Finding Peace At Christmas

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December 19th 2016  |  0  |  Category: Fiction  |  Author: Author Tam  |  150 views

I always wanted to go back and relive all those wonderful memories and not remember the bad things only the good. I have nightmares about the bad. I remember only some of the good. I have a great life, well financially we struggle but doesn’t everyone now? Let me give you some back ground, I was raised by my grand parents, they’ve done a good job, it wasn’t all good or all bad. I saw my mom and step dad whenever I wanted. My Biological father was not in the picture until I was much older and married. I was a happy kid, unhappy teenager but a very happy adult. This is my story.

I was 5 years old when I first remember the best things, I lived with grandma and grandpa in a little town called Belington, we lived on a farm, there were cows and bulls in the field, there was a outhouse and old barn and a very long drive way down a steep hill, there was a very steep hill in front of the house and my brother and I would lay down and roll down that hill and do that for hours, it was so fun. I also had a lot of kidney infections, rocks all over that hill. We would sleigh ride down that hill and had the best time. We climbed trees, played in the barn and was trapped by bulls a lot.
The outhouse was our only bathroom and we thought it was fun to go outside and use the bathroom, well not in the winter, It was bitter cold and we always hurried to go back in. We found an old holding place for corn and it was not very wide or tall but we would climb inside that thing. We loved exploring on that farm. We had the best time, we would stay out way past dark and ride bikes and play. That was the best time in my life that I can remember so vividly.
I think the next memory I have was in Kindergarten and my Biological father came to see us, he was on a motorcycle and had come to tell us that our grandpa had passed away, I have very little memory of grandpa, he came to see us once in a RV but I don`t remember a lot just the RV and him being there. I remember dad saying he passed away and I remember dad leaving as we got on the bus and crying because I knew I would never see him again. I was almost right. I remember beach towels and $5 being there when we came home from school.
We moved a lot when I was little. I always thought how is Santa gonna find us if we keep moving? I don`t remember a lot from each place. I remember we lived in a house beside a bar and my brother whistling at a woman and she gave him a quarter, I remember crossing the alley and running to my friend’s house and getting in trouble. I remember my Miss Beasley doll and loving her. We had a tub in the basement that sat on 4 legs and I loved that tub. I hated getting dirty so I took a lot of baths. I remember running my brother into doors and laughing so hard I would cry. He`s 2 years younger than myself so he pretty much done what I ask him to.
I Remember my grandma Price and how I loved going there and I remember grandpa Price who shook all the time and he had a disease, I remember spending every weekend there and my cousin who lived there with my uncle so they could take care of grandma and grandpa, my cousin was my brother’s age so 2 years younger than myself. We had a lot fun, my uncle would make us laugh so hard, he was a father figure for me. He has passed away now but I still keep in touch with my cousin. I still think of her as my sister.
We moved to Nestorville when I was in the 6th grade, that is when my life took some horrible turns. I loved my school, I had great friends and still have those friends today. I had a hard time at home, crazy neighbors, not being trusted or believed and it was awful. I acted out, knew my grand parents didn`t want me with the boys around there and so I disobeyed them, for no other reason but to make them mad. I hated it there. There is one Christmas I can remember in that house, my grandma and my aunt wore long dresses and they had the same dress, our neighbor played Santa and we all had the best time. After a couple years of that we moved again, this time to the Union community.
I loved the union community, the people were like one big family, our church was in walking distance, I loved going to church and singing and visiting. I loved our house, my room, everything about it. Things were so good with my home life, my grand parents and I was back on track, things were good. We had fun. My cousin T would come over every Sunday and we would set on the porch and sing and take walks. It was awesome. My cousin L and my aunt and uncle came and we had the best time always, they were like sisters to me it was so fun. I had a good life.

Then high school started, I was a freshman, all my friends from junior high had other friends and boyfriends and we didn`t have classes together and I had to make new friends, I was shy, not pretty and wanted nothing to do with other friends. I wasted my whole freshman year because I was stubborn and not happy. The rest of the high school years were the same, I hated school and would never want to go back. I do have one good memory, this boy who is now my husband was a senior and I was a sophomore, my friend liked his friend and we would follow them in the hall and outside , never talking to them but I had the biggest crush on him, when he graduated I never seen him again until friends set us up on a blind date. We dated 3 months and then married. 30 years this past July.
