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September 23rd 2012  |  3  |  Category: Adventure , Fiction , Horror , Thriller , Tragedy  |  Author: David Isidoro  |  1172 views

The night air freezes my exhaled breath as it leaves my lungs. I desperately try to catch my it, but there is no use. The physical exhaustion doesn’t even compare to the fear I have. Trying to listen to my pursuer is difficult; I can only hear myself gasping for air. My heart is pounding so hard, it seems like it will burst out of my chest at any moment. My teeth and throat are now frozen as I stumble to the ground. The adrenaline in my body helps me get back onto my feet and I start to run again. It is practically pitch black in the forest; I strain my eyes peering into the thick darkness. The only thing that helps me through the thick tree branches is the reflection of light from the moon. It is unbelievably bright tonight, if I wasn’t being hunted I would love to stop and appreciate the view, but right now all I focus on is planting my feet on the soft forest bed layered with snow. The blue light makes the shadows come alive. I don’t know what is real or what is just a figment of my imagination. It is almost impossible sprinting and maneuvering through the trees without getting bushed whacked. I bring up my hands to protect my face from incoming branches and pine needles, but they still manage is slip through and whip my face, cutting into my frozen skin. The cold is the last thing on my mind now. The blood running down my face and hands makes my bones ache and burn. But I don’t stop running.

The endless view of wide trees seems like a maze and any sort of safe haven is hard to find. The full moon shining down makes it appear safe and calm, but the sound of thumping paws hitting the snow jar me back to reality, reassuring me that my life is in danger. As I quickly glance over my shoulder, a protruding root snags my foot and sends me flying through the air. I make contact with my left shoulder on a nearby pine tree; I hear a distinctive snap, a sound only a broken bone would make. Pain doesn’t set in until my body hits the fresh powder. Reaching up to assess the damage I hear my hunter’s steps coming closer and closer. Adrenaline is coursing through my veins; I barely feel my broken collar bone. Grasping my shoulder, I get to my feet and start running as fast as I possibly can. They must be close now. I look over my shoulder and see darkness in the midst of the trees; I start to think I am hallucinating. Disorientation, drowsiness and delirium are sensations I am feeling now, but I can’t stop, I know they are watching me. Looking back a second time I see one. The two glowing eyes in the center of a dark figure thunder towards me. Its head is low to the ground, but it barely moves as its paws take large steps in the snow. It isn’t alone, I spot two more, one on either side; it seemed like he was the leader of the pack. I turn my eyes forward determined to get away no matter what I was feeling all over. They are getting closer. I can hear them panting and growling deeply.

Suddenly I hear running water close by, possibly a river or creek. The bushes in front of me are black and tall, but I hear the sound coming from behind them. Out of desperation I jump through them only to find myself flying through the air yet again. I see the water right before my feet make contact with its surface. The water is so frigid it paralyzes my body temporarily while I am under it. I frantically thrash my way to the top, desperate for a breath of air. Crawling out of the water onto the shore I look back to see the three dark figures staring down at me with the glowing eyes from across the river. I see their breath in the full moons light; this image gets me moving again. Through excruciating pain and weariness I get to my feet. When I look back they are nowhere to be seen. A wave of relief flows over me until I feel an extraordinary weight on my back which sends me to the wet, rocky shore. I reach back with my right hand, clawing my finger nails into the thick coarse fur of this unknown being. As I tightly grasp the animal, it bites down on my left shoulder, sending me into a screaming fit. Its teeth cut and bury into my flesh, I can feel blood soaking my shirt. The animal manages to get free of my grip giving me enough time to grab a stone. I viciously bash it in the face with the stone making it yelp in pain and it releases the locked bite on my shoulder. I scramble to my feet and bolt in the opposite direction of my hunter.

I see very few trees in the snow covered plain as I full on sprint into it. The reflection of the moon light on the snow allows me to see myself. I don’t stop running, looking down I see blood dripping rather quickly from my upper body and my clothes are shredded. The snow is getting deeper and deeper and it pulls me down face first into it. My body’s exhaustion finally gets the better of me and I can’t go any further. I make it to my knees and look up at the full moon for the last time. Admiring it for all its beauty, glowing brilliantly, highlighted by the black starry sky. My heart is slowing down and I feel light headed. The overpowering weight on my back hits me like a tidal wave and feel my face in snow again. My neck is warm and I feel fluid running down it, but I don’t worry, for I am too debilitated. Pain starts to fade away as my vision slips into darkness.


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3 Responses to FEAR

  1. My gosh I felt it seriously dude i bet you are a real writer by career, if not make sure you quit your day job and become one now you will do so well people will love to read your stuff

  2. Titu says:

    I read the piece twice and I learned a great deal about capturing a moment. You successfully transformed me to the scene. Love it. You deserve high 5

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