Housing Slave

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February 25th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Fiction  |  Author: tina20  |  877 views

Dingding was an PA of General Manager of TW Company, intelligent, beautiful, tall and sexy, lots of men of TW fancied her and she was not interested in anyone. She had her principle of selecting her boyfriend: the man was chosen should have house bought by himself, that means: the man’s name on the certificate of the property. Zhang, an IT Manager working for IT Company, was a luck boy and he got Dingding, although there was a bit problem on his legs. His name not only was on a house, but also on the other house. Dingding and Zhang fell in love but that couldn’t reduce the other men’s desire of getting her.
Soon Dingding and Zhang discussed something about marriage.
“You and I will be a couple and we will spend our time together forever. I’d like to put my name on your properties.” Dingding said softly.
“Sure.” Zhang said “That is a must, we will do this afternoon.”
That was fabulous! Dingding was worried about how to talk to Zhang.
“Which house for marriage?” Zhang asked.
“The one closes your or my company.” Dingding suggested.
Zhang smiled: “I don’t like either of them, too old.”
“After decoration, it will be new and nice.”Dingding said.
“I know. But now see what inside.” Zhang gave a small box to Dingding.
Dingding opened the box, a house key! Zhang bought a new house which decorated for their marriage.
“Cool.” Dingding appreciated she got Zhang who had a decent job, good pay and three houses, in Shanghai, which her name all on them and his salary all in charged by Dingding.
Dingding quitted her job after she got baby girl Yan. Every day she got up early cooked breakfast for Zhang and fed the baby, cleaning, shopping, cooking and washing. Each day she spent lots of time on her house cleaning, she laid on the floor used the cloth to clean it and she also got some cover shoes for the visitors. She cleaned the kitchen and kept the clean, she didn’t want Zhang to cook because she worried he made the kitchen dirty. She cleaned bathroom very well although they seldom use it. She and Zhang used toilet outside most of time. Her house looked like palace, wealthy, beautiful, grand and splendid. However she was bored soon.
Mum was always a good advisor.
“You are idiot, you have nothing to do? You got two houses empty there, why not rent? Keeping busy and earning money.” The mum said on the phone.
Mum’s words woke Dingding’s wisdom.
“Now the housing price is higher than past and will be higher and higher. My five houses already rent and I am going to buy the other one soon.” Mum was excited.
Great mum, Dingding must admit.
Dingding told Zhang her idea of renting the two houses and Zhang supported her totally.
“That will be great idea. Put the advertisement on line and decorate the houses and start from tomorrow.” Zhang said.
“Yes, I’m going to check the information about Decoration Company and choose one reliable and order it.” Dingding told Zhang.
“No, we should do it ourselves, make the budget, choose the design, buy the stuff, hire the workers and you are the supervisor. The cost is just the 20 percent of the decoration company and the quality is good.” Zhang said.
“That’s true. I can do that. But who look after the baby when I go out to do these?” Dingding got a little bit worries.
“Baby is not problem, your mum, my mum and me can look after.” Zhang said.
“Yes, your mum and my mum can look after, that’s true, but how you can?” Dingding was confused.
“You go out via my company put baby in my office, and then you pick up the baby after you finish your job. That’s it.” Zhang said.
“You are funny, you would be fired if did like that.” Dingding laughed.
“Not do that often, sometimes should be no problem.”
Dingding was determined to do this job and she had to dig her potential to deal with the problems which she and Zhang mentioned. She put her baby to her mum to Zhang’s mum, to Zhang’s office sometimes, and most of time she brought baby herself. She went to the factory to get cheaper stuff, she bargained for both the material and the labor and she paid less and got more. People didn’t fuss over her behavior because she was a young woman and was holding a baby. At last the houses decoration was done and Dingding just waited for someone to her house.
