Gabrielle’s Angle

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October 30th 2012  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Romantic Love , Thriller , Tragedy  |  Author: Barry.Murphy  |  991 views

It was a bright Sunday morning as Gabrielle made her way trough her home town of Siluva. All was quite except for the sound of the chapel bells filling the air. With the last sounding bell she was struck with an epiphany “I’m going to move away from home for a while, travel a little. I will travel to Ireland to see my cousin Markus” she taught to herself, as a smile of excitement lit up her face. Gabrielle had been thinking of this for some time now, since her cousin had left over two years ago, but she had always taught it would be best to stay near her family. Recently she had begun to feel out of place and lonely and wanted something different in her life. As she walked home her thoughts played on her mind, her mother and grandmother would understand but she began to wonder how she would break the news to her father. Gabrielle who was only 25 and an only child, blonde hair blue eyed she was the apple for her father’s eye. Her father still saw her very much as his little girl, which would make breaking the news even harder.
As she opened the door to her house she was greeted by her grandmother who could tell that there was something on Gabrielle mind and as she looked into her eyes said “my dear, all decisions are hard to make, if they were easy we wouldn’t have to make them” she smiled at her “your mother has dinner nearly ready, go into the kitchen and help her finish up” Her grandmother always seemed to be two steps ahead of everyone else, as if she could read peoples minds. Her mother was busy preparing the Sunday meal, Cepelinai served with Spirgai (meat filled potato dumplings with pork rind) one of Gabrielle favorite home cooked meals. She decided to tell her mother now while they were alone before they all sat down together. Her mother was very understanding about her choice as she had travelled when she was younger, her only advice was “don’t start drinking like the Irish”, they laughed as they left the kitchen to wash up and get changed before dinner.
They brought the dinner to the table her father and grandmother were already sitting and talking. They all sat around the table said a prayer before the meal and began dinner. As they finished Gabrielle looked at her father and told him her news, she braced for the worst response, but much to her surprise he smiled and said “if that is what you wish to do princess I’m happy and I won’t try to change your mind, as long as you call and come home to visit, the door will never be closed for you” Gabrielle’s face could hardly contain her excitement, she got up hugged her father tightly and kiss him on the cheek. “Thanks you it means so much to me that you are not upset” Her grandmother smiled at her and said “you will enjoy meeting new people and you can send our love to Markus, just don’t forget this is you home”
Just over a week had passed since Gabrielle had made her mind up about moving to Ireland, she had her ticket and 5000LTL (nearly €1450) which she had been saving. Markus was going to meet her at Dublin airport and she was going to stay with him far a while until she got settled in. The best news of all a friend of Markus was running a bar and had said Gabrielle could help out two or three night a week. She was leaving the next evening and her father, mother and grandmother would drive with her the two hours to Vilnius to see her off. She was excited and nervous as she had never gone this far away from home before. It all felt like it was happening so fast now and she couldn’t keep up. She went for some last night food and drinks with friends in Siluva and said her good byes. This would be her last night at home for a while, not knowing when she would next step foot in her home town again. Happy and but tried not to get emotional. She stayed awake all night just looking out her window at the night sky and wondering how different thing would be in Ireland.
The next day as she was about to check for her flight she hugged and kissed her mother and father good bye, Gabrielle and her mother began to cry as her father hugged them together and began to tear up himself, as he let go he said “get a hold of your selves you would see each other soon enough” Her father handed her an envelope with some money inside and told her it was from him and here mother that it was for an emergence, encase she needed to get a flight home or find somewhere to stay. As she turned to leave she hugged her grandmother who pushed a small figure of an angle into her hand as she muttered something that Gabrielle could not quite hear only able to make out one word “Lauma”. Then her grandmother said “don’t worry you will enjoy the change of scenery and you will love the green country side and different culture. If you get lonely just hold the angle and think of your family”. A voice came over the intercom and it was time for Gabrielle to start her adventure.