Life at home was good and not so good, I was a spoiled brat but still thought I knew everything there was to know. Grandma was ready to knock me out sometimes but we spent a lot of time in the garden and cooking , we had good talks, good food. I still remember a lot of her recipes. Her and grandpa loved Christmas and loved having everyone home to celebrate. I loved it too, we spent most of the day before cooking and a week of candy making and laughing. The holidays were so wonderful.

I started dating my husband on April 11th and we married July 9th of the same year. We had a small church wedding, it stormed so hard that day, it was the best day. We went to mom and dads for cake and fun afterwards. Then to our new home. I remember our first Christmas tree was shrubs from mom and dads yard, it was not very tall but cute. We moved a lot for awhile. Then we moved to Brandywine WV and got jobs, my husband worked in a poultry plant for awhile and I was a cook, then I left the cooking job and went to work in the poultry plant with him. It was so hard to get use to it, so cold but made some really great friends.
We lived and worked there for 4 years, we had my oldest daughter while out there, she was a twin but I lost my son. I was 6 months pregnant when my son died and I carried him full term, that was so hard, I nearly went crazy. No reason why he passed. I felt lost and empty and angry. I still had my girl to keep me from loosing my mind. She was everything to me. She was healthy and happy when she was born.
She was 2 years old when we moved back to our place here in Philippi WV. I love living here. This is my home, my safe haven, every time we try to move we end up here so we aren`t moving again. I love my home.
In 1997 I had another beautiful baby girl, I am so blessed to have two beautiful daughters and a handsome grandson, he is my world. He makes me happy. He calls me nana.
We live in the country and on a dirt road, no neighbors and plenty of cats and dogs. I love my life.
The question Can we go back home? You can physically go back to the place you called home growing up. I use to do that all the time but now it makes me cry, my grand parents house looks so awful, the trees and bush over run the house. I went there the other day and it broke my heart. So will I go back home? NO. the house in Belington has been tore down and nothing left. So where would I go to go back home? My mind, my memories are all I have.
I have health issues that affect my mind so for how long do I have my memories who knows. I have pictures and I can talk about things but it`s not the same as the physical home.
My life today is much easier and happier, I have a lot of health issues, I have Fibromayalgia, Osteo arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Socratic arthritis, bursitis, chronic fatigue, HBP, neck, shoulder pain and headaches. I use a cane and a walker. I have my husband who helps me and my youngest daughter who helps me when I need her. My oldest daughter who helps me when she can. I love my family.
I am an author and have several books on Amazon, I always have books I am working on. I love being able to get my stories out there. I am also a pen paler, I have had pen pals for 42 years, I love that and have made the best of friends.
We are animal lovers and have dogs and cats, we have wild life here and I love watching them as well. I love setting out in the yard and watching the birds and the trees blow in the wind and it calms me, gives me a sinse of peacefulness.
This is my story, let`s move on to another story, one that is not as simple as mine but more complicated, one that is difficult to relive and tell. One that will shake you and make you appropriate what you have and be thankful for what you don`t have. One that will make you cry. This is Daisy`s story about going home.

Daisy lives far from her home town, she doesn`t like talking about her childhood it was horrifying and not one she wants to relive. She has nightmares and can`t sleep most nights, she doesn`t write her thoughts and dreams down in a journal . She never wants to share them or let anyone know what she has been through, If she keeps it a secret it`ll go away right? Some day?
Daisy is 35 and not married and no kids, she made up a whole new life to tell people, her mom a home maker and her dad a Teacher, in reality, her mom was a Home maker and her dad was a truck driver, she is afraid of the mom she might be and doesn`t wanna be like her mom. So maybe we should start with her parents and childhood. Daisy was 6 years old when she saw her dad hit her mom the first time.
It was late, Daisy was in bed and it was 3 days before Christmas, she heard her mom scream, she peeked out the bedroom door and seen her mom laying on the floor in the hall way, her dad was standing in the door way of their bedroom. She went back in her room and hid under the blankets. She heard her dad leave and she went down stairs and seen her mom crying and she hugged her tight. Her mom slept with her when her dad was gone and read to her and Daisy loved that.
The next day daisy and her decorated for Christmas and she had fun. Christmas day came and her mom had a big dinner fixed and they waited all day to see if her dad was coming home, he never showed up, she could hear her mom crying all night and felt so bad for her. Then after a week her dad comes home and the fighting starts all over again. Then in 3 days he leaves again and things are fine. This goes on for years.
