Farewell Part3

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May 22nd 2014  |  3  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Horror , Romantic Love , True Stories  |  Author:  |  2623 views

On Friday evening, all restaurants or bars on the bustling street were crowded.
With great difficulty, Akihiko and Mitsuru found one Japanese-style bar which they did not have to wait to enter.
They couldn’t help entering the bar without choice.
Although they should have talked about different topic of their conversation until a while ago, as soon as they sat in the floor-type seat facing each other, Mitsuru asked Akihiko, “Is that rumor true? I sometimes hear it by a rumor. You…, Akihiko loves one woman. But the rumor was that some circumstances do not permit him to meet her.”
Mitsuru looked at Akihiko with her bright and beautiful eyes that were double eyelids.
He was stared by her these eyes, so his heart was beating.
“Is there such a rumor?”
Akihiko said.
But Mitsuru said in an accusing tone, “Don’t give me that!”
Akihiko said, “I guess it is not a rumor. But it is only him who comes to my mind about this rumor. I had talked about it only to him. It was Mr. Takanobu.”
“Oh! Is it true? You really have such a woman?”
Mitsuru’s beautiful almond-shaped eyes were warped.
He should not have intended to make her sad.
Suddenly, he realized how much weight of the reality.
“I feel like that I confront the reality each time, I wake up and get away from that reality.”
He thought so at the dull time like a slow motion.
“Do I think that it is possible that I always change over to another reality and re-start my life?”
Such a question pierced his heart.
Because he was not able to deceive what Mitsuru asked him anymore, he burst out, “I am far from loving her. I have not even met her for a long time. Recently, I don’t know even whether she really exist or not.”
But he regretted his own words and thought, “I should have chosen another way of saying?”
“I can’t believe you. In spite of it, when I invited you, why did you come along with me nonchalantly?”
Mitsuru said.
“Hold on, please…”
Akihiko said only it, and hesitated to say anymore.
“Don’t you notice my heart?”
She hurriedly cornered him.
“What can I say…”
He felt that it was hard to deal with such a situation.
In fact, he had goodwill towards Mitsuru purely.
Therefore, he said to himself, “When she said to me, “Let’s have a drink after the job”, it is sure for me to go with her.”
In addition, he wanted to explain to her, “I would not go along with anyone who invited me.”
However, he did not have confidence to put his mind into words well.
So, he sunk into silence after all.
“It’s disgusting! I am going to drink like crazy! I will order what I want! Hey!! One beer, please!”
She called for the waiter in a loud voice.
Her white throat greatly moved in front of him.
He saw that her delicate silver accessory, which she was wearing, reflected shiningly.
It had a shape of the cross when he looked carefully.
He wondered whether it was just accessories having the form of the cross or she was a Christian, and searched his own memory as if he sobered up.
He had not yet drunk the liquor.
But he had been excited as if he was drinking since she invited him to have a drink today.
Even if she did not make herself up so much, she was a beautiful girl.
But he noticed that she had made herself up finely this evening.
Belatedly he came to realize that it was for him, and he felt uncomfortable again.
He felt that he should praise her with pleasure obediently, but didn’t know how to say as usual.
“Well, one deep-fried octopus, one green soybean, and one okonomiyaki, and the mixed sashimi platter for 2 persons, please.”
Mitsuru gave the waiter her order by fast talking.
“One beer, please”
Akihiko felt that the waiter seemed to go away without asking his drink.
So he added it hurriedly.
It was still his custom to expect Japanese style service for the customer, because this bar was just like Japanese style bar at a glance.
Mitsuru scowled at Akihiko and declared sharply, “You don’t think about my heart at all.”
Akihiko said, “No, you might misunderstand it a little”
“I am misunderstanding? What is my misunderstanding?”
It was pretty for Akihiko that Mitsuru took a displeased and offensive attitude.
“I didn’t have such a composure in those days.
Or she didn’t have?
No…, our relationship itself didn’t have a composure?”
Akihiko was pulled into his memory.
“You are thinking about that woman now, aren’t you?”
He was pointed out by Mitsuru and could not deny it.
