Farewell Part10

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November 12th 2014  |  3  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Romantic Love  |  Author:  |  1442 views

One morning, Mitsuru received a parcel which her parents had sent from Paris.
It was filled with many things which she requested her parents to send.
Some bottled foods, some canned foods, some cakes, and some seasoning, which were wrapped by the beautiful packages, were taken out from the box, and were displayed in front of Mitsuru onto the table.

When she served herself a cup of Chinese tea named “The secret of Tibet” made in the tea maker at Paris, and drank it at her office, Akihiko mockingly said to her,
“Why do you take the trouble to order the fake from other country, and drink it although you are living in the best place for the Chinese tea?”

However because Mitsuru spent much time of her youth in Paris, there were a lot of things which must be the thing of Paris.
In that parcel, there was also a package of Japanese green tea that her parents always chose only this, because they thought that the one made in Japan was most delicious.
Mitsuru remembered that Akihiko found fault with the package of Japanese green tea which was sent from her parents before, when he came to Mitsuru’s office.

Suddenly, Akihiko looked serious, and said to her, “You’d better not drink it.”
Furthermore, he was going to even throw the package of Japanese green tea in the trash box.
No matter how much she loved him, she was surprised and said to him while preventing his action, “You are too exaggerated!”

Mitsuru tried to make the difference of the opinion between Akihiko and her clear at this chance, and said “You are worried about the radioactive contamination in the food, aren’t you?”

Akihiko’s expression became more severe.
“Takanobu said to me that you are sensitive with the radioactive contamination. But I know that the foods imported from Japan are perfectly checked about radiation.”
Suddenly, Akihiko made his severe face relax.
Rather than, his face became like a blank.
Mitsuru got the impression that Akihiko made himself become nothing as if he was empty.
Akihiko returned the package of Japanese green tea to the basket, in which there were Mitsuru’s private things, in silently and not in an abrupt manner.
Then he turned around his back and left the coffee room of the office.
Mitsuru was left alone there. She was afraid that she might hurt his feeling, and ran after him in a fluster.

After having returned to the office, Akihiko was already talking with Takanobu as if nothing had happened.

She considered that it was not serious for him so much, and felt relieved.
Unlike Mitsuru whose all members of family were living abroad, it was said that both Akihiko’s parents and his brother were living in Japan. In addition, because he had lived in Japan until he was a high school student, he seemed to have many friends who were still living in Japan.

Therefore, Mitsuru should have known that Akihiko was too nervous about that nuclear accident and the radioactive contamination caused by the accident.

“Still his imperative behavior when he caught hold of the package of Japanese green tea a while ago was scary.”, Mitsuru thought.

Which made her feel that she wanted to give ugly-face to him.
Mitsuru remembered the day when she said to herself getting sulky and perverse,
“He should not have needed to make his expression angry so much.”, while looking at the package of Japanese green tea.
“Takanobu had lived in Tokyo until he moved to Shanghai for his new post. But he is not worried about the radioactive contamination at all anymore.
His wife Yumiko often goes back to Japan, but she is never worried about the radioactive contamination anymore, too.”, she thought.
Yumiko had bought Japanese sweets of old-established shop in Ginza for the souvenir to Mitsuru recently.
Mitsuru considered that Akihiko, who was not in Japan when that accident happened, might not know the circumstances compared with Mr. and Mrs. Takanobu who were in Japan at that time
Mitsuru was afraid that Akihiko, who had to be worried about his family from abroad, might have read or watch only prejudiced information which told him that radiation was too dangerous.
“It must be a reason that he truly loved his family”,
Mitsuru tried to make herself persuade.
“I guess that he must have thought that it was bad for my health if I would drink it, so he had such a scary expression when he found that I had Japanese green tea.”, she said.
Still she somehow stopped putting the Japanese green tea in her office anymore thereafter.
Mitsuru came up with the idea that if she rather gave Japanese green tea to Mrs. Takanobu, Mrs. Takanobu would be pleased with it more.
Mitsuru finished taking everything from the box.
She made the things, which she was going to give Takanobu’s wife and Akihiko, leave the place from other things.
Because she was not going to give them to every member of the office, she wondered where she should hand it to Akihiko, and she hit upon an idea suddenly.
“Today is Saturday, so we have no work.
I wonder that I will go to the place near Akihiko’s apartment, and call him. Will it go all right?”
She never thought to enter his apartment. She just intended to make him come to some café around there.
A friend of her lived in his neighborhood, so she could make an excuse that she was just going to stop by to her friend’s apartment.
No, it was O.K. that she would say to him that she came to meet him without such an excuse.
She tidied herself up quickly.
As soon as she went out, she could take a passing taxi.
And the taxi arrived at the destination in no time.
She got out of the taxi at the business area, where was being developed recently, near Akihiko’s apartment.
Indeed, the traditional cityscape was left in many places around there, but the signboard of global chain coffee shop, Japanese brand “MUJI”, and some fast fashion shops of various countries stood side by side. These shops were full of many people who were the tourists, or the local young people.
Mitsuru called Akihiko without being able to restrain herself as soon as she took her cellular phone out.
Akihiko unexpectedly answered the phone immediately.

