Farewell Part6

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“Well, you mean that ‘That woman’ writes the novel on the assumption that Akihiko surely reads it. In addition, it is the novel that Akihiko is a main character!”
Mitsuru said.
In the afternoon, Takanobu talked with Mitsuru at the cafeteria in their office building at Shanghai.
Because Mitsuru’s voice loudly sounded, Takanobu looked around them in spite of himself.
Takanobu and Mitsuru talked in Japanese language, so most of their coworkers would not understand their conversation if they were near Takanobu and Mitsuru.
But, Takanobu was worried that Akihiko might be near.
Akihiko was the very man of their conversation.
In the same building which brilliantly rose in the business district of Shanghai, there was Akihiko’s offices as well as Takanobu and Mitsuru’s office.
Akihiko, whose working time was relatively flexible, had possibility to appear at the cafeteria aimlessly anytime.
Mitsuru seemed to read Takanobu’s mind from his expression.
She shrugged her shoulders, lowered her voice, and said, “Akihiko should complain to her that it is a breach of privacy. I don’t mean that he would really make a lawsuit. But he should want her to stop it.”
Once, Takanobu had said to Akihiko the very same thing which Mitsuru said to Takanobu.
“Believe it or not, Akihiko said to me that if he would complain to her, it would come out to her that he read her blog or something, so he did not want to complain.”
“What? I can’t understand!”
Mitsuru looked dubious.
Takanobu’s reaction was the same as Mitsuru, when Takanobu heard it from Akihiko.

He also could not understand Akihiko’s thought.

“Although Akihiko surely read her writing, he does not want her to know it.”

Mitsuru increasingly looked at Takanobu’s face with a suspicious look.
“Well, you mean that ‘That woman’ seems to write it in order to let Akihiko read it. And Akihiko reads it knowing her intention. But he does not want her to know it. I am wondering whether ‘That woman’ really writes it to let him read?”, Mitsuru said.
Takanobu said, “At first, I thought that it must be Akihiko’s self-conscious.
However, I came to think that it was the truth while I heard the circumstances little by little from Akihiko. I don’t know why ‘That woman’ writes such a thing. She can’t forget Akihiko, or she has another purpose? I don’t know.”
Takanobu brought the remainder of the coffee, which had been cooled down, into his mouth.
Because Takanobu’s action was infectious, Mitsuru held a cup and a saucer in her hand, too, but she did not drink it.
She seemed to hesitate and brood.
“As a result, ‘That woman’ successfully made Akihiko read it. But, how senseless she is. He should insist her to stop disclosing the past of other people.”
Takanobu said, “And Akihiko should not read. I said so to him. Well, it was not written in the global bestseller. It seems to be only written in the personal blog. If he don’t mind it, it would not be important thing. Even though his privacy was written by her, if there were not readers of it so much, it might not become an exposure. It would sink into the space of the internet as one of the meaningless information’s drifting there. In addition, it is not the exposure because it is only two of them who know that it is written based on a fact. However, it is a fact that we have known about it.

Therefore it would be revealed to us if we read it. However, still it is only two people other than the participants all over the world. Besides, the secret could not have leaked out forever if Akihiko did not tell me about it.”
Mitsuru said, “”One of two persons, who are sharing the same secret, writes it, and another one reads it. And Akihiko is worried about it so much.
It is perverted very much, I think.”
Takanobu watched that Mitsuru breathed a big sigh and was at a loss. He thought, “Akihiko is surely a good man.
He is ideal for candidate of Mitsuru’s boyfriend.”
When Akihiko moved to Shanghai in order to start for his new post, Takanobu had a premonition that Akihiko might deprive Mitsuru, who was Takanobu’s protegee. Takanobu thought that if Akihiko would become a partner of Mitsuru, her future would be bright, peace, and secure. Takanobu had got married as soon as he left his university, and his two children were already primary school students.
The relationship between Japanese people in their society was close. Mitsuru had visited Takanobu’s home many times, and was close to his wife.
Unlike Takanobu, who was a clerical staff, Akihiko had drifted many places in the world for his complicated mission until he came to Shanghai. Akihiko had not been able to afford to make a happy home calmly.
But, Akihiko’s new post in Shanghai relieved him of difficult jobs for the present.
When Takanobu met Akihiko in Shanghai after a long absence, Akihiko said to Takanobu, ”I wonder if I should marry somebody.”