When Daisy was 10 years old she noticed her mom was drinking more and more and the sleepovers stopped and her mom mostly stayed in her room and cried. Her dad would be gone for weeks and weeks and then come home and they would not talk or even be in the same room together. Daisy thought even the fighting might be better then not talking. When Daisy turned 11 her dad came home for her birthday party and he stayed 2 days. He told Daisy he was offered a job in Florida and was gonna take it, he told her he would come back on weekends when he could. He ask her mom to move and she refused. That night he left.
Daisy ask her mom why she would let her dad leave and not go, her mom would say “ you don`t know things and I will tell you one day” Daisy`s dad came home maybe 3 or 4 times in the next year, he stayed at a hotel when he did come back. Daisy was so confused and after awhile she thought of it as normal and then never thought of it at all.
Daisy`s 16th birthday was filled with her friends and even her mom managed to stay sober for 3 or 4 hours, then she went to her room the rest of the night. The party ended late and there were kids sleeping everywhere through the house. Her dad was gone for 2 years now, no phone calls and no Happy Birthdays, no card no anything.
She never even felt sad anymore she just didn`t care.
Daisy would try and get her out of the house or even out of her room and it never happened. She found divorce papers in the dinngroom buffet, 2 years old. She was not surprised at all. Her dad paid the house off and agreed to child support and alimony. So many things made sense he didn`t just divorce her mom he divorced her too.
Three days before Daisy turned 18 her mom was laying on the couch drunk and Daisy came home and ask her mom if she needed anything, her mom said “another drink”, Daisy said “ No I am not getting you another drink, all you do is drink, you stopped being my mom a long time ago, I raised myself while you raised your glass. I understand you had a bad marriage but mom you never had a life either, you gave up, you also walked out on me” her mom staggered to her feet slapped Daisy hard and knocked her down and Daisy stood up and said “wow mom you learned a lot from dad” and went upstairs and packed her bags and left.
She stayed with a friend and got a job and eventually had her own place, she struggled and struggled. She worked double shifts and put every penny into rent and food. She had no friends because she had no time. She finally lost her apartment and was homeless and lived in her car for a long time, months. She never missed work because she lived in the parking lot. She was so ashamed of that. Every penny she made she saved, she finally had enough to buy a small 1 bedroom tralior and found a lot to park on she just knew if she worked hard and ate cheap she could pay her lot rent and keep her car on the road and be ok.
After 3 years she was doing great, loved her job and was manager, loved her little house and her car was hanging on. She was dating a really nice guy and even tho she wasn`t really thinking about the future she was having fun. She was feeling good about life. She never looked back, not at her home life not at her homeless life she only wanted to move forward.
She was working the day shift and was so busy, she was helping the crew out front then went to the back and was helping them and it was like that all day, the night manager called off so she stayed, she was in the office doing paper work once everything calmed down. There was a knock on her door and her assistant opened the door and said “Daisy there is a lady here to see you and she says it`s important” so Daisy walked outside and there stood a woman so frail and weak, Daisy`s heart skipped a beat. She walked over and said “ why are you here?” the woman answered “I`m your mom I wanted to see you and talk” she just looked at her and remembered all that had happened and she told her “I can`t do this now, I’m at work, can we meet somewhere tomorrow?” her mom agreed and left. Daisy was so mad and so upset at the same time. She sat at her desk and cried. “why now? What the heck? Leave me alone.” she finished her shift, locked the doors and went home. She didn`t sleep and tossed and turned all night.