So, because suddenly she got embarrassed, she ended up hesitating to say.

Akihiko said to her that he was not at his apartment now, and he was doing shopping at the grocery store around there.

He asked her where she was and said that he would go to her in 5 minutes, and the phone was hung up.
Immediately, Mitsuru looked at herself on the mirror which was hung on the wall of the general shop in front of her.
Suddenly, she was afraid that she, who was wearing a white linen dress, looked so childish. She wanted to look in the mirror more carefully to check whether her make-up would come off or not.
However, she did not want Akihiko to see such her behavior, so she could not go near the mirror.
She fell into a panic because she did not know what to do.
Except for the case that she went to drink with him after the work the other day, it was the first time for her to meet him alone at the place except for the office on a holiday.
After a while, Akihiko showed up.
“Hi!”, he said to her.
She felt, “He usually looks very smart wearing a formal suit at the office. But how perfect he is in such a casual cloth today!”
Mitsuru afresh felt that she loved him so much while looking at Akihiko from close up.
The very man whom she loved was there.
When he answered the phone from her, he did not any suspicious glance to her at all. And he did not look suspicious now, too.
She saw him smiling cheerfully as usual, so she was relieved and thought that it was good to come here boldly.
“I was going to cook breakfast using these foods from now on, and shall we eat together?”
Akihiko held the paper sack of the glossary store out to Mitsuru so that she could see the contents of it.