It was nearly 1am when the plane started to descend into Dublin airport, Gabrielle began to feel excited and nervous as she could feel the plane descending lower and lower. She could see the lights of the city as she pulled the angle figure from her pocket that here grandmother had given her, clenching it in her hand tightly she began to think of her family. It had only been around 5 hours ago that she had said good bye, yet it now felt much longer. The plane touched down with a bump and the tyres screeched as the brakes slowed the plane to a stop, the captain voices came on the intercom welcoming everyone to Ireland. Gabrielle excitedly taught to herself, “I’m here I did it, I’m here”
She mead her way to the baggage hall and made her way out trough arrivals, as she came out the other side she could not see Markus waiting for her. She waited for quarter of an hour and began to worry. It was only then that she realized that she didn’t have an address for him and her mobile phone battery had gone dead so she had no number to hand either. Worried and felling anxious she sat facing the main entrance, she held her angle once again which calmed her and a relaxed her. She looked up at the entrance again and there was Markus, “Gabrielle you didn’t think I had forgotten about you” she jumped up happy to see his face and gave him a hung. “It’s great to see you Markus, it’s been too long, thank you again for all your help, you are too good to me” Markus laughed “I’m only happy to help me little cousin, come on I’ll take your bags, my van is across the way you must be tired” Excited to be in Ireland and with her cousin they drove back to his apartment in Clondalkin just outside Dublin city. Markus lived in a single bed room apartment with his girlfriend Monika, who was waiting for them when they arrived in from the airport. They had a fold out sofa bed which Gabrielle was only to happy to see after her travel. Markus had work in a few hours so he said good night and told her that there was a spare key on the kitchen table. Monika told Gabrielle that she had no work the next day and she would be happy to show her around and get to know the area. With that they all headed to bed.
The next morning Monika brought Gabrielle out to show her around her the town. Then they jumped on a bus headed into the city to see some of Dublin. Gabrielle loved seeing the sights and taught it was a beautiful place. She had never been a city girl as she preferred the open air of a small town instead of the claustrophobic grey concrete of city streets. They finished up and headed back to Clondalkin to meet Markus, he should just be finishing work and they were all to go out to dinner to meet Markus’s friend Declan. Declan was running the bar where Gabrielle was offered part time work as a waitress. During dinner Gabrielle was asked if she could start work that Friday evening for the weekend, she was excited at the prospect of starting work already as it would be the best way to settle in fully.
Friday evening came and Gabrielle was looking forward to her first night at the bar, she had never worked as a waitress before and hoped it wouldn’t be too busy or exhausting. She was to start work at seven until around two am as they had a late opening disco bar over the weekends. Leaving for work she eagerly walks the 15min from the apartment to the bar. It was quite to start but as the evening progressed the bar began to fill, by midnight the bar was full and Gabrielle was finding it hard to keep up with the drunken masses. As soon as she would bring a drink to someone they would have it gone and look for another. The tips where few and far between, but a slap or pinch on the bum where in plentiful supply, that and the drunken Irish shouting “here Polish, get me another one” At first she was angry that this is what she would have to put up with, but after an hour or so she had learned to ignore it. She had tried to explain that she was for Lithuanian and not Polish but the only response she could get from these inebriated fools was “Sure your all the same, some bird tough” She finished that night drained of nearly all strength, she made it back to here cousins apartment and sat there looking out the window looking at the night sky holding her angle figure in one hand thinking of her family and home, she could not really see the stars with the street light, this was one thing she missed most of all.
This routine would be the norm for her for a number of weeks, Friday Saturday and Sunday night, some night she would work Thursday filling in for one of the other girls. She was making good money and was learning to cope with the drunken madness. She had made some friends and got to know some really nice people from the area. Every day on the way to work getting a smile and a wave which would also make her feel good before work. Sometimes at work she would still have to listen to comments from young people that could not handle their drink. “Go home Polish what are you doing here taken our jobs” at this stage she had given up trying to explain to drunken people that she was Lithuanian. On one occasion she had confronted one person and asked if they even knew where Lithuania was? The response was a blank face followed by “Europe”
Gabrielle had decided that she would start to look for a new job somewhere a little further away from the city for a change. She started to apply for some jobs in the Kildare a smaller county just under Dublin. One company replied a small computer software company in Kildare town were looking for a secretary/ administrator. Gabrielle had plenty of computer experience and felt that she would be suited for this position. That evening she spent with Markus and Monika and over dinner explained what she was planning and that she would prefer to try live in a smaller town that had a slower pace. Markus and Monika were both sad to hear that she would be moving out but were happy to hear that she had already arranged for an interview.