It was noon and she went to meet her mom at that park around the corner, she drove because she didn`t want her mom to know where she lived. She got to the park and her mom was there at the picnic table, “ well she actually showed” she said to herself as she got out of the car. She walked to the table and her mom stood and said”Thank you for coming” she went to hug Daisy and Daisy pulled away. They sat down and Daisy said “say what you want to say I have a long drive and things to do”
her mom looked hurt but said “I am so sorry for everything, I want to try and be your mom again and start out talking things out and start with friends, I miss you, I love you, I have always loved you.” Daisy said “ok my turn, you call love checking out on me? Drinking my entire childhood, not being anything but a couch potato drunk, I raised myself, when dad left us you left us, you can`t think I would jump in your arms and cry, oh mommy oh mommy, I have a good life now, I struggled so hard and so long and I could not call my mom she was drunk on the couch. You hit me so hard I hit the floor, you never looked for me at all. What am I am suppose to think?” her mom replied “ I did look for you that is how I found you, at first I was sick and could not process the whole thing, I got help, I’m sober and I’m sick, I don`t have a lot of time, I’m dying and I want to make things right with you, with us. “ this made Daisy angry and sad “you have to wait till you are dying before you come find me? You couldn`t have gotten sober and been there for me but you slowly killed yourself and then said oh my I better find my daughter and make up so I can die happy, this is total crap and you know it, why are you here now? Please stop lying to me and be honest.” “I deserve that, I was horrible to you, I was a horrible mom and a horrible person, i`m not now, I have worked hard and I know what I have done so please give me a chance, let me try.” her mom begged her. Daisy had so much to think about and to be honest she didn`t know if she could ever forgive her mom. Daisy just sat in silence, her mom wrote her number down and said “I`m gonna go, call me so we can talk again, please give me a chance” she laid her number down and walked away.
Daisy sat at the park for awhile just thinking and staring off at nothing. She finally got up and went home, she was off that day so she got into her pajamas and sat on the couch in silence, she had no one to call no one to vent to just her. She thought of her friend she lived with when her mom hit her that night and wondered where she was now, married, kids, they lost touch when she moved out. All she wanted to do was sleep.
She herd a scratch at the door, not a knock or a pound but a scratch. She went to the door and there was a cat , a yellow tabby. She got some tuna and fed it and wondered if someone was missing a cat. She would ask around but knew the cat would wonder of after it was fed. After the cat ate it jumped on the couch, laid beside her and Daisy said “oh you are a girl, what is your name baby? Where do you come from?” the cat looked up and said meow. She laughed. Later she put the cat out and thought it would find it`s way home. She heard a scratch at the door it was the cat coming back. “well I guess I have a cat now, I think your name is meme, yea I like it do you like meme?” the cat meow again…
The next day Daisy went in to work and was telling everyone about meme, she was thrilled to have a roommate. Her assistant ask her about the lady that came in the other day “things seemed tense, are you ok? Did it work out?” Daisy was really relieved to have someone to talk to. She told her that when she was younger her mom and dad checked out on her and she has been on her own sense and now that she is dying from drinking she wants to make amends and Daisy told her she was not sure what to do. “ in my opinion and I don`t know what she did to you but if you don`t let her try to make things right you will be the one to feel quilty the rest of your life.” Daisy knew she was right but did her mom deserve that? Did she get to die thinking everything is peachy?
She said “well I will think about it but I just don`t know” her asst. said “pray let God lead you and I promise you will make the right decision, “ then she went back to work. Daisy never prayed, would God even know her? Would he even hear her? She thought at this point I have nothing to loose and I will try.
She went home after her shift and sat in a hot tub and she began to talk “God if you can hear me, if you haven`t left me I need your help, what do I do? she`s my mom but I am so angry with her, how do I forgive her? How do I forget? What do I do? Please help me, she hurt me, was never a mom to me after I got older. Do I call her? Do I throw her number away? Please help me.” the cat looked at her like she was nuts but she laughed out loud, “oh meme you are the cutest cat ever.”
she slept so much better that night and woke up in a fairly good mood. She had 5 hours before work. She ate breakfast and went for a walk meme followed her every step of the way.She felt really good after her walk. She went home and showered and had lunch and then got ready for work, she always went in early to have coffee before work. Her asst. came in and sat with her, “how are you?” she replied “i`m good, done a lot of thinking and i`m gonna call her, not sure how it will go but I am gonna call” and they chit chatted for awhile. After Daisy got off work she headed home and changed clothes and wanted to relax awhile. She poured a cup of coffee and picked up the phone and dialed her moms number, it rang 3 times then “Hello” Daisy stuttered a little “ummm hi mom it`s me, how are?” “I`m better now” she told Daisy. “I am off work on Sunday would you like to come over for lunch?” she sounded tired but so excited “ I would love to , give me your address.” they chatted a minute then Daisy said” ok you sound tired and I will let you go.” so they said their good byes and that was that.