The door knocked, Dingding opened and she saw Mr. Wang, the manager of TT Company, her ex- colleague, one of her wooers, was in front of her.
“Hi, Mr. Wang, it’s you?” Dingding was shocked.
“Sorry, do I know you?” Wang said “I am here just contact with Ms Lee and want to rent her house.”
“Yes, that’s me, you can’t remember me? I’m Lee Dingding.” Dingding smiled to him.
Mr. Wang couldn’t believe his eyes and ears, that wonderful Dinding became a fat, stupid woman with strong arms and tough hands, the most horrible thing was her greedy eyes. Anyway her smile woke Wang’s memory up.
“Oh, Dingding, how are you? I haven’t see you long time. I heard that you quit your job and married a rich guy.”
“I am good. Yes, married and got baby. I’ve just done this house decoration. How much you can pay for my house?” Dingding asked.
“How much you want?” Wang asked and he would not bothered by any price which Dingding asked, for he was wooing her in the past.
“The contract is one year. Can you pay 1000 Yuan a month and pay 6 months first, then pay each month?” Dinding thought Wang might bargain with her, so she asked little bit more.
“OK, 6,000 Yuan” Wang put the cash on the table and signed the contract.
Dingding was regretted why did not ask 2000 a month? Wang was so generous and easy going that she didn’t know. Dingding couldn’t wait to share her happiness and retreatment and she called her husband immediately:
“Darling, I’ve rent one house just now and got 6000 Yuan for half year rent already, I should ask more.”
“Well done. Shall we have nice dinner tonight? We haven’t seen meat on our dining table since you doing the housing decoration.” Zhang asked.
“That’s right, but you know the money I saved from housekeeping, adds your salary to the end of this month and plus the two house rent which is enough to buy a new house.” Dingding said.
“Really, buy another house?” Zhang couldn’t believe his ears.
“Yes, I’ve already check a place which has good schools, the house price is reasonable at the moment and will be higher and higher soon. I will buy it in this week when you get your salary.” Dingding said. “Why not go to your mum’s to have meat dinner and bring Yan there too.”
“Impossible, my mum saves any coin for buying a house and house decoration too.” Zhang told Dingding.
“She’s already had six houses, why she wants to buy another one?” Dingding couldn’t understand her mother-in-law.
“For the investment, same as us do. We’ve already had three, but you want to buy another one.”Zhang explained to her.
“That’s correct. But we are young, the investment for our future and our baby. She is old, for what?” Dingding was still unhappy about her mother-in-law.
“For me or correctly say it is for us. She just has me, one child.” Zhang showed his intelligent to his wife.
“That’s right, so she saved money and bought the houses is right thing to do.” Dingding suddenly realized her mum was same as her mother-in-law.
“My mum got 7 houses already and she is still buying for investment. She reduced any housekeeping money and my Dad was angry for living in poverty. He earned huge money each year. My mum is for me and my family, that’s good. I understand my mum now.” Dingding cheered.
Soon Dingding rent the second house and the price higher than the first one. End of the week she bought a new house which was in good school area and she spent a little bit money decorated it, and then rent it. The baby grew up quickly and spent more money in toys, food, new clothes and education that bothered Dingdong’s the process of saving money for buying a new house so much. Anyway she got the solution herself: she bought cheaper food or something for sale, she asked the old clothes from friends’ babies, she educated Yan herself and Yan didn’t need go to nursery.
Dingdong’s life was fully and she busy for house work, baby, three properties and housing information.
“Darling, the rent of the three houses is more than 120,000Yuan this year and adds your salary 300,000Yuan totally should be 420,000Yuan in which minus the family expense about 10,000Yuan, the money is enough for buying a house again. Its good news, isn’t it?” Dingding couldn’t control her happiness: “Then we can rent four houses that the rent totally will be 150,000Yuan or more a year.”