Her interview was Thursday and Markus arranged to get off work early so he could driver her down to Kildare it was only a 40 minuet drive and was a straight run from the city. Gabrielle loved the drive down as she hadn’t really seen much outside Dublin. Her interview was at four o’clock and she was feeling a little nervous, they had arrived a good 20 minuets before the interview. Gabrielle thanks Markus for getting her down so quickly, as she turned to get of the van she held her angle in her hand and wished of luck. She entered the building and walked into reception and introduced herself to the girl behind the desk, Sarah was her name she asked Gabrielle to take a she that she would be back in a moment. Sarah arrived back after 5 minuets and they both chatted while Gabrielle waited to be called in for her interview. She learned that it was Sarah’s job that she was applying for as she was leaving on maternity leave. A call came in over the intercom “Send Gabrielle into the meeting room we are ready for her now, thanks Sarah” Sarah showed her the way and wised her luck and headed back to reception. As Gabrielle approached the door she held her angle in her hand again and taught of her family, she quickly put it back in her pocket and politely knocked on the door “come in Gabrielle” She stepped into the room confronted with a large meeting table and two people sitting at one end. She felt calm and relaxed and introduced herself.
Markus had been waiting for nearly an hour, finally Gabrielle appeared and jumped in the van and apologized for being so long and thanks him for being patient. Markus quickly asked “So how did you do”. She told him that she would know in a day or two but that everything had gone very well and they were really nice people. He was happy that everything well and told her not to worry that he was sure that she would get the job. They headed back up to Markus’s apartment in Clondalkin to have dinner with Monika and let her know how things went. Gabrielle had to go to work that night, but now it all seemed like background noise. Now all she had on her mind was the anticipation and prospect of a new job in a new town.
The next day Friday her phone rang just before lunch time with great news, her new boss Claire rang she got the job. She could barely contain her excitement as she thanked them. Claire asked if she could start the following Monday, to which she replied a definite yes. This would give her a week to look for somewhere to stay and move out. Gabrielle quickly rang Markus and told her the good news, he was trilled for his little cousins but would be sad to she her move. She then rang her father and mother and gave them the big news. They were excited for her and very happy that things were working out for their daughter.
Gabrielle would keeping working for Declan in the bar for the rest of the weekend but would speak to him that night about having to finish up. When she spoke to Declan that night he was happy for her new move but told her he was sad to see a good worker leave. That Sunday night she finished her last shift, Declan thanked her for all her hard work and gave her finale wage packet from the bar. She thanks him for all of his help and said her good byes to the rest of staff in the bar. There was a tear in her eye as she walked out the door for what could be her last time she would miss her friends that she had made there.
She began her hunt for a place to stay almost immediately on Monday morning. After a few hours of searching on the internet she had found some places that she could afford and was trying to decide between an apartment and a small single bed room town house they were between €400 and €500 per month which she felt she could afford. Both units were available straight away so she spoke with Markus and arranged to go down on the Tuesday evening and look at both places and make her mind up. The next evening after Markus finished work Monika, Gabrielle and him all drove down to Kildare to look at the two places that Gabrielle had picked out. The first place was in a new looking apartment block at the edge of town about 5 minuets walk to the town centre, on one side there was green field and trees and the other was the town. There were large gates decorated with brightly coloured potted flowers at the entrance leading to a car park, the apartment itself was on the ground floor and it was a one bed fully furnished and was €450 per month. The second place they looked at was in the centre of town down a small narrow lane it was a refurbish old single story town house for €500 per month, Markus straight away taught this was in too dark a place and told Gabrielle that he would feel happier if she rented the first apartment they looked at. Gabrielle agreed as she had not stopped thinking about the first apartment since they had left it. They thanked the renting agent for his time and Gabrielle told him she would think about it for the night and would call him the next day to confirm the unit
The next morning she had rang the rental agent in regards the apartment that she had seen the day before and after a few questions from them they were happy to rent the apartment to Gabrielle. They agreed that she could move in on the Saturday if she paid the security deposit and the first months rent, which Gabrielle was happy to do as she would start work that Monday. She told Markus and Monika who were thrilled for her and they would help her move down that weekend. She could barely contain her excitement and rang her parents with the good news. Her father was not too happy at first at the taught of his little girl going out on her own as he had grown use to the idea for her cousin being around to help her if needed. But once she had sent him picture of the apartment and surrounding area in an email he came around and was happy for her.