Daisy had two days to figure out Lunch, she was thinking salad, fruit and maybe a pie or cake and some coffee. She talk to her asst. about it and was nerves but knew she had to try, not for her mom but for her. She spent all day Saturday cleaning and ran to the store and just wanted things to be perfect.
Sunday came and Daisy was up and dressed and took her walk all before 10 am, what do I say to her? That kept running through her head. It was 11:45 and Daisy went into the kitchen and sat the food out and made a fresh pot of coffee, she was nerves and not sure how things would go. She heard the knock on the door right at noon, she opened the door and there was her mom, so frail and tiny. “come in, let me have your coat” her mom came in and took off her coat and slipped her shoes off. “ It smells so nice in here and your home is beautiful” they went in the living room and Daisy got them coffee, she ask if she wanted to eat or wait awhile and decided to chat a bit was a bitter cold day and the first of December, this always started a bad month for Daisy, bad memories and depression. She hoped every year would be different but it wasn`t. “ well how are you doing mom? Have you been to the doctors again?” she took a drink of coffee and sat quiet for a minute “ I have been ok, I see the doctor in a week and I already know what he`ll say, no change, get your affairs in order be ready” Daisy felt sad. “ tell me what you have been doing sense that night I left?” she took another drink of coffee.”well that night was just the beginning of my nightmare, I was not able to get myself out of that hole I fell in, I lost the house, no I sold the house for money for alchol and lived in a shelter for months, I was finally arrested for drunk driving and was court ordered to a rehab center, spent 90 days there and was back at the shelter, I started drinking again, sold my car for $200 so I could get drunk again, ended up back at the shelter and finally back in to rehab again only this time I put myself there after 90 days was up I done another 90 days, I left the rehab center and went back to the shelter where I lived and volunteered, one of the Ladies ask me to come to her church with her and I did and that is where I met my husband” Daisy was shocked to hear that,” your husband? So how long have you been married? Does he have kids? Is he good to you?”
Her mom was so open about everything with her she was amazed, “he has 3 daughters one is your age the other two younger, we have a house on main street down from the hospital, he is a good man Daisy, you will like him, the girls are the sweetest girls and took me right in to their family, Henry was single for 4 years before we met and done a good job as a single dad. He is an electrician and has hs own business.” by the time the days over Daisy felt like she had a new friend. Her mom invited her to come over and meet them on her next day off she wanted to spend the day with her.
Daisy worked 5 days straights and took off on Saturday, she called her mom and they set a time for her to come over. Daisy was nerves, what if they didn`t like her. What if she wasn`t wanted. So many things she wanted to ask them all. It was snowing so hard that day and she told herself no matter what I am going, I might have to walk but I will get there. She wore her jeans and a Christmas sweater that was so pretty and had poinsettia on it. She bought it 2 days ago. She drove so slow, the roads were awful, it took her a half hour to drive 6 blocks. She pulled in the drive way and looked up and said thank you God for getting me here safely. She got out of the car and walked to the door and rang the bell, the house was small, one story but sparkled with Christmas lights .
Her mom opened the door and invited her and took her coat and Daisy slipped her shoes off, followed her mom into the living room where Henry sat and off to his left were his 2 daughters Alice and Maggie, his daughter Sherry was running late and everyone joked she was always late for everything. Daisy felt at home right away, mom brung out coffee and they just started talking away, like they had always been family. Daisy couldn`t remember ever feeling so comfortable anywhere before then she does now. They ask her all kinds of questions and was so respectful, finally Sherry came in and she looked as tho she was in a state of dismay, she had stopped to help a couple who had wrecked in front of her, she is a nurse and wanted to help. Henry ask “how is the couple are they gonna be ok?” “yea they are fine but it was so awful, they are elderly and tryin to go to their daughters to babysit while she went to work, now they will spend the night at the hospital instead. don`t you ever do that to me dad, I would rather miss work then have you drive in this mess” Henry hugged Sherry and introduced her to Daisy, she was a sweet lady and she soon found out Sherry was her age. Daisy and all 3 girls hit it off, her and Sherry bonded so quickly and her mom and the other 2 girls were giggling and Sherry said “hey you 3 whats so funny over there?” Alice said with laughter “we were just saying now we have 2 older sisters to make fun of.” they all laughed and Daisy knew they were gonna be a big happy family.