“What kind of the person she is?”
The mug of beer was carried so quickly and Mitsuru asked him while receiving it.
While Akihiko hesitated whether he would drink a toast with Mitsuru or not, she had begun to already drink beer.
He noticed that she was not going to try to act cute anymore this evening.
He took a drink of his beer slightly disappointedly.
After he arrived for his new post in this city having high temperature and humidity, he came to feel that the beer was tasty for him after a long absence.
When he had lived for his post in the city at the dry Continent, he used to drink only something like a whiskey.
When he was living in the city at the dry Continent, he drunk only the spirits like a whiskey.
“Have you already talked to only Takanobu in detail so much?”
Her eyes were warped sorrowfully for an instant.
He thought that he had no intention to want to see her like this.
And he was compelled to drink his beer at a fast pace.
As well as him, the content of Mitsuru’s beer mug was already almost empty.
“Takanobu said to me that he didn’t know about it so much. But he told me that you seemed to be not able to forget a certain woman.”
“It isn’t true that I can not forget her. I could not have still loved her. I guess that Takanobu seems to be mistaken. I’m only concerned with her, because she was a very eccentric person.”
“An eccentric person? Oh, bother! Is she such a rare type? I imagined that she was somebody like a beautiful gentlewoman of an upper class family. And I guess that she is not like me having an ambition, and she is not like me who want to get such a job.”
Akihiko thought while looking at Mitsuru, “No, you are a gentlewoman of the upper class family enough. It was not ironical at all. Indeed, you might not be only a gentlewoman because you had got this work. However, only a privileged class could get this work now.
Or only the people, who had experience of long life as an underling, could get it. That is to say that just the people like me could get it.”
He was able to no longer talk about it and changed the topic forcibly.
Mitsuru no longer pursued it deeply.
She seemed to be sad and feel down because she had heard such a story from Akihiko.
After that, they drank three or four mugs of beer while talking about the rumor of their office humorously.
They left the bar.
Although Mitsuru insisted that she paid the check of the bar because she invited Akihiko, he paid it.
“Thank you very much. But, I will pay for the next bar.”
Mitsuru said so, and they started walking outside aimlessly while looking for the next bar.
They strolled the street where many colorful lanterns were lit along the creek.

When they approached the public square, they saw many stands selling various things.
Because a lot of Japanese people immigrated to this town, not only the Japanese style bar but also many stands of Japanese style ramen had begun to stand out very much recently.
Japanese character, which meant “HakatA Tonkotsu” or “Charumera”, were dyed on the shop curtains.
They were melting into this town without sense of incongruity day by day.
This town could accept everything from other countries, could swallow them, and could achieve mastery of them.
However, this town did not lose something which was this town’s original.
Akihiko often felt that this town was so mysterious.
It was more refined futuristically than Wall Street in NY, if we visited the neo-futuristic area of this town.
“Look at those bottles! I feel nostalgic for them”
The bottles of Japanese lemon soda of cool green color lined up on the stand at which Mitsuru pointed.
“I want to drink it. Can I drink?”
She asked him so as if she was a child asking her parents.
As soon as Akihiko nodded, she approached the stand as if she burst.
They spent their time at the public square where was brilliantly illuminated all night long near the creek.
There were many tables, chairs and stands in confusion there.
Mitsuru bought strange foods from the stands one after another.
Akihiko and her ate them while drinking the lemon soda.
Because they had not drunk the alcohol since they left the Japanese-style bar, they sobered up.
It was almost in the middle of the night, and the temperature fell down a little.
Something like river wind began to blow along the creek.
Suddenly, the quietness fell on the table which they took their seat facing each other.
She began to talk to him.
“Have you ever had a series of similar dreams which you dream so that the next one is a continuation of the previous one?”
“A series of dreams?”
Akihiko asked her with serious look because she looked serious very much.
“The dreams are usually desultory, and had many contradiction.
And dreams are often only once for me.
So I have never dreamed the continuation of the previous one.”
Mitsuru drank one share of liquid in the bottle of “Hiyashiame”.
She bought it after drinking the Japanese lemon soda.
