Friendship Unlimited!!!

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May 16th 2012  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Inspirational , Moral  |  Author: Nitash  |  953 views

This story starts with a young boy Nitash (21 years) and an optimistic girl Shiksha(23 years). Nitash belongs to the state of Punjab and Shiksha to the state of Gujarat. Shiksha is a very optimistic girl and she always wants to achieve big in her life. She sets high standards in her life, even when it comes to selection of friends. She selects friends after sensing a special vibe and understanding the nature of the person. On the other hand, Nitash is very easy going person and he has no big aims in life. He just goes with the flow of life and asks nothing more. Then some adventure happened in their lives

Shiksha joined an IT company in Delhi after finishing her engineering. She was happy to get placed in one of the biggest IT companies in India. After joining the company, she worked really hard in the job and got appreciations on her work style as well. After one year, she became very important member of the team due to good performance. She got awarded best team member that year. One fine day, her manager Ankit asked her to take first round of interview in the campus placement drive in one of the colleges in Delhi. She happily said “YES” as she always says yes for many opportunities she got in her work place.

She went to campus drive with her four more colleagues. They interviewed almost three hundred students that day. Students came from five different colleges (Delhi, Punjab and Haryana). Shiksha and two team members took the first round of students. Nitash also came for this drive from Punjab. He came along with his few friends. By chance, Nitash went in the room where Shiksha was taking the first round and after entering in the room, Shiksha like a professional asked him to show his resume. He showed his resume with a smile and then Shiksha smiled along with him while reading his resume. She asked few questions and told Nitash to wait for the results. They selected fifty students out of three hundred students. They all asked basic questions as provided by the company recruitment team. Nitash was one of the selected students along with his two friends.

After the first round, two of the senior members took the second round of interview along with first round team (Shiksha and her two team members). They asked some difficult and core engineering questions to find out the best ones from the selected students. They called one student at a time and took the interview. Interview coordinator called Nitash and with his wired hair style he entered in the room and wished all the members good afternoon. He was sitting in a chair in front of a team of five members who were asking core engineering questions. He answered most of them and while answering one the question he noticed that Shiksha who took his first round was also in the room. He smiled after seeing her and Shiksha also recognized him. Interview went well however as per the requirement of the company they wanted ten students only. Nitash and his friends got rejected in the final and second round and ten lucky and intelligent students got the offers. That day Nitash didn’t understand the importance of the interview and just with his easy going attitude towards life he smiled and went back to Punjab saying “Aglee baar dekh lenge yaar kisko jaldi hai”.

After few days, Shiksha’s manager called five members who went to take the interview and asked them about the experience. Everybody was happy and shared their views about the drive. One of the senior members shared that he found four students very interesting however due to less requirement they left them. Shiksha’s manager Ankit responded in a funny style “Next time whenever we will have requirement then we will call those students. If they will not have any job then we will offer them. What say? ”
After three months, company had a requirement of five engineers in the same department where Shiksha uses to work. Recruitment team called a walking drive and asked Shiksha’s manager Ankit to appoint the same team he sent for campus drive. He asked all of them to help in the recruitment. Nitash and his two friends came, they all got the special e-mail from the company’s HR team as they had cleared first round at the campus drive. This time Nitash got lucky and got selected. He got offer to join company after two months. He was happy.

After two months, Nitash joined the company in the same department where Shiksha was vice team lead. Shiksha recognized Nitash after seeing him in the office. Nitash also smiled in the same way like he did when he saw Shiksha at the campus drive. Ankit introduced the team to the newly joined members. Shiksha as she is very professional wanted to see the same approach from the new team members. She was appointed as mentor for new team members. Nitash performed really well in the trainings and also gained quite popularity in the team due to his easy going attitude and analytical approach. During the training sessions, Shiksha felt that vibe which made her choose Nitash as her friend. Nitash also showed interest in the friendship. Initially Nitash was rude to her due to some clashes between them during the sessions but eventually as they say “Sab Bindaas ho gaya”.

They used to talk a lot, Shiksha as she was staying away from her family in Delhi felt safe while talking to Nitash. Nitash used to bring home food on weekends for her from Punjab. They became very close friends. Nitash discussed small-small things with her and vice versa. Shiksha cared for Nitash as he was younger than her and always suggested him on small-small things. They met, watched movies, ate food outside and spent time together most of the times. Due to that closeness between both of them, in office people thought that they were in a relationship (although they were in a relationship i.e. friendship unlimited). Because they talk a lot, Nitash started thinking the way Shiksha planed her career and life. Nitash started working hard on his project work and life plans without impacting his relationship time with Shiksha. They never felt a need of a love relationship because of the friendship bond they had. Two years finished in a flash like that and their bond became stronger day by day. Their families started communicating and made good relations.