Saturday came and Gabrielle was ready to move, she loaded her bags into Markus’s van and they all headed down Kildare town after lunch to meet the rental agent to collect key sign the agreement and get the security codes for the gate and doors. Once that was done they bought her bags into the apartment so she could star unpacking. Markus and Monika were going to stay the night so they all headed into town for some dinner. They loved the town it was only a short walk form the apartment and they found somewhere nice for dinner and drinks in the town square, they had met some nice people form the area listened to some local music and had a great night out.
Sunday lunchtime and Markus and Monika said there good byes and Gabrielle was left on her own in her new surrounding. Still feeling the effects of the night before she ventured out to do some shopping and get some air. Gabrielle felt a bit more comfortable in this town then she did in Dublin. Less crowds and noise and plenty of country side that she could enjoy just a short walk from the town She returned to her apartment tiered and excited at the taught of starting work the next day and spent the rest of evening making sure she had selected the right clothes to make a good impression. Night time fell and she sat by her window looking up at the night sky once more thinking of her family back home as she held her angle in one hand. She was so happy to finally be in a place of her own, she loved her time up with Markus and Monika but always felt that she was imposing. She was a little home sick now that she was on her own but this is what she wanted and she knew that Markus and Monika were not too far away should she get too lonely.

Monday morning came and Gabrielle awoke to the sound of birds gently chirping outside. She got ready for work and headed for her first day in her new job. She got there early and was greeted by all the staff and her new boss, Claire showed her around and explained all the duties that she would be undertaking. They got an hour for lunch and she was able to walk into town and grab a coffee in a little coffee shop a few minuets walk from work. The girl in the coffee shop was very friendly and they chatted for a bit, as Gabrielle turned to leave a man that was walking in bumped into her by mistake. She dropped her bag with the fright. He quickly apologized bent down picked her bag up from the floor and as he handed it to her they found themselves pausing for a moment as they made eye contact. It was as if the coffee shop had suddenly gone quite for a second pausing in the moment. They both smiled at each other as she thanks him and he offered to buy her a coffee, she explained that she was just on her way back to work, she thanked him for the offer and said maybe next time. Gabrielle left and went back to work still smiling as she walked in the door. When she got home that evening she rang her parents back home and told them of her first day in her new job and how nice everyone was. They were happy to hear that things were working out for their little girl and wished her luck in her new move.
She had adjusted to the new roll quite easily and really liked working at her new job. She has also gotten into the routine of popping down to the coffee shop on her lunch break. It was Thursday before she met the man that had bumped into her on her first day. This time they arrive at almost the same time as if they had arranged this chance meeting. They both sat and introduced themselves this time, his name was Padraig. Before she knew it time had gone and she had to return to work, they both said good bye and they looked forward to meeting again. Gabrielle returned to work and sat back at her desk, Claire her boss had notices that she looked particularly happy and had asked laughingly “Well who is he? You were only gone for an hour” to which they both laughed. Gabrielle told Claire about meeting Padraig in the coffee shop and that they would most likely meet again for lunch next week. Claire laughed and said “You’re really going to settle in Kildare so”
Friday finally had arrived, the end of Gabrielle’s first week in her new job. A few of her new work friends were going to meet up later that night for a few drinks and had asked Gabrielle to come along for an official welcome drink. She was more then happy to attend and looked forward to socializing with some new people. They all met up at nine o’clock that night in a bar in the town square; Gabrielle had a great night and had just a little too much to drink. At the end of the night they all said good bye. Claire had asked Gabrielle if she would like to jump in a taxi with her and get dropped off at her apartment on the way, she declined and said that she was only a few minuets away and the walk would do her good. Gabrielle made her way home, still feeling a heady buzz from the night’s drinks, as she came nearer hear entrance gates to her apartment building she could hear drunken shouting and laughing coming from across the road, a sound she knew only too well from working in Markus’s friend Declan’s bar. The street lights stopped just passed where the apartment building was as it was the end of town, see could just make out a group of figures in the darkness. Suddenly shouting directed at Gabrielle “Here you, love, Yah you “her heart began to beat fast and the effects for the alcohol quickly disappeared as she quickly typed the code of the side gate in and opened it. The big metal gate slammed behind her with a bang “Don’t run away love, we just wanted to see if you were looking for a bit of fun” this was followed by a menacing laughter. Gabrielle breath quickened with the rush of adrenaline she type the code to the buildings main door and quickly closed, she was now out of site of the main gate area and stayed in the stair well for a moment as she took her angle from her bag held it tightly in her hand as she caught her breath. She could hear a faint whisper in her mind “your ok calm yourself child” She lessened her grip on the angle in her hand and opened the door to her apartment and locked it behind her. Thinking that she may have over reacted to the situation she readied herself for bed. The rest of the weekend was uneventful, her cousin Markus and Monika called down for lunch on Sunday. When they left Gabrielle was already thinking of work the next day but particularly lunch and meeting up with Padraig. The events of Friday nights walk home were a thing of the past as she went to sleep that night.
