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May 15th 2015  |  2  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Romantic Love  |  Author:  |  1087 views

Tohko remembered the day that she visited that city for the first time.
The air was very clear and cold as if being painful.
All the trees were completely bald at that time; Of course, they must have had many leaves, and must have made many cool shades onto the ground during the seasons other than winter.
And she unexpectedly felt like there was nothing in that city, and felt it was needlessly large and boundless.
That city seemed to be nearly empty, having a lonely atmosphere as if all of goods were lacked.
In fact, goods of every descriptions, which were necessary for our daily life, must have been supplied to every corner of that city, but they weren’t overabundant.
And yet that city didn’t seem to be poor, but rather seemed to be wealthy.
Tohko wondered that the things being lacked in that city were overwhelmingly the domesticated things which were usually in the ordinary cities: They were unarranged, vulgar things, which there seemed to be too much rather at the poor cities, like daily necessities.
But still, there weren’t many modern office buildings around there, Tohko couldn’t hastily believe that this city was a capital of one of the most biggest countries.
Moreover, Tohko was puzzled by the boundless atmosphere of that city.
Then, she noticed that a strange monument was towering beyond that uninteresting, bare-looking space. It was a very tall, narrow tower, as if piercing the sky, like something concerned with a religion or SF stories.
According to the guide book for sightseeing of that city, it was said that the Freemasonry, which was an unrealistic secret society, might relate to that monument.
But, the word “Freemasonry” was one of the most unreal proper noun for Tohko in those days, like a word often appearing in a fairy tale.
Tohko visited that city, not because of having any interests in it.
It was not that city, in which she was interested, but a person.
Her interest for the person must have made herself visit that city at that time.
Although it was one of the most famous cities in the world, she hadn’t paid attention to the city until that time.
She had certainly heard the name of that city. It should have often appeared on TV news or newspapers.

But she had never been interested in that city in her life until she had met his blog on the internet.

Although Tohko was working at the publishing company, she wasn’t a journalist reporting the politics, and the economy. She had been an editor of the magazine for women.

When she was doing that job, it wasn’t problem for her to ignore that city.
Of course, Tohko had been interested in many foreign big cities.
For example, they were Paris, London, and Roma, etc.
And even if she supposed the same country as that city, she wasn’t interested in that city, but was interested in other cities, which were more commercially successful, like New York, and Los Angeles.

Of course, she’d visited such cities, in where she’d been interested, for sightseeing or her business.
However, Tohko had completely treated that city as an outside of her interest.
Still, Tohko didn’t go to that city for the first time, because she could meet “That man”.
That was why she took the trouble to get an airplane ticket and go abroad, only because it was the city in where “That man” might live.
She visited that city in order to only see it. She wanted to actually see it by her own eyes.When she visited there for the first time, she and “That man” hadn’t had a relationship each other. At that time, only Tohko unilaterally knew him by reading his blog.

In addition, some accidental happenings repeated, which led Tohko to travel to that city for the first time with her good friend.

Because Tohko had many free time, not working in those days, a friend of her suggested Tohko to travel abroad together one day.
“Having been very busy, we haven’t been able to match our holidays each other until now. But, now let’s travel together! It must be a good chance for us to travel!”, the friend said to Tohko.
Tohko hadn’t contacted with anybody in those days.
But, when her friends would contact with Tohko, she responded them friendly like before.
Still, honestly speaking, when the friend of her invited to the travel, Tohko didn’t take interest in it.
Tohko thought, “It must be joyful to travel with the good friend of mine. But I’m afraid that I would not be able to endure to travel abroad physically and mentally, because I’m always sleeping recently.”
In those days, Tohko had come back to her hometown, and lived at her parent’s house, because of having gotten tired out.

“Because I’m so sleepy like this every day, even though I would travel, I’m afraid that I would be continuing to sleep at the hotel during a journey.”
But, Tohko read several choices of places which her friend had suggested on the e-mail.
Which suddenly made Tohko change her own mind.
In those days, though Tohko was living as if almost sleeping, she was also reading the blog of “That man” eagerly.
It was her enjoyment to read his blog, when she wasn’t sleeping.
Tohko noticed that the places, where the friend suggested, included very that city “That man” was living.
For this reason, she was standing onto the ground of that city now.
It was before Tohko talked to “That man” for the first time on the internet.
To be accurate, it was just before doing it.


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