Farewell Part13

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February 3rd 2015  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Romantic Love  |  Author:  |  1778 views

One Friday evening, Akihiko visited Takanobu’s apartment with Mitsuru.
Takanobu’s wife Yumiko treated them to her home cooking, and many of the dishes onto the big table were already empty.

Yumiko went to children’s room in order to lull her children to sleep, Mitsuru, Takanobu, and Akihiko were talking relaxedly while drinking the glasses of wine which was opened newly after the dinner.

These familiar members were spending weekend’s evening joyfully.
Akihiko noticed that after all it was calmest for him to spend the time with Mitsuru adding Takanobu. Which made him feel guilty, but he could not help associating with not only Mitsuru but also every woman in such a way, he also noticed.
Akihiko regretted many times that when he associated with “That woman”, he often had the behavior harming her.
So it was not the problem of Mitsuru, but the problem of his nature.
This was more than he could manage, he felt.
“Hey, Mitsuru has already uploaded!”, Takanobu said loudly watching his iPhone.
“Yes. Yumiko’s home-made cooking is always so delicious! I would like to make everyone watch the photo of wonderful dishes!”
Mitsuru seemed to take the photographs of the dishes cooked by Yumiko this evening, and upload them on the SNS having many users all over the world.
Akihiko, who had been lost in meditation for a while, recovered to his senses and started to access the SNS by using his iPhone.
Akihiko discovered the photograph which Mitsuru had just uploaded on the SNS.
Many plates of the elaborate dish served urbanely, the figure of Takanobu and Akihiko were taken by Mitsuru’s camera before he noticed.
And those photographs were already uploaded on the internet.
Akihiko pushed the button “Like” for the photograph reflectively, and felt, “What am I doing?”
He had anticipated that “That woman” might had already found his account in this SNS and the mini blog which enable the users to send within 140 characters message.
So he blocked her account in advance.
He had known her those accounts on the internet since long ago.
It was not awkward for him that his account would be found by her account.
Even though he would blocked her account, if she was the situation that she logged out of her account, or she would have another account, and she would search him, he would be found immediately.
So, the fact, that Akihiko took the trouble to block her account, might be found out by her.
No, he had a presentiment that she had already found him on the SNS.
Because the SNS, on which Mitsuru had just uploaded the photograph, required users to resister not their assumed name but their real name, it was easier than other SNS to find him for her.
Akihiko used the user name which combined his real name and some numbers together on the mini-blog.
Therefore it should have been easy to look for Akihiko’s account for even someone who was not “That woman”.
Still Akihiko wanted to avoid that his timeline would intersect the timeline of “That woman”.
He felt like that it might be his conceit that he thought “That woman” still intended to contact him.
However, he felt that he should avoid every way to happen to meet her on the internet.
He thought, “It was the courtesy which I should do”.
It was not the strong declaration of intention saying, “Please don’t contact me anymore”.
If anything, it might be the declaration of intention saying, “If I would contact her, I did not know how we would end up”, he thought.
