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April 5th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Fiction , Tragedy  |  Author: tina20  |  773 views

It was a nice and bright day in the end of May in NJ City and also the day -Nancy’s interview for a teaching job for a new college.
As an ESL Teacher in China, Nancy was bothered by her Chinese biological appearance, not bothered by her western culture background; expand knowledge, personality, communication skills and physical look- Creator gave her evil’s figure. She was wearing white T-shirt, black shorts and black higher heel leather shoes. She knocked the Foreign Office door, the door opened and a young Chinese girl with short black hairs was in front of her.
“Hi, my name is Nancy and Ping called me for interview 10am this morning.” Nancy smiled and introduced herself.
“I am Ping” Ping had quite serious look.
“Hi Ping, it’s nice to see you at last.”
“Yes, what do you teach in your college now?”
“Teach oral English. Can I enter the office and have a sit?” Nancy asked.
“Sure.’’ The door opened big enough for Nancy going inside.
There was another lady sitting there and was busy doing her work on computer, she looked like the person working with Ping in this office, and there were lot of others coming and going and the door opened and shut again and again.
’’Can I sit here?’’ Nancy pointed the chair near the door.
“Ok.”Ping sat on a long couch. ‘I am from Boston.’
“What? I was in Boston whole year the year before last year.’’ Nancy was excited.
“ How long have you been there?Do you know red souks?”
“I’ve been there 10 years and I got Master Degree in IT in the University of Tec logical MA.”Ping was smiling then.
“Wow.” Nancy knew exactly as Ping’s Degree should work as a software engineer and had a beautiful pay. “Are you married? Do your parents in the States or China?”
“I am single and my parents are in the USA, they wished me could find a boy friend in China.”Ping said: “We have a house here as well.”
“Is she a native English Speaker?” The busy lady came to Ping and asked in Chinese. Ping gave her positive answer and the lady went to her desk busy again.
“Are you an American citizen?” Nancy asked Ping.
“No, I am Green card holder.”
“Your parents are?”Nancy was curious.
“No, my dad holds a green card and my mum doesn’t.” Ping said.
“Do you live here alone?”Nancy asked.
“No, my aunt is with me. She is my father’s sister and retired.”
“Great, she is looking after you when you are in China, and your parents look after you when you are in the USA. You are lucky girl, aren’t you?”
“Yes, I am.” Ping was cheering up with Nancy. “Sorry, I have to go some place.” Yes, she had to go because Nancy saw that busy lady calling her to do the other job with someone else.
Nancy was alone in the area of her chair and couch in the corner of this office, the other corner of the office was crowded: files on mess office desks, busy lady with busy people and noise phones. Nancy found a newspaper under the tea table and she read it and no one bothered her and she bothered no one as well. About after one hour, the busy lady left her chair and came to Nancy.
“Hi Nancy. My name is Lily, this is my card. Come and sit the couch with me and we can have great talk.”
Nancy moved to the couch and read Lily’s card: the President of the College and the dean of Foreign Office
Lily was a very sexy lady with devil’s figure and angel’s manner and she was wearing the top which could see her half breasts.
“I’ve just felt you are good at clothing.’’ Nancy said.
“This is my style.” Lily smiled and said and her whole breasts were close to Nancy when she put a glass of water on the tea table.
“Wow, you are so charming and I wish I were a man.”Nancy said automatically.
“As a woman I use women’s way to do the things.” Lily said.

“You are right.” Nancy said.
“Our college is the best one.” Lily said,
“Yes, that is why I choice here.” Nancy smiled.
“Right choice. This is the public college, and much better than private’s.”Lily said proudly.
“Yes, I am from private one. I’d like to go to better one.” Nancy said.
Suddenly, Lily went to look after a student to fill a form and Nancy was alone
After half hour, Ping came back to the office.
“Hi Ping.” Nancy was very happy to see her and hoped the interview to continue or start.
“Hi Nancy, you are still here?”
“Yes, still here.” Nancy said with confused with all her mind: what kind of interview I had?
“Yes, I am waiting for you back.” Nancy said peacefully:“Can I know the pay rate and the condition of accommodation?”
“Sure, the pay depends on your Degree and the accommodation we have two places for foreign teachers, one is here- in this new campus, the other is at old campus which is in the city.”
“I hold Master’s Degree and what kind of pay I can have?” Nancy asked.
Lily answered: “We must see your Degree, and then we know the pay rate.”
“Oh, I see.” Nancy said:” May I have to see the apartment in this campus?”

"Yes, Ping, bring Nancy to there to have a look. I strong recommend teachers live in here, new apartments and nice environment.”ily gently held Nancy’s hand.
“You live here?”Nancy asked.
“No, live far from here, it is the total opposite of the school.”
“You have to travel every day to here, it’s hard.”Nancy said.
“Yes, but I drive.”Lily said with friendly smile.
At this time Ping had already got the key of the apartment and was waiting for Lily finishing her talking.
“We got subway, 20 minutes from here to downtown, and you also can shop to the market near the campus.”Lily said.
“That’s nice, I love shopping and window shopping, is there any shopping moor or fashion shops here?”
“Yes, you can buy clothes from YY supermarket, the first floor near the left of the gate.”Lily said.
“Wait it a minute, fashion in supermarket?”Nancy asked with doubt.
Nancy had to trust her ear.
“Shall we go to apartment now? Ping asked Lily.
Nancy asked: “Should I come back to your office after seeing the apartment?”
“Sure.”Lily said.
“Are you still in the office that time?’
“Yes.”Lily said.
The apartment building was located at the back door of the campus, it
was students’ living compound. Ping opened the apartment door and it was huge, with 4 bed rooms and 2 bath rooms with 2 strange toilets, and no kitchen.
“Where for cooking?”
“Eating in cantina, don’t need cook.”Ping smiled.
“Don’t eat much better, so don’t need kitchen, don’t need cook and don’t need spend money on food.”Nancy teased.
“Ha ha ha, you are funny, Nancy.”Ping laughed.
“You sure? I haven’t finished yet, but we got 2 bath rooms and each has 2 strange toilets.”
“Ha ha ha ha.”Ping couldn’t help laughing.
“It’s funny?”
“Yes, you are really a fun person.’”Ping said.
“Thanks.”Nancy said.
There were not much to see, just rooms and bathrooms, and Ping and Nancy left and went to the office again.
Ping opened the office door, it’s quiet, there was no the crowded busy group and no Lily either.
“Where is Lily? She asked me back here.”Nancy said to Ping.
“I don’t know.”
“Would you please call her phone, she may be just in the other office.”
Nancy suggested.
Ping did and told Nancy that it couldn’t through.
“She is busy.”Ping said.
“Yes, I guess.”Nancy said.
Nancy was in the office seeing the ceiling and waiting Lily and Ping was seeing the stuff on line, after another 30 minutes, Nancy asked:”Can I leave now?”
“Sure.”Ping said. They both said:”Have good day “to the others.
That was Nancy’s interview.
The next day, Nancy got an email from Ping:”Nancy, you are hired by this college.”



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