“Wow, just two years you bought two houses, well done.” Zhang was proud of his wife.
“I got something good to tell you too.”Zhang told Dingding.
“Come on then.” Dingding couldn’t wait.
“I got promotion and the annual salary raise to 350,000 Yuan which starts from this month.”
“Really, that means the step of buying new houses is going faster?” Dingding was in pleasure and forgot her policy of saving any coin: “We should have meat for dinner to celebrate, shouldn’t we?”
“Yes, but no, please doesn’t waste the money. We spend money to buy houses that is rewarding thing to do.” Zhang said: “The second good thing is.. Can you guess?”

“Cheaper house sell?”
“No, it is much better than that.” Zhang was complacent about himself.
“Tell me then.”
“ Ms Tan, my university teacher, that single lady, you know, I brought you to visited her when we were engaged, called me and asked me whether we were happy to live with her and she would pay living expense for us and her house will belong to us when she passed away.” Zhang said.
“I remembered her, she had a nice house, decorated very comfortable. That is really great news.” Dingding was excited. “How old is she now?”
“About 76, but very healthy and still go to swim each day.” Zhang said. “We just do the shopping, cooking and cleaning the rooms that same we do every day here, and we can stop spending money from the time live with her.”
“And we will get her house when she dies.” Dindding said.
“And also, we can rent this house when we moved to her house and save all the expenses” Zhang reminded his wife.
“Getting the new rent and adding the saving, we can buy another house sooner rather than later” Dingding laughed.
“Yes. It is just advantages and no disadvantage, isn’t it?” Zhang said.
“Yes,” Dingding couldn’t help to share her happiness to her mum and her friends.
The couples moved to Tan’s place after two days. Dingding rent their own house the second day they moved to Tan’s and she bought another house, decorated it and rent it soon.
Ms Tan gave Dingding half of her pension each month for food and the other half as her pocket money and the house expense as paying the gas, power, water, internet, etc. Dingding was very happy: suddenly she got huge money for food shopping, how could spend so much money for food? She had her arrangement, one third of the money for food, the rest she saved to her saving account for a small contribution to her great project of buying houses.
The four people lived together like a family, Ms Tan treated them like her children and baby liked playing with Tan and Tan bought sweet and chocolate for her, which Dingding seldom bought.
“Tan couldn’t just have as vegetable everyday as us, buy some meat or chicken from tomorrow for her. My mum said we must treat her well, understand.” Zhang talked with Dingding one day after dinner.
“My mum said too. I will buy some meat tomorrow, but not for you.” Dingding said.
“Don’t worry, I’m vegetarian now.” Zhang teased Dingding.
From next day, there was meat, chicken, or beef on the dining table. Tan was a meat lover and was happy about that.
“Why you don’t eat meat, just me eat?” Tan asked Dingding and Zhang when having dinner.
“I worry to be fat.” Dingding told her.
“I am a vegetarian, Ms Tan, I don’t eat meat.” Zhang smiled.
“How is Yan?” Tan went to baby.
“My mum didn’t say eat meat to me, I can’t eat.” Yan said.
“Please say that to her.” Tan asked to Dingding.
“Ok, you can have one, just one.” Dingding said to Yan.
Baby got one.
“I don’t understand why you limit baby to eat meat, she wants, she eats” Tan couldn’t understand: “The food money I gave you is not enough?
“Yes, it’s enough, I just want baby know how to respect you and has good manner and good figure as well.” Dingding didn’t tell the truth: saving any coin for buying houses.
Tan was touched by Dingding and she told her friends how Dingdong family had treated her well.
Dinding bought another house again, she was experienced of house decoration and soon she rent this one. Now Dingding had six houses for rent, each year the rent income was more than 150,000 Yuan and she was busy for working with six tenants, for the contracts renewed the contracts ended, the repairing, getting the new tenants etc and same time she still pay more attention to find a house which suitable to buy. As her speed of money collection, she could buy a house each year, although the housing price became higher and higher.
Zhang’s family lived with Tan already ten years, baby was a primary school student and Tan was 86 years old and she was still energetic, although she did not go out often as past, Dingding and Zhang were in middle age and had ten houses rent.
“I’ve felt my waist painful recently.” Zhang told Dingding one day.
“Let me look, here?” Dingding was checking.
“Oh, yes” Zhang said.
“I guess was tired, have a rest will be fine.” Dingding said and then to search the house information on line.
Therefore Zhang had a rest.
After two days, Dingding got a phone call from Zhang’s office, she was told that Zhang fell off in the office and now he was in the GL Hospital. Dingding went to the hospital immediately and seeing Zhang was in bed.
“Darling, what’s going on?” Dingding worried.
“Just a bit pain on my waist, I guess was tired and I will be fine.” Zhang comforted his wife.
“Oh I see.”Dingding felt better and called her mum that she found another house which was very good and she would buy it tomorrow.
“Really, we will buy another house tomorrow?” Zhang was surprised.
“Yes. I will do that tomorrow morning.” Dingding said.
The doctor asked Dingding to his office and showed her Zhang’s X ray and told Dingding that Zhang got liver cancer. Dingding was told that Zhang had suffered in malnutrition and hard working long time. Dingding knew that Zhang worked hard, but didn’t know how Zhang got liver cancer from malnutrition.
The doctor said that Zhang would not live long and the thing the family could do was to buy some good food for him. Dingding was sad about Zhang’s situation and doctor’s words, because both would reduce her proposal of buying properties.
Dingding was a kind lady and she bought pork and chicken and cooked nice dinner for family.
“Darling, I cooked the pork your favorite style, eat more” Dingding served Zhang at dining table.
“I want to vomit when I smelled the meat.” Zhang said. “I am real vegetarian now.”
Nobody knew that Zhang got liver cancer, except Dingding. Tan and young girl had lots of meat.
Zhang told Tan that he was too tired to work and the doctor asked him to have a month break or more if he wanted.
Dinging hid the pain of would lose Zhang, equal lose money, looked after Zhang well and searched housing information on line at home.
“I’ve just ordered house which is near here and I can sign contract any time.”Dingding told Zhang.
“What are you waiting?” Zhang asked: “Wait the price lower?”
“You are funny. I just have no time out and I must be with you at home.” Dingding said.
“Nonsense, I am fine.” Zhang said “Go and buy that house now!”
Dingding went out to pay the money and bought that house and same time she worked with the factory and ordered stuff for decoration and second day she started her house decoration and got the tenant the next day.
“Well done darling.” Zhang was proud he got Dingding. “This week I just relax at home and I got an idea: rent our daughter’s red room. That will be quite good income each year and can increase the speed of house buying. Rent that to college students, they got rich family and we can charge more.”
“It’s pretty good idea indeed, but where our daughter lives?”
“She can stay with us, or put the bed in Tan’s room, or I live in the living room, you and Yan in our room.” Zhang suggested.
“Wonderful.” Dingding put the rent information on internet and moved her daughter’s stuff to her bed room and moved Zhang’s to the living room right away.
Next day the new tenant came. After one month Zhang went to the Heaven and during his funeral Dingding bought another house and managed the decoration and rent.
Dingding looked after Ms Tan, Yanyan and her thirteen properties well, after one year she got liver cancer.


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