Akihiko also felt shyness for his own ambiguous way to keep her a distance.
“Please don’t contact me. NO, Please contact!”
He as good as virtually continued telling such a thing to “That woman”.
Actually, it was scary for Akihiko to contact “That woman” again.
“Hey, you are a lucky man! I would like to marry somebody who is good at the cooking like Yumiko”
Mitsuru told such a thing to Takanobu jokingly.
“Yumiko went to the cooking class seriously before we had gotten married”.
Takanobu praised his wife proudly, and Mitsuru admired it obediently.
Then Takanobu’s children seemed to fall into sleep, Yumiko came back from children’s room and put the cutting board served several kinds of Cheese, dry fig, and dry apricot onto the dining table newly.
Mitsuru said, “Thank you, Yumiko”.
She praised Yumiko for cooking while asking the recipe.
“What’s with you? Are you sleepy?”, Takanobu asked Akihiko, who had been apt to be out of their conversation.
“You’ve been strange, and often kind of spaced out recently, don’t you? I guess you are busy on your business.”, Takanobu said, came up to Akihiko, and sat down in front of him in earnest bringing the glass of wine.
Akihiko answered honestly, “It’s not bad. But because I have some difficult matters, I am surely sleep deprived a little recently.”
But Akihiko guessed that it was about the relation with Mitsuru that Takanobu wanted to ask Akihiko.
Mitsuru visited Akihiko’s apartment, and ate breakfast together the other day.
Akihiko noticed that Mitsuru’s behavior had been strange since that day.
In addittion, he felt like that Takanobu seemed to hear something from Mitsuru, and seemed to want to ask Akihiko about it.
Although it was true that Akihiko was very busy with his work, he was apt to avoid Takanobu attempting to ask Akihiko recently.
But Akihiko was not able to decline the invitation to dinner that Yumiko directly sent the e-mail to Akihiko.
Mitsuru might do some consultation to Yumiko.
Akihiko slightly felt that three of them would invite Akihiko to this dinner making agreement in advance.
“I will go to the balcony to try to sober up.”
Akihiko had broken off the conversation with Takanobu in spite of himself again.
But Takanobu seemed to not be dissatisfied because he might be sleepy.
Akihiko picked one piece of cheese up which Yumiko had cut newly, and went out to the balcony of the apartment with the glass of wine.
It was relatively dry, and refreshing wind blew this evening.
The almost same type of apartments were standing in front of Akihiko, and there were many well-lighted windows and many dark windows.
Suddenly, Akihiko happened to hear Yumiko’s voice.
Of course, he knew that Yumiko and Mitsuru were talking together eagerly, but he came to be interested in the content of their conversation.
“How mysterious! You have the dreams having the same situation every time, and you always see the same woman in your dream, don’t you?”, Yumiko said to Mitsuru.
“It was ‘That woman’. Mitsuru might be wrapped in ‘That woman’s dream!”, Akihiko thought. But he was not surprised that he thought so. He felt out of it.
“I became vaguely aware, yes… I feel like that I also slipped into that dream many times. Sharing the dreams was like the things as SF film, but it might be possible! I’ve gotten drunk?”
Akihiko thought.
“Do you know the woman?”
Takanobu seemed to join the conversation of Mitsuru and Yumiko, and asked Mitsuru.
Akihiko was just listening to their talk at the balcony.
“Because I have the same dream many times, I remember her face. But she is not somebody whom I have ever met and known. Still, I have some knowledge.”