Suddenly one fine day, Nitash told Shiksha that he is moving out of the company to look for a better opportunity in his career. Shiksha was also looking for a right opportunity outside so she said why not. Within two weeks Nitash went to Pune and joined a new job. Shiksha was feeling lonely without her friend and started thinking that Nitash didn’t feel the same although Nitash was also feeling the same thing. They called each other but now the duration of the calls decreased due to work pressure, time difference in their shifts in the office. Meanwhile, as Shiksha was also trying for a job outside, she got one in Delhi only and she moved to the new place after couple of months. She adjusted well in the new environment very soon due to her flexible attitude. Then the day came when a boy came in her life in her new office, named Arpit. Aprit had a charming personality and he was very famous in girls. He liked Shiksha and she also liked him as he used to talk a lot with her and it filled the space which was missing due to Nitash’s departure from Delhi.

Shiksha realized that there was something going on between her and Arpit as it was really a feeling of love which was developed due to caring nature of Aprit and his way of dealing with Shiksha. She was happy. She called Nitash regularly and discussed all what she felt. Friendship bond between Nitash and Shiksha was always strong and they discussed about Arpit also. Nitash was happy for her and thought that Shiksha loved Arpit. He asked her then she refused with a laugh although there was a feeling. After few months, Shiksha told Nitash that Arpit left the job and going to Canada for further studies. She was sad. Nitash calmed her and guided her to achieve what she always planned in her life and in her career without thinking too much about others (Actually Nitash was aware that Shiksha will be happy if she will work towards her career more than thinking about Arpit). Arpit went to Canada and avoided Shiksha after going to Canada like he never had a relationship with her. That incident was very hurtful for Shiksha and then she decided to just work towards her career. She started concentrating more to her work and plans she made for herself.

One day, Nitash met his ex-manager Ankit from his ex-organization. Ankit asked him about Shiksha as he also thought that they were in a relationship. Nitash told him about her new job. Aprit told Nitash that Shiksha is a good girl and he had seen her care for Nitash in past. This made Nitash a proud friend and he felt happiness. He told Shiksha about the meeting with Arpit and they laughed (actually laughed out loud) as they used to do. Shiksha got a new project in the office and became team lead and on the other side Nitash also worked hard and got a god onsite opportunity. They started their new projects while sharing a beautiful relationship of their friendship. Their relationship was strong hence long distance didn’t affect their communication.

After one year, Shiksha told Nitash that her parents wanted her to marry as she was 25 and in their culture, it was the perfect age. Nitash was happy to hear this news and laughed on the boy whom she was about to marry in a funny way. That night Nitash realized that Shiksha will not be the same friend he always had as her life priorities will change after marriage. On the other hand Shiksha also realized that it will be difficult for her to communicate with Nitash the way she always used to do. Although they didn’t tell them about their feelings, but they knew what each of them was feeling. During the same time, Arpit came back after completing one year course from Canada and he met Shiksha, they had long discussion on what happened in last one year. She asked him about all ignorance incident he did after going to Canada. He replied that he always felt that he was a replacement of Nitash and she loved Nitash more than him. That made Shiksha think and yes she thought about it later that night. She asked herself if she loved Nitash, although in her mind she rejected this feeling because she is two years older than him and she knew that Nitash never felt that way. She didn’t want to ask or express what she was thinking in her mind to Nitash. She went in a flashback and thought from beginning when he first saw Nitash at campus drive, his way of smiling and feeling of that vibe she felt after meeting in the office and how destiny made them such good friends. She felt beautiful after thinking about all about their friendship.

After a couple of days, Nitash called her and asked her about her marriage then he found that Shiksha was behaving little different. He asked her in a causal way “Kya hua tughe ab Moti ? ” She replied “Nothing, mughe kya hona hai”. Nitash knew that something was fishy so he tried hard to get into the details. After talking more than 5 hours, Shiksha told Nitash about what Aprit said and later what she thought. Nitash and Shiksha discussed all the matter and with a mutual decision, decided not to think that way as they were really good friends. They cleared all doubts and understood that the feeling of friendship is more beautiful than any other feeling. With the proper communication in their friendship, they proved that “Love ends in marriage and friendship never ends”. Since then they solved big problems and cleared misunderstanding, same way in their whole life :)


Names used in this story are fictional. I hope you guys will like it :)

Nitash Sharma


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