Daisy found out that all 3 girls were single and the two younger girls live next door and Sherry lives down the street. She was having such a good time and it was soon time for her to go home, she announced that she had to go but she had a wonderful time and was so happy to be part of their family. Her mom said “oh no Daisy you can`t drive in this mess, you are just gonna have to stay all night, infact I think all of you should stay all night and help me clean up, we`ll get the sleeping bags out and you girls can camp out in the living room” Daisy was gonna insist on leaving but all the girls were yelling sleep over sleep over and she said she would say. Her mom went into the kitchen and Daisy followed “Thank you mom, I have had the best time and you have a great family, and they all love you so much” her mom looked at her said “we have a great family and I love you all.” for the first time Daisy felt hope for her and her mom.
The day came quickly and the snow had stopped but the roads were awful. Her mom fixed breakfast for everyone and they sat at the table laughing and having fun. Sherry said” hey mom sense no one is going anywhere for hours why don`t we get out the Christmas tree and decorate this house as pretty as the outside is done.” their agreed and the girls lead Daisy up to the attic, they brung everything down dusted it off and began working, when the ornaments went on the tree her picked up a shoe box and handed it to Daisy, “you put these on dear, I do it every year but I think you should this year” she opened the box and there was 4 ornaments that Daisy made in school when she started kindergarten, Daisy was blown away, “ you saved these all these years?” tears began to run down her face and her mom hugged her “I didn`t always have a tree but I had these” then out of no where the 3 girls started laughing and yelling “cry baby, cry baby” it was a great day already.
Before long the sun was out and the roads were melting and the state road had been out all day plowing. The girls all traded phone numbers and promised they would call each other. Daisy came home to a hungry cat and was so happy to be home, she spent the rest of the napping and watching tv, there was not a lot of sleeping at her moms house the night before. She was recalling all that happened in the last 24 hours she couldn`t believe she had gained a whole family.
The next day Daisy had a early shift and was home by 3pm, she grabbed the cat food for meme and herself a cup of coffee and the newspaper, she stretched out on the couch and began to read. Nothing interesting at all she thought. She put the paper down and went to shower and her phone rang, she turned the water off and grabbed robe and the phone, “Hello” she answered “Hi D , it`s Alice, what are you doing today?” she was shocked but happy “I just got home from work and was gonna shower what are doing?” Alice said “We are gonna watch a Christmas movie do you wanna come up? We are at our house.” Daisy thought are you serious, yes I wanna come. “yes give me a few minutes to shower and dress and I`ll be up.” she hang up the phone took a quick shower and made sure meme had water and food.
Daisy knocked on the door and Maggie opened the door, invited her in and handed her a cup of coffee, Alice was setting on the floor and had a blanket and hot coco “come set here Daisy, we`re gonna watch miracle on 34th street, have you seen it?” Daisy answered” yea sure and I love it, is Sherry coming?” Alice told her no that Sherry had to work. Daisy ask “ you two never mentioned where you work at.” they told her at the nursing home they are cooks, they work the 6-3 pm shift Monday through Friday. Daisy was happy to hear about them she wanted to know more and more. She wanted to know more about her mom so she ask Alice and Maggie “ What kind of cancer does mom have? What do the doctors tell her? How long does she have?” Alice told her she had liver cancer and had 6 months at the most. Daisy was so sad, she just reconnected with her mom and now it would be the last Christmas together. She ask if they knew her moms history if she told them about her first marriage and Maggie said “ yea she told us about the abuse and how drinking was how she coped, It must have been so awful for you, being so little and seeing and hearing all that. She looked for you after you left, she drove around for days calling your friends and then she got sicker and sicker. She really did try ya know.” Daisy was not gonna comment she didn`t know how could she know.
Daisy ask them how she was with Henry and if they are happy. Alice answered “oh my yes, they don`t leave each others side. After my mom died dad was sad and lonely and more or less gave up, he was going to church and sat by himself and wouldn`t talk to anyone and your mom was doing the same and one day the only empty seat was beside your mom and dad sat down and she started talking to him and then they were meeting for coffee then dinners and then they go to aa meetings together. Yep dad drank back in the day but I think he done those meetings for your mom.” Daisy said “wow what a great love story, were you ever angry at your dad for drinking, I mean really mad, was he still there for you ?” Maggie said first “I was very angry, I was a teenager when he would drink, Alice was just turning into a teenager and mom had died in a car wreck, that is why car wrecks still shake Sherry up, she was in the back seat when it happened and dad was driving, we were at our aunts and they were coming back from a doctors appointment when a drunk driver hit them head on on the passengers side.” Alice said “ I was mad for a very long time but dad was mad as well, at himself that is why he drank. He thought he could have changed things if he only stopped for a bit to eat before coming home like Sherry wanted too.” Daisy couldn`t believe wat she was hearing, the struggles they had and the struggles she had , she knew God had to have gotten them together.