She could see the fresh vegetables and fruits out of the paper sack.
Mitsuru asked, “At your place?”
Akihiko answered without hesitation, “Of course!”
Although Mitsuru had hoped for facing such a situation, she did not think that it went well smoothly. So she had even a guilty conscience.
Mitsuru remembered the parcel, which should have been an excuse to be the purpose why she came here, and said, “I just brought the cheese for you which my parents sent.”
They passed through the miscellaneous shopping district, and came to the quiet area where many elegant apartments were standing in the line.
When he acted up to the etiquette for ladies only for Mitsuru, he always did exaggerated gesture on purpose jokingly. When they entered the entrance of one of those apartment, he did the respectful gesture like the servant of the noblewoman as usual.
When Akihiko pushed the button of the elevator, and it came and opened the door, Mitsuru got into it while laughing uncontrollably for his joke.
Mitsuru felt that Akihiko was sometimes hard to please.
She noticed that she had been worried that if he would show her such his temperament when she was standing in the elevator next to Akihiko and was relieved.
“I must have difficulty dealing with the very incurable part of him.
Particularly, if we would love each other.”
When she thought so, Mitsuru could not help getting tense because she was afraid how their relationship would change today.
Then, the view from Akihiko’s wide room was splendid.
Mitsuru was led to not the sofa but the dining table by Akihiko because the breakfast would be soon.
The fresh fruit juice which Akihiko had just made with a mixer was handed to Mitsuru sitting at the dining table.
As Akihiko said that he tended to get totally immersed himself in everything he undertook, there were many various spice bottles onto the kitchen counter.
In addition, many flowerpots with the houseplants were properly maintained and were put on many places in his apartment.
Mitsuru saw them and was enchanted very much.
She thought, “I always make my apartment comfortable.
However, it would be good if I would live all the time at this Akihiko’s apartment together.
Or next, it might be good that I would invite him to my apartment which was arranged like Paris-style at the France concession in this Shanghai.”
Then a large piece of sandwich of fresh vegetables and the chicken onto the white plate was served in front of Mitsuru.
And Akihiko handed a cup of coffee which was just finished serving to her.
“How dynamic! Indeed, it is just ‘Man cooking’!”, Mitsuru said.
“Please try. Especially the bread is good.
The bakery shop, which have opened at the area where we met a while ago, was my favorite. The Japanese couple who emigrated recently seem to bake those bread.
Not only the hard-bread is real thing, but also there are good old cream bread, or red bean jam bread.”
”Japanese? Really?”, Mitsuru said.
But she did not feel nostalgia for both the cream bread and the red bean jam bread. They were Japanese original traditional sweet bun.
In the first place Mitsuru, who was not brought up in Japan, had not eaten both of them.
The bread for Mitsuru was the freshly baked baguette which she always went to buy in the morning at Paris.
Of course, the bread which Akihiko used for this sandwich was not bad, but she felt that it was not real thing.
But she did not say it.
Mitsuru bit into the sandwich.
The Asian-like source was spicy, so she felt that it was really delicious.
“My ideal of cooking is the perfect fusion of the Western and Asian, after having come to this city.”
Akihiko said so and bit into the same sandwich while standing in front of the kitchen counter.
He was drinking the fruit juice with a relish, too.
Then they continued being the couple who ate breakfast while talking happily as if they were in a piece of the perfect picture.
She began to feel the uneasiness such as a light shadow, and felt “We are only pretending such a couple?”
Akihiko said, “I forgot the washing machine! I will hang out them”, and went out of the room to go to the laundry room.
Mitsuru happened to notice that there had been Akihiko’s laptop onto the small cocktail table by the sofa.
“Probably, it would be locked, I would not be able to watch his laptop. In addition, if Akihiko would discover me touching and watching his PC without permission, it would be very awkward.”, Mitsuru thought.
However, she touched Akihiko’s laptop when she noticed.
The machine, which had been dead until a while ago, suddenly growled with Boone and stood up. And the screen which required a password did not appear.
The page, that Akihiko should have read until a while ago, just appeared in front of Mitsuru.
It was a page of SNS having the most number of the users in the world.
It was the profile page: there were a Japanese woman’s name and a photograph of a Japanese woman.
“This must be ‘That woman’ for Akihiko!”, Mitsuru knew intuitively.
“She might be the very woman with whom Akihiko was still concerned…”
She memorized that name immediately and thought that it was possible to search the name in this SNS by herself later.
And Mitsuru closed the cover of the laptop automatically.
The cover had been opened before, she noticed.
But she could not open it because she had already separated from the laptop.
She was afraid that Akihiko noticed, but she could not do anything anymore.
Mitsuru, who had returned to the dining table quickly, drank the coffee with an uneasy.
“Tohko Kaihara”
This must be the name of “That woman”
Mitsuru was dying to read her page as soon as possible.
At last she took her smartphone out without being able to endure and began to search the name.
She found it.
It was the same as the photograph which she watched on Akihiko’s laptop a while ago.
When Mitsuru looked well, she got the impression that ‘That woman’ was older than Akihiko being older than Mitsuru.
Even if it was not age getting so old, she was never in the age called a young woman.
“What would we do from now on today? Shall we go out somewhere?”
Suddenly, Akihiko returned to the living room after having hung the laundry to dry.
Light piano music was playing in the room.
Instead of Mitsuru, who hesitated to answer and lost the chance to answer truly, the piano music was covering the blank of the air in the room simply.
“Are you O. K? What’s the matter?”
Akihiko watched Mitsuru’s expression anxiously.
Mitsuru intended to just leave Akihiko’s apartment if he would care of the laptop immediately.
But Akihiko came to Mitsuru, and touched her forehead.
“You have a fever?”
Mitsuru noticed that they wanted to hug desperately each other in order to cover their uneasiness, she recovered her senses suddenly.
“No. It is a mistake to begin our relations in this way.”
Mitsuru felt like that “That woman” called Tohko Kaihara was watching her from somewhere.
Mitsuru felt like that she was almost frozen.
“I don’t have a fever! I was just too full and painful. I would like to go shopping that place where we met in the morning. There were many shops to see for the first time.”
She could say cheerfully with great difficulty, and discovered herself to be strong.
She understood that the times, when she was like a princess whose every wish would be realized, was over.
“But even if I understand it, whenever I was in love, I would be hurt by the trifling matter.”, Mitsuru thought.
“Well, let’s go out”, Akihiko said and was staring straight at Mitsuru.
But she felt, “He looks at only me?”
Mitsuru answered with a big smile, “Sure!”
It just began on Saturday.


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