words written on Tao painting silently. His son was playing with toys on Persian mat. He picked his mobile and saw many congratulatory messages. They read; Bravo! Fantastic! Awesome! Congrats! Way to go and many more. A message from Hiren read, “You nailed the bastard.”
Smilingly Sumed said to his Son, “I have also found my Invisible shoes.” Son gave perplexed look to his father. Sumed continued mumbling a short poem.
“Everybody wears comely foot gears,
Sometimes bit high, sometimes bit tight.
Nobody ever wore a small clog
But wise always wears, the fitting old boots.
Yes, Invisible shoes, The Invisible shoes.”


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