Monday came quickly and work seemed to crawl as she waited for lunch time that day. Finally it was time lunch and she hurried down the street to the coffee shop. As she opened the door and walked in she could see Padraig already sitting and waiting for her, as she approached the table they both smiled as he stood up to greet her. They spent their lunch talking and listening to each others story’s and before they know it lunch was over and it was time to go back to work. Padraig insisted on paying for lunch and after a little no, yes, no and ok they got up to leave as they did he asked if he could see her again and if he could have her phone number. Gabrielle was only too happy to agree and excitedly wrote her number down and handed it to him. They both walked out together and Gabrielle thanked him for a wonderful lunch and she looked forward to seeing him again. They both smiled and said good bye. When she got back to her desk Claire was there waiting to ask her how she got on meeting Padraig for lunch. Glowingly Gabrielle told her boss how things went and that he is to call her to arrange to meet up again.
The next few days Gabrielle spent wondering when she might here from Padraig. Wednesday night. her phone rang around nine o’clock and it was a number she didn’t know. She gingerly answered not knowing who it was but thinking only one taught. “Hello” a voice she recognized only too well answered back “Hi Gabrielle it’s me Padraig” the two spoke for a long time that night and had arranged to meet that Friday night for a drink in the town square. Both of them excited at the prospect of meeting again. Before Gabrielle went to bed that night she sat at the window looking up at the starts hold her angle smiling think of home her family and of Padraig.
The rest of the week went by uneventfully and finally Friday came, that day seamed as if it would never end as it dragged she had only one taught on her mind, and that was meeting up with Padraig the night. She had already decided that she would only go for one or two drinks at most and would call it a night as she didn’t want to seem too eager or get too drunk. The day came to an end and she headed home to get ready for her date. She had tried on at least three different outfits until she was happy with what she was going to wear. Then headed down town to meet Padraig at the bar. As she opened the front door of the pub she could see him sitting at a table just inside. He stood up his eyes opened wide and greeted her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They sat and had a drink as they chatted waiting to listen to a band that was setting up on the opposite side of the bar. It was a traditional Irish music band and Gabrielle looked forward to hearing them.
