Farewell 32

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“Really? Basically, is this fortuneteller, Mr. Ryang your uncle?”
Being surprised very much, Mitsuru asked to Mr. Qui, almost shouting unintentionally.
A while ago, Mitsuru arrived at this Ryang’s house located in an area of Shanghai in where tourists rarely visited.
A young, female receptionist appeared and led Mitsuru into this room.
Then, Mitsuru was there waiting for her turn to consult Mr. Ryang when Mr. Qui happened to walk in.
Mr. Qui was a young Chinese who had happened to sit next to Mitsuru on the airplane heading to Paris some time ago. Mitsuru was on her way to Paris in where her parents had been living at that time.
Surprisingly, Mitsuru ran into Qui at Mr. Ryang’s house by chance again today.
Qui explained, “I’m a nephew of uncle Ryang. Today, I’ve just come here to see him.”
Mitsuru visited here as Ryang’s office, Qui visited here as Ryang’s dwelling, and both of them were the same place.
At first, Mitsuru got uneasy at this second fortuity that she dumped into Qui again because the atmosphere of this weird area where she had passed by until arriving at this house had already depressed her.
Mitsuru felt as if she had strayed into her own dream or something.
But as Qui, who looked highly pleased with this encounter with Mitsuru, talked with her in a gentlemanly manner, she was getting calm little by little, and her fear was about to vanish like mist. Qui’s decorous attitude made her reliable.
“Well, uncle Ryang was rather a white collar worker devoting himself to the job once. He was one of the members of the company our family own. But he suddenly quitted the job in his late of 40s and became such a fortuneteller.” Qui said.
Wearing a loose flannel-shirt and pants, instead of a formal suit that he was wearing when