Mitsuru told them, and Akihiko heard it.
Akihiko felt like that he was watching the small hot-spring resort embodying the romanticism of the Taisho era in front of him.
“I’ve gotten drunk?”
He thought so again.
Still he drunk all the red liquid left in the glass more than half up in one breath.
The city of Shanghai was always hazy because of the smog.
The news, that the polluted air made in this continent was brought to Japan, and it was dangerous for health, seemed to be reported in Japan.
But the thing like a monster was still being enshrined in that very country.
It is continuing to vomit the very contaminated air and water.
In addition, it was not going to leave there forever.
And it will never die.
There’s nothing that can be done.
“Hey, Akihiko. There is some wine left undrunk. Because there is not the space for the bottle of wine in the refrigerator, please drink more.”
Akihiko heard Yumiko’s voice.
Akihiko answered so while feeling that anyone were apt to behave in a punctilious manner as if they went back to their high school days whenever they were in front of Yumiko.
“Yes, that was our bright high school days when all of us were good boys and honor students! Anyway, Takanobu came across a really good woman.”, Akihiko thought, and remembered when Akihiko was invited to Takanobu’s wedding ceremony, he saw that Takanobu seemed to be so happy.

That heartwarming memory revived in his mind.
Then when Yumiko called Akihiko, and he sat down near the three of them onto the sofa,
Yumiko filled his glass with wine, Mitsuru said, “That woman was called ‘Tohko’ at the hot-spring resort.”
“Although it is in the dream, she has the name properly.”
Yumiko said with jokingly.
“Yes, her name is Tohko. Tohko.”, Akihiko said to himself.
Akihiko heard that Takanobu had held breath suddenly.
When Akihiko talked to Takanobu about “That woman”, Akihiko use “Tohko” of her name.
Therefore Takanobu must have noticed that it was the name of “That woman”.
Takanobu seemed to be at a loss, but seemed to not look at Akihiko intentionally.
“Is she a beautiful woman?”
Yumiko asked.
“Yes, I think that she is beautiful. But she always leaves me with an impression that she is angry.”
Akihiko and Takanobu were wondering whether the way of Mitsuru’s speaking has a cynical tone or not.
Mitsuru continued, “I feel like that she is displeased with me.”
Yumiko said, “Really? She is in an abrupt manner?”
Only Yumiko did not know the circumstances and was the one who was smiling from beginning to end at this place.
Or she might only pretend not to notice it while guessing that the state of other members was strange.
Suddenly, they heard the voice of excited man and woman who were speaking in Chinese from the opened window.
They seemed to quarrel, or seemed to only talk loudly.
Akihiko’s memory had been doubtful since that time.
When he woke up suddenly, he was lying down onto the sofa at Takanobu’s living room.
While he drank as wine was poured by Yumiko, he seemed to have slept.
When he watched his watch, it was half past 3 a.m.
It was dark in the living room, but the indirect light lit up, so he barely saw the situation of the room.
All the windows were closed, and the curtains were shut, too.
Akihiko was alone in the room.
“Takanobu and his wife would go to their bedrooms. But where is Mitsuru?”, Akihiko noticed that there was not Mitsuru in the room.
“She might have gone home by taxi, or she might be sleeping at another room in Takanobu’s apartment.”, Akihiko thought.
Mitsutu or Akihiko stayed overnight at Takanobu’s apartment many times until now.
Because Akihiko was thirsty, he walked to the kitchen to drink water.
He took a bottle of the mineral water out of the refrigerator and drank off the glass laid upside down onto the kitchen counter at a breath.
Unexpectedly, he noticed that he could hear the voice talking.
Akihiko thought, “Mitsuru is talking over the cell-phone at somewhere.”
He tried to listen carefully.
It isn’t Mitsuru’s voice, but the voice of woman, he noticed.
“I have not heard this voice since long time ago.”
Akihiko felt like that he would go crazy because of the nostalgia.
“How long did I talk with her in those days?”
Because there was already a telecommunications system which enable users to speak without payment via the internet at that time, people could speak someone living abroad without using the expensive international call. Akihiko also often talked with “That woman” by using that system.
“What did we talk about for such a long time every day?”
It was the days before Akihiko had become so busy.
The voice was continuing without break.
Akihiko sometimes heard somebody’s name in the voice.
The name was the person with whom “That woman” was talking.
He heard that was “Akihiko” correctly.
“She is talking with me now! And I am listening to her voice now!
It might be so strange, but I can listen to very the voice!
There is another man who is also me?
And is it a dream? I should have been the room of Takanobu’s apartment in shanghai.
How would time and space around me be twisted?”
Akihiko told to himself.
At last when Akihiko called her name, he woke up.
He recognized that he had woken up alone a while ago. But it would be a dream.
“But, is it really? I confused. Where and when have the dream started this evening?”, Akihiko thought, and was lying onto the sofa at Takanobu’s apartment.
But Mitsuru, Takanobu, and Yumiko were still there and they looked at Akihiko.
“Now, Akihiko certainly called woman’s name, didn’t he?”
Mitsuru said teasingly.
And other two of them agreed with her while laughing.
Akihiko’s memories were gradually recalled.
“Mitsuru would say that the name of the woman, whom Mitsuru met in her dream, was Tohko. And now, I actually said the name ‘Tohko’ senselessly.”
But the three of them did not question in detail about the name.
Akihiko was wondering, “The dream has already started when Mitsuru said ‘That woman’s name?
When did the dream start?”

“Akihiko, shall I bring you a glass of water?”
Yumiko said to Akihiko and stood up.
“If am I dreaming even now, How long I am continuing to dream?”
Akihiko felt like that his dry throat would be tightened.

“Everything might be dream. I love somebody or I am loved by someone…which might be a dream, too.”
He took his smartphone in his hand by habit.
When he booted it up, the picture, which he pushed “Like!” on Mitsuru’s photo, still remained there.
“This part of my memory seems not to be dream.”, he said to himself.
And he moved his finger again in order to check the place where “That woman” would write something on the internet.
“The space of the internet would be a thing almost like dream?”
Akihiko felt that Mitsuru stared him doing such an operation.
However, Akihiko could not stop doing it.


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