They had a great night and they could both tell that each of them liked each other very much. Gabrielle decided that it was time to call it a night and head home, she explained to Padraig and had asked if he could walk her to the gate of the apartment. She happily accepted his offer and the two linked arm and walked chatting and laughing. As they came near the gates of the apartments it came time to say good night. They both turned to face each other Padraig placed his left hand gently on one side of her neck brushing her hair away from her face he leaned towards her and kissed her good night, Gabrielle’s heart raced as he withdrew and told her he had a great night and wished to see her again soon. She managed to softly say “I would love to see you also” As they stood there looking at each other for a moment the silence was broken with the sound a drunken shouting coming from the darkness, the same she had heard before. “GO ON GIVE HER ONE” (followed by laughter). They both knew it would be best to ignore and not to react to it as Padraig said “don’t worry it only drunk lads messing”. “GO ON CHICKEN SHIT, WHAT THE MATTER CAN’T GET IT UP” a different voice shouted. Gabrielle turned to type the code into the gate. “IF YOU CAN’T WE WILL” They could hear the sound of feet running out of the darkness. Gabrielle dropped her bag spilling it contents as she opened the gate hurriedly as Padraig tried push her trough quickly, he turned to see what was coming towards them suddenly he felt a something hit him on the back of the head hard, he saw a flash of white light and he feel to the ground. Three hooded figures violently appeared from the darkness. Gabrielle tried to close the gate quickly as she looked down at Padraig, now semi conscious on the ground as one of them began to kick him laughing. She was no match for the other two as they pushed the gate open and she lost her balance and fell to the ground. As she began to panic she found herself unable to make a sound. The two that had push the gate open and were now standing over her, as one bent down saying “We’ll show you a good time love” Gabrielle reacted quickly and grabbed one of the potted plants that was beside the gate, she swung it as hard as she could connecting with the side of one of their heads. He fell to the ground staggering, she quickly got up and ran back trough the gate, the two other men quickly following as the third injured man slowly staggered behind. One man shouted “BITCH, GET BACK HERE” In her confusion Gabrielle ran towards the fields beside the apartments, as she screamed “PADRAIG”
Padraig still paralyzed and dazed from the blow to the back to the head could just about make out the sounds around him. He could just make out Gabrielle scream his name “PADRAIG” his eyes opened, his sight tried to focus as it did he makes out something on the ground in front of him a small angle figure. He hears a ghostly voice in his head “She needs you, get up” Something inside Padraig jolts him “GET UP” his adrenaline kicks in and a feeling of rage takes him as a red mist fills his mind. He rises as a voice echoes in his mind “Eiti, apsaugoti viena jums patinka” (Go protect the one you love) not even questioning how he suddenly understood the language he was hearing. He quickly grabbed the angle figure off the ground, as he turns to get his bearing and figure out the direction Gabrielle had gone as he hears a scream.
Gabrielle now running trough the field approaches a small wooded area, as she runs she heard that voice she hears when she holds her angle “nenusimink mano vaike, jis ateina pas tave” (Don’t give up my child, he’s coming for you) as she enters the wood she turns briefly to see where her attackers are, one suddenly catches up and knocks her to the ground, she lets out a scream. They scuffle and he holds her down. “Got you now bitch” she tries to push him off scratching his face. Two of the men now standing over her laughing and restraining her, they drag her further into the woods as she kicks and screams trying to break free. One of the men punched her in the face and Gabrielle goes quite and spots moving. The third man that was hit with the pot was still making his way across the field and starts heading to the tree line of the woods.
Padraig possessed with a rage makes his way quickly across the field spotting the last of the men as he was about to enter the woods he sprinted as fast as he was able, he quickly moved on him and just as the man realized there was someone behind Padraig grabs him by the back of the head and runs him face first into the truck of a tree. There was a thud and the man now unconscious falls to the ground bloodied. The voice again filled his head “Paskubėk, jai reikia taves” (hurry she needs you) again he understood. The red mist still controlling his mind as his adrenaline fuelled body hurried deeper into the woods.
Gabrielle started to wake up again into her nightmare, as she dose she can hear the men laughing and fighting over who was first. She began to panic as they start pulling at her clothes, she screams “NE PRASAU NE” They start laughing at her as she screams. “Shut up bitch” Gabrielle spits at them and says “He’s is coming for me” as one puts his hand over her mouth. They both laugh at her saying “There is no one coming for you” and again she is punched. Gabrielle mind fills with whispers as she becomes paralyzed with fear.
“Jis yra cia mano vaike” (He is hear for you my child) suddenly there was a loud crack as one of the men falls to the ground with a thud. Blood splashes across Gabrielle’s face. Padraig now visible to Gabrielle jumped onto the second man without hesitation and grabs him locking his arm around his neck he begins to chock the life from him. In the distance Gabrielle can hear someone “STOP, STOP NOW, I’M WARNING YOU” A farmer from a house near by heard the commotion from the woods and arrived on the scene with his shout gun in hand. “STOP NOW” Gabrielle still dazed on the ground hears a shout ring out. Padraig’s arms loosen from the attacker’s neck as they both fall to the ground landing beside her and all goes quite. A moment passes and Gabrielle realises that Pardraig is not moving. She calls his name and gets no response “Padraig, my Padraig” Garda sirens and ambulances can be heard approaching in the distance. The farmer approaches “Are you ok miss?” She now held Padraig’s hand as he lay motionless on the ground. She notices something in his one of his hands, it was her angle. She takes it from his grip and emotionally breaks down. “My Padraig, why did you shoot, my Padraig” The farmer now realising what had happened “My God, what have I done, I didn’t realize, OVER HERE, QUICKLY HELP OVER HERE” he starts to run toward the sirens, “I’ll get help, oh God I’m sorry” Gabrielle begins to lose consciousness and slumps unto Padraig’s body, as she hears whispers in her mind “Pailsek mano vaike” (Rest me child).
