In Another Land

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April 10th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Adventure , Children , Suspense  |  Author: Llamacorn  |  227 views

CRASH! Suddenly Bianca heard a loud bang coming from the entrance of her house. So Bianca ran towards the noise finding out that the bang came from the Mailman. He was dropping off a package that contained all her new adventuring equipment. She ripped open the package and found a picture of a large cave at the bottom of the box. So Bianca decided for her next adventure she would go and explore this cave. So the very next day she grabbed all of her equipment and headed out for an adventure.
When Bianca finally got to the cave she wondered what treasures she might find. Bianca lit her torch and headed through the dark and mysterious cave. As she strolled through the cave it sounded as like if someone was following her step by step, but when she looked around there was no one to be seen. Bianca got to the end of the cave and there was nothing in sight, but dirt and rock. So Bianca sighed and kicked a rock only to find that the rock had triggered the secret passage way.
So Bianca climbed through the passage way to a secret room. As she walked around she found a button on the wall and decided to press it. When Bianca pressed the button a small column came out of the ground with a map and an amulet that had a picture of a robin on it. She opened the map and the name of the map was The Lost City. Bianca was so excited she found this map but someone else wanted it to. As Bianca was walking out of the cave there was a man running after her saying “give me the map. It doesn’t belong to you give it to me” over and over again. So Bianca started running away from this strange man running after her.
Bianca kept on running and running till she got to a cliff. The man kept on getting closer and closer to Bianca and didn’t care is she fell. Bianca was at the very edge of cliff nearly falling off when suddenly a brown and white border collie saw that she was in danger and leapt to her safety, biting the man’s leg. The man yelled in pain and fell to the ground while Bianca and her new friend fled from the scene.
Bianca finally came to a stop resting under a big oak tree. She sat down catching her breathe and then looked at the Border collie. She said to the Border collie
“Do you want to come on an adventure with me?” The Border collie nodded his head slightly.
“Hmm well you will need a name little guy. What about Terra?” The Border collie nodded and barked as he liked the name. So after a quick break Terra and Bianca followed the path to the next village to get some supples for the long journey ahead.
As they left the village after getting supplies they went back on the track to find The Lost City. After a day’s walk they were being followed by the same man and the man brought some friends. When Bianca saw them she started running with Terra following her. As Bianca was running she came to a dead end of the road. The men finally caught up to Bianca and started saying

“Give the map to us” But they didn’t realise that they were at the entrance of the lost city. As Bianca looked at the map an noticed at the bottom that it said
“You must have the amulet of the robin.” So Bianca memorized the map and decided to give the map to the strange men. The men look astonished by what Bianca did. So Bianca quickly ran away with Terra to a safe hiding spot.
As Bianca and Terra left the hiding spot they tried to find the secret entrance to the lost city. They looked left to right, high and low, but still couldn’t find anything. As Bianca was looking around she remembered when she was little that she got sent away from her town to be kept away from bad guys. While Bianca was remembering Terra went off trying to find the hidden entrance when all of a sudden he saw an amulet shaped hole in a rock. So Terra ran over to Bianca to alert her of the hole. When Bianca got to the rock she put the amulet in and turned the amulet and a secret door unlocked. As they went in Bianca was astonished by what she saw. There was a whole town thriving with life. There were people and livestock everywhere and so much noise. Bianca wondered how no one heard all the noise from outside.
As Bianca walked through the city, the people’s looks on their faces were amazed by what they saw. They started bowing down to her while she was walking through the street when someone approached her from behind. Bianca turned around and saw a beautiful woman standing there.
“Hello there what is your name?” asked the woman
“Bianca” she said
“Oh my, you must come with me now dear!” said the woman. So Bianca and Terra followed her to this beautiful castle where the woman brought her to a bright blue little room.
“So how did you get her?” said the woman
“I followed this map that was in a cave” Bianca explained
“What is your last name dear?” asked the woman
“Clarey” said Bianca
“Well then you must be the princess of this city. The princess of the city had to be sent away many years ago to be protected by evil” explained the woman.
“Me a princess? You must be thinking of someone else. I did get sent away from my town, but I don’t think I’m a princess.” Bianca pulled out a picture of her mum that looked like this lady in front of the very exact same castle. Bianca’s jaw widened in astonishment as she realised that this woman in front of her was her mother.
So after her talk with her mother Bianca decided to live in this town with her mother and her new dog Terra, but who are the bad guys. Well they were just people delivering resources to the town and needed the map to get back to the city.
So Bianca and her new family lived in the city happily.
The End
By Llamacorn


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