Farewell Part5

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June 18th 2014  |  3  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Inspirational , Moral , Other , Romantic Love , Satire , True Stories  |  Author:  |  1705 views

In 200X.

Lighting streaked again.
Everything was reversed.
The moment of thunder flash was Tohko’s favorite.
Tohko felt as if the universe opened its eyes widely suddenly.
Which sent a thrill through her.
She expected that all phases in the world would be reversed, and something, which were invisible, might become faintly visible only at the moment.
So she tried to stare at “that moment” while opening her eyes widely.
Moment, she felt that a barrier was set around her.
It was the moment when this place would connect with another place.
Space would be warped and it would intersect the different spatial dimension.
Tohko was wondering that she would be able to reach at such a moment.
The place that was not here.
The time that was not now.
It was later a little that the sound of the thunder arrived.
It thundered with lightning almost at the same time until a while ago.
Therefore the thunder seemed to go away from here, she felt.
Tohko sat down on Kotatsu, on which there was the PC, wearing the pajama as always at her parent’s old wooden house.
Her hair, which she did not let a comb go through for days, got twisted up.
Because the thick lens of her glasses were too clouded, nobody could see inside of them what kind of eyes there were.
It was doubtful whether the lens had been wiped even once.
Such an evening, when roar of thunder told the winter arrival at this deep-snow region, was the best for starting to write, Tohko felt.
She gazed at the display intensely more and more, her hands on the keyboard were filled with strength.
However, it was not a thing to be able to write even if she tried too hard.
Something would descend from the heavens, and she would be possessed by it?
And would she write it automatically as if she was controlled?
Or it would be brought as one character by one character by hard work as if life was reduced? She did not know.
But she believed that she must be able to write it.
She sat down in front of the display every night as if she hugged it.
She calmly observed herself from a different viewpoint, and felt like that she was ruled by the thing like delusions of grandeur that it was her mission.
Still she could not stop it.
She was not yet married at that time.
Therefore, it was the time before she married, and it was the time before that great disaster happened.
She had not yet got to know her marriage partner.
She lived in the parents’ house at her country-side hometown facing with Sea of Japan in those days.
She was fired from the company which she had worked in Tokyo for a long time.
And she was heartbroken very much and came back to the parents’ house.
She had spent approximately two years in her hometown.
She almost worked in Tokyo for nearly 10 years as if she gave up her holidays.
Therefore the people around her and her had a question whether she could accept the monotonous life in the country-side.
In Tokyo, she had some offers from the different company just after she had been fired.
Indeed, her skill in work was recognized that it was reliable.
Therefore she must have had been able to start freshly in the same business world.
However, she left the apartment which she had lived so long in Tokyo because it was her honest feeling that she would like to have a rest.
Of course she might be faced with various hard memory if she would have many free time.
Tohko would not have needed to be heartbroken if she would spend busy days in Tokyo.
However, she thought that once she have to be heartbroken thoroughly.
She had the sense that she had rushed forcibly without adjusting her various stories to fit the situation of her life, and felt that if she would not adjust the balance once, her life would become terrible.
At that time, Tohko needed to face her own problems slowly and carefully.
She put many corrugated board boxes, which she brought back from Tokyo, into the storeroom of her parent’s house.
The book and the miscellaneous goods, which she stored up in her Tokyo life for a long time, became the considerable quantity.
She could not decide whether to unpack the boxes or to keep them intact.
It was a fact that she thought that she might go back to Tokyo immediately.
So she did not open most of the corrugated cardboard boxes after all.
Tohko started living simply in an empty-looking room where there were little things.
She lived in the cottage separated from the main building of her parent’s house, using the second floor as the bedroom, and putting the kotatsu on the first floor through a year.
Kotatsu was a traditional heating system furniture in Japan, when she was in Tokyo, she did not use it, but used it habitually in her hometown.

She made kotatsu wear quilt in the winter, and made it take off quilt in the summer.
Kotatsu was a furniture such as the small cocktail table. She continued living a life that she sat in front of the PC which she put on the top of kotatsu.
In those days, she used to sleep, read books, write down the sentences on the PC as much as she wanted.
She was also doing the same during 10 years that she was working at the company.
However, when she did such a things in large amount of time, they showed an another face to her.
She had the sense that she went into the deeper place. She did not know what deep place it was.
But it was so deep place.
Tohko continued sinking in order to seek something.
Although it was unexpected for her, the 2 years became the time, that it was hard to forget most in her life.
What happened?
She was in love with all her heart and mind and strength.
When it was over, she intended to write a novel based on her 2-year strange experience.
She started writing it at the evening when the thunder telling the winter arrival in this region roared, and she finished writing it for 3 months.
She entered it for the competition of the literary that was held on the internet by the publishing company and the major provider company.
It was the system which the entrants used the blog which the sponsorship provider company run.
They had to upload their works on the blog after they had entered.
Those works were exposed to the eyes of the readers from the stage when was in the middle of writing.
Tohko uploaded her works little by little every day during 3 months that was set for entering.
All new works were introduced on the sponsor’s website whenever they were uploaded.
She subdivided the chapters of her work as possible and repeated a lot of upload, because she wanted to get a lot of opportunities that many readers happened to see her work.
She devised the title of each chapter so that the readers wanted to read every time, and got many readers.
The readers pushed the button “Like” for the work which they liked in order to attach an evaluation. Her novel was left in 5 works of the last selection with reader’s support collecting the most number of “Like” during the period. The readers chose the best work by voting from that 5 works.
However, after all, Tohko’s work lost by a narrow margin, and did not get the grand prix of the competition.
A work, which was a combination of the beautiful photograph and poetry, won the grand prix. It was the new-style competition accepting a free expression method.
For example, the entrants could use photograph or music as well as a text.
The work of a young man in his twenties who was a winner of the competition was published as a book immediately.
It was one of the good points for Tohko that the winner’s work could be published.
However, Tohko’s novel was very long.
It was a bet to publish a considerably long work if the new talent’s work would be published. It was a bet to publish a considerably long work if the new talent’s work would be published.
As her own work got longer and longer, she was giving up winning grand prix.
It was impossible that the novel of her who was not famous would be published as a very thick book suddenly.
Because she had worked in such a business world for a long time, she knew it well.
Although the rule was that the votes of the readers would decide the winner, Tohko thought that it was easy to control the votes on the internet.
Still she thought that it was good fortune to get many readers of her own blog.
There were still many readers in her blog which continued existing after the period of the competition passed. Then Tohko continued expressing essay, novel, and the diary with that blog.
The word ”alpha blogger” was born at that time.
Tohko’s blog belonged to the minor genre, but she gradually acquired the popularity on the internet even if she did not become an alpha blogger.
It had been decided that she would marry a man as soon as she met him in early summer in that year, and she went back to Tokyo in where her fiance lived after an interval of 2 years.
The update frequency of her blog fell down while she became pregnant immediately, gave birth, and became busy with child care.
During such days, it became doubtful for her whether those days were reality or not.
“But did I really associate with ‘That person’ ? Even if everything was my dream, it is not strange.”, Tohko thought.
“Everything might be my dream when I was a lunacy state because I was fired from the job.”


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