Gabrielle woke as a paramedic was cleaning dried blood from her face in the back of an ambulance. “Your awake, It’s ok we’re taking you to the hospital now, it’s over” he said. Gabrielle gingerly muttered “My Padraig, what of my Padraig?” The paramedic interrupts “The farmer told us of the terrible mistake, he asked us to tell you how sorry he was, he is with the Gardi”, Gabrielle impatiently asks again “What of Padraig, where is my Padraig?” The paramedic replies “He is stable and is on the way to the hospital, with the grace of God he will be ok. We will know more after we get to the hospital.” Her heart now heavy, all she could think of was seeing Padraig. “Oh and Miss” the paramedic opened a side pocket of his bag, “I found this when we were carrying you out of the woods” He opened his hand to reveal her small angle. “I figured you would want this, I think this angle must have been looking after you tonight” Gabrielle’s eyes lit up as she heard a whisper “Dabar jus esate Saugus, viskas bus gerai” (you are safe now all will be well) with that tears filled her eyes as she said “Thank You”
When they arrived at the hospital Gabrielle was examined by a doctor, she was ok except for the shock and some cuts and scrapes. She quickly enquired about Padraig and the doctor told her that it looked like he would be ok, he had to go into surgery and they would tell her when he got out. A Garda came into speak to her and ask how she was, they spoke for a little while and Gabrielle tried her best to explain what had happen that night. The Garda as she left asked a nurse if there was a phone that Gabrielle could use to call home to let them know that she was ok while she waited for news on Padraig. Some time passed before she knew what to say to her family, she picked up the phone and dialled home. Her mother answered after a few rings and Gabrielle proceeded to explained to her what had happened and that she was ok but her friend Padraig was still in surgery. Her mother broke down crying as she handed the phone to her father. He had over heard and was happy just to hear her voice. Gabrielle had never heard her father cry before but he could not hold back as they spoke. Her father reluctantly told her that her grandmother had gone into hospital that evening and she should be ok. He then told her something he taught was strange at the time. Her grandmother had told her parents not to worry about Gabrielle as “he would be with her”. They didn’t know what she meant until Gabrielle had called and told them what had happen and about Padraig. Suddenly a doctor appeared in the doorway. “Dad hold on for a second” The doctor spoke as she moved the handset from her face. “Gabrielle, Padraig is out of surgery but will be asleep for awhile” her face lit up “My Padraig” she gasped “Dad I have to go, I need to see him I will call back I love you both” She asked the doctor “Can I sit with him until he wakes up” he agreed but he didn’t know how long he will be unconscious.
Gabrielle stayed by Padraig’s bed all night and trough the morning holding his hand and in the other hand she held her angle, as she did she prayed for him and for her grandmother. She fell asleep after a few hours beside his bed while she still held his hand. It was nearly midmorning before Padraig’s eye slowly started to open and his first taught was Gabrielle, as his eyes focused in the light there she was sleeping by his side. His eye tired over as the events of last night came back to him. She heard a whisper “Gabrielle pabusk, pabusk” (awaken) She gently woke and her eyes looked straight into his as she lifted her head “My Padraig” she could barely contain herself, she softly kissed him on the fore head and hugged him gentle in fear of hurting him.
“Gabrielle your ok, thank God” tears began to fall down his face. “Gabrielle I had the strangest dream, it seemed very real, there was an old women I think she was your grandmother, she was singing to me, she told me to tell you good bye and that she loved you very much” Gabrielle began to cry as she gripped Padraig’s hand tighter.

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