Daisy made it home about midnight and had such a good time with the girls. She slept good and was ready for work the next day, her assistant manager came in early. They sat and talked awhile, Daisy told her all about her night and how fun it was. She loved her new family and her step dad was just an amazing man. She knew it could have been so much worse, she could have missed out on a new family. She was so thankful.
Christmas eve came and the store was so busy, everyone was stopping for lunch as they finished shopping, Daisy finished her shopping 2 days ago with Sherry, they shopped all day and had lunch then wrapped gifts and had dinner at Daisy`s house . Sherry was the best sister , all 3 of them were but her and Sherry just bonded so fast. Daisy felt so blessed.
Things had slowed down by 3 pm and Daisy told her asst. manager “lock the doors we are closing it up. She got on the loud speaker and announced “ clean up, we are gonna be out of by 3:30, when you get your stationed cleaned go help someone else”
they were all done and going out the door at 3:30. Daisy went home and showered and changed and made a veggie tray and she had gotten sodas and chips to take to her moms.
She knocked on the door and her mom opened it and said “ Honestly Daisy why do you still knock? The other girls just come on it, you should too.” the other girls weren`t there yet and Daisy put her gifts under the tree. She went in the kitchen to help her mom and it was so nice to be doing that. “Mom remember how you and I made cookies and cakes when I was small?” her mom said” Oh Daisy I remember all that, I tell Henry all the time how much I loved those days just you and I” “ Me too mom, but I have to say we wore more then we baked” they both laughed.” Daisy did you bring an overnight bag? I told you too so we can all be here Christmas morning” “Yes mom I did , I am not a child anymore I can remember things” her mom laughed and said” Now I know you are feeling more at home you just smarted off your mom” “Sorry mom” they both laughed.
The other girls came in slowly and Daisy`s mom laughed as they all came in” are you moving back in Ladies?” they all said no we are high maintenance Ladies….they all laughed. “Dinner is ready everyone” they gathered around the table Henry sat at the head of the table, the girls to the left and mom by his side. Henry stood up and said” I have something I want to say , a toast really, here`s to all my girls and my love, I am so happy we have you all and Daisy you bring joy to our family to your family.we all love you.” Daisy stood up and said “I am so happy to be here and I hope this is the start of many Christmases to come” they sat and ate and laughed Daisy sat back and soaked it all in. she thought to herself I really am blessed and never another holiday alone. She smiled.
The girls cleaned up dinner while mom and Henry turned on the Christmas movies and got the throws down. The girls came in with coffee for everyone and took their seats, Alice and Maggie on the floor and Sherry and Daisy on the love seat, Alice said,” why do we always get the floor? Just because you two are older and your bones might break”…she giggled and Sherry said “ No because we are your older sisters and we get first choice” her and Daisy high five each smiled and held Henry`s hand. He knew she was so happy.
Moms doctor appointment went good the day before, the chemo was working and the tumors had shunk. They were waiting till Christmas morning to tell everyone over breakfast. She could barely keep it in. she had been feeling good for the most part but she has had a few bad days. She felt tired and weak but that was to be expected.
They watched 2 movies then mom announced lights out. “ no one wake me up before 9 am, we have breakfast before we open gifts and Alice no peeking, shaking or touching the gifts, Santa is watching” she laughed as she went to bed. The girls all grabbed their sleeping spots, “This crazy we have 2 bedrooms with big beds we don`t have to sleep on the floor “ Alice said, Maggie said” yea but we all want to be together and we can`t all fit in one bed.” they all chuckled, Daisy said” we better go to sleep before mom gets up and yells”.