It was a Japanese-old-fashioned drink dissolving a candy in water with a fragrance of ginger.
Akihiko had a plastic bottle of the mineral water in its hand.
“She had never dreamed the continuation of the dream. But recently, she must have dreamed it.” Akihiko thought so, but he did not put any word in, and waited for Mitsuru to begin to talk again.
“Recently, my dream is repetitive.
And it is mysterious for me to dream so frequently.
I have never remembered the memory of the dream very much until now.
It is strange that I can remember it very well.”
Akihiko listened to her earnestly.
“The setting of the dreams is always the same little hot-spring resort.
I have the dream repeatedly.”
“Is it a hot-spring resort?”
“Yes. It is the Japanese hot spring. The stage is certainly Japan.”
Mitsuru’s eyes were absentminded as if she was dreaming.
“Although my parents are Japanese, I have lived in the place that was not Japan all the time ever since I could remember.
I don’t have the memory about Japan so much, and I have never visited in the Japanese hot-spring resort.
But it is the clear dream of the details.
The resort is located in the rustic country-side.
However, for example, there is a witty hotel having the beautiful window made of stained glass.
Or, there is a refined cafe serving a statelessness-like dish in spite of its Japanese style.”
“Well, it seems to be often introduced on the fashion magazine which women like.”
Akihiko carelessly said such a thing.
Mitsuru usually remonstrated about his behavior that he always made a fool of girl’s lowbrow.
However now, he did not intend to say a joke.
“I see.
I also think that it is influence from the memory that I had read in the magazine or something.
Still it is strange to have such a dream many times.”
At that time, it reminded Akihiko that he had had also dreams several times recently.
He did not always have dreams very frequently.
Because it was unexpected for him to have dreams, he remembered it.
But he did not remember the content of the dream.
He forgot it as soon as he woke up.
And he remembered only that he had a dream.
Then, the quietness fell among them again.
However, although it was the middle of the night, those around them were lively very much.
Many people ate ramen, gyoza, small basket parcel, fried rice, India curry, and such things grandly while talking loudly.
And they drunk greatly.
Most of the voices were Chinese language.
English was sometimes mixed, too.
It seemed to be only them to talk in Japanese around them.
Because Mitsuru was raised in the countries which were not Japan, probably she should have usually used the language that was not Japanese.
Akihiko had grown up in Japan until he was 18 years old.
The time, that he lived on the country where he had to speak foreign language, was going to overtake that 18 years.
Still, it was his mother tongue, so he could speak Japanese most freely.
And when he spoke Japanese, he was able to be relaxed the best.
He sometimes thought that it was not Japanese language for Mitsuru.
But they had the same language.
He was not able to imagine that he talked in English, Chinese, or other language with her.
Of course, if there was somebody who spoke English or Chinese with them, they talked without speaking Japanese.
He could not escape from the consciousness that he took the trouble to use the language for a conversation.
He could never relax when he spoke in the foreign language.
Then, the silence became the opportunity that they decided to go home.
He stopped a taxi for Mitsuru.
He slightly expected that she might say that she did not want to go home and she wanted to stay at his apartment this night.
Therefore suddenly he was disappointed a little.
On the other hand it was fact that he was relieved.
He saw the taxi, which Mitsuru took, off and stopped another taxi for himself.
It was half past 1 a.m.
He thought about that there was only one hour time difference between here and Japan.
It meant that it was half past 2 a.m. in Japan.
He began to think again, “What was “that woman” doing now?
This was not something like a regret of the love feelings about which Mitsuru worried.”
He told to himself that if we would associate with such a strange person once, she would became very unforgettable for us.
After he had made an excuse, he took out his smartphone at the taxi, and began to access the internet.
“I am going to stop being concerned with her.”
He thought so many times.
Of course, he was practically not concerned with her anymore.
However, even if somebody would not be really concerned with somebody, and even if they would separate widely each other, they had been able to have the relationship.
“It is totally meaningless that people live distantly in such internet epoch, don’t you think?”
Akihiko was not able to go away from the internet as if he was cursed.


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