At first, Takanobu thought, “There is a special girl for Akihiko in my office.”
But Takanobu already had the expectation that Mitsuru would go steady with Akihiko, even if Takanobu would not arrange that Akihiko would meet Mitsuru.
So Takanobu did not introduce Mitsuru to Akihiko immediately.
Mitsuru was interested in Akihiko before he came Shanghai for his new post.
Because he was Japanese as well as her, she heard that he had an uncommon ability, and he had carried out the special mission.
Besides, Akihiko was good-looking, and was so smart. He was very type which Mitsuru was attracted.
“What are you doing?
You are playing truant during the job, aren’t you?”
It was just the next moment that Akihiko appeared while saying so as if he made a joke unusually.
“Talk of the devil and he is sure to appear.”
While Takanobu smoothed things over jokingly, he checked Mitsuru’s complexion.
Something or other, Takanobu noticed that Mitsuru’s face shone brilliantly when she met Akihiko.
Takanobu remembered that his wife used to stare at him with flushed cheeks like Mitsuru when they were at university.
The nostalgia seized him.
The conjugal relations of Takanobu were not bad at all.
On the contrary, everyone admitted that Takanobu and his wife were a loving couple.
When Takanobu watched Mitsuru, who was in love right now, he felt like she was something like a raw egg.
When he watched her unstableness, he understood that he would be able to think such a thing, because he had the stability now.
But he could not help having the dramatic admiration for loving somebody.
“Are you talking about me? What about?”
Akihiko had a small paper cup of coffee in his hand.
Akihiko, who always drank strong espresso, had made fun of Takanobu, who could not drink coffee without milk since they were high school students.
Nowadays, Takanobu still poured a lot of milk into the coffee.
Akihiko always wore the suits made by good tailor in comparison with Takanobu who paid a lot of money for the school expenses to the private elementary school for his two children.
Takanobu remembered with nostalgia, “Akihiko used to be particular about clothes.”
It was rare that Takanobu was jealous of Akihiko having higher ability in any aspect than Takanobu.
It was Akihiko who had the ability that always surpassed others in something.
Therefore Takanobu was proud of Akihiko as a friend not as the target which Takanobu would envy.
“But I seem to be jealous toward Akihiko in only the reason that because Mitsuru was in love with him so much.”
Takanobu couldn’t help admitting so. And he smiled wryly.
Takanobu, who was a married man, tasted his fluffy feeling that would not land on anywhere, and only enjoyed it.
Takanobu knew himself so much.
In front of Takanobu, Mitsuru had already started a conversation with Akihiko eagerly when Takanobu noticed.
Takanobu was sitting there in idle thought while happening to listen to their conversation.
Most of the inside at this cafeteria were fitted with glass, and the ceiling was high, so the atmosphere of there was so open.
The quiet afternoon marked the passage of time slowly.
Takanobu and Mitsuru came over to this cafeteria to make arrangements for their job.
“When would the topic about the job change to the topic about Akihiko?”
Takanobu tried to think, but could not think clearly, while suppressing a yawn.
“It is Friday. I would not like to go back to the office. If we would escape from the job like a student escaping from the school, it must be fun.”
Takanobu was sitting there as if he fell into a doze while imagining such a thing.
He felt like that he had seen a flash of dream which a butterfly was flitting in the field filled with mild spring air.
“Oh, that was ‘The dream of a Butterfly’ by Chuang-tzu. When Akihiko and me were high school students, the teacher of classical literature told us that story. That story is that Chuang-tzu had a dream. In his dream, he found himself flying up above the field.
But the dream puzzled him. He thought, “I wondered whether I was Chuang Tzu who had a dream of being a butterfly, or at this very moment, I was a butterfly which had a dream of being Chuang Tzu?”
Which is true reality?
“Hey, Takanobu! Are you free tonight? Shall we go to have dinner in three of us after a long absence? I’ve just talked about it with Akihiko. I found a very nice restaurant!”
Mitsuru’s voice let Takanobu recover his sense.
Takanobu thought, ” I am going to spend time with my family on my day off work this weekend, so it would be ok that I would go with Mitsuru and Akihiko this evening.”
Takanobu called the slightly displeased expression of his wife in his mind.
He answered, “OK” while apologizing to his wife.
He felt like that he became a butterfly flying among the high-rise buildings in Shanghai.


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