The next morning mom got up at 9am started the coffee and the girls got up and helped her with breakfast, Daisy took Henry a cup of coffee in the living room , she sat down beside him and said “Henry you are the best thing for my mom she loves you so much, I feel so blessed to be part of your family” “Daisy you have been a blessing to us. We love you, you are one of my girls.” Daisy hugged him and said “pops I love you”
They sat down for breakfast and laughed and just had a lot of fun. Mom made another pot of coffee and took some cookies and candy in the living room and sat down, she told girls” ok before we start opening gifts I have some news to tell you, I seen the doctor the other day and well the chemo this round is working, the tumors are shrinking and the doctor is very hopeful that I will beat this.” The girls were so happy, hugging her and Daisy got her Christmas wish. Then mom said “ok gift time, who wants to go first?” Daisy ask if she could and everyone agreed “ don`t open anything until everyone has their gifts” Daisy passed them out. Then everyone opened and it was an ornament and it said out first Christmas and the date. Everyone was so touched” This is our first Christmas together and wanted everyone to have a keep sake of it.” everyone hung theres on the tree and Daisy hung hers.
Alice passed hers out and everyone got gloves, hats and scrafs. Then it was Maggies turn, everyone got snow globes, Sherry got everyone movies, popcorn and hot coco. Mom and Henry got everyone gift cards. Then after the mess was cleaned up they sat around talking and just having fun, Daisy told everyone she should go that meme would need her walk and she didn`t want to leave her alone. Mom told her to go get meme and come back. Meme can stay all night too so Daisy and Alice went and got meme before they left Daisy`s house she told Alice” I have spent so many holidays alone, not any steady boyfriends and now I have a whole new family, a mom and dad and sisters. I would not have believed in a million years I would be this happy, “ Alice smiled and said” Miracles of Christmas, they really start before Christmas and by Christmas you have everything you dreamed of.”
they went back home and was ready to help mom get dinner started, meme jumped from her carrier and went and cuddled up on Henry`s lap, and he laughed and said” grandpa is reading the paper meme want me to read to you?” everyone laughed.
Christmas dinner was great, they laughed and laughed and eventually they napped. Daisy walked into the living room and hugged her mom and Henry and said “this is the best Christmas ever “ they just smiled. She went and got coffee and Sherry was standing at the window watching it snow and Daisy walked over and said “we have the best family ever “
Daisy yelled “ meme get off the table “ she grabbed a rag and started wiping it and mom came in and ask what happened” i`m so sorry mom meme was on the table” mom picked up meme and said “meme my love please don`t get on grandmas table” Daisy laughed.
The next few days Daisy worked as usual and it was slow but things were good, meme was waiting on her after work and she checked her messages and it was Sherry “ hey new years eve at mom and dads be there around 6 we are gonna play some games and then watch the ball drop, bring your overnight stuff and meme” she was so excited but she had to work until 10pm so she would miss some of the games. it`s ok she told meme we will still go. She was so sad the holidays were over, she had not even take her tree down yet or put anything away. She loved Christmas and didn`t want to stop celebrating yet.
The day she went to place her order for a meat tray and cheese tray to take over on new years eve. She didn`t want her mom to get so tired she couldn`t stay up. She told the girls at work that they would close at 9pm so everyone could be home before midnight. She loved this job and she worked her butt off to get this mangers job. Her employees are the best and they are all a big happy family.
New years eve was here and she was sad that she had no boyfriend or date but she was excited to spend the evening with her family. She closed the store on new years day so she could stay up late and have fun.
The store closed and she went home to shower and get ready, she grabbed meme and her over night bag and off she went. She got there and went in and they were playing sorry, she went to the kitchen got coffee and put the trays on the counter, she went in and told the girls she brung trays and they all went in to the kitchen and ate and went to play games again. They stayed up all night and had so much fun. Mom and Henry went to bed early. New years day they all sat around and talked and mom ask for help to put away the Christmas stuff. So they did.
At the end of the day mom was standing by the window watching the full moon shine on the snow and Daisy walked over to mom and hugged her and said “Thank you mom” and her mom said “what for?” Daisy answered “ for finding me , for letting me share your family, for never stop loving me.” and mom turned to her and said “No Daisy thank you for letting me back in your life and for wanting my family to be your family, it really is gonna be a Happy new year.” meme was at their feet and looked and said “meow meow” and Daisy said “ Meme said thank you grandma” haha.


I am 52 and live in west Virginia, married 30 years and have 2 adult daughters and a grandson. My books are something I do for me. I am a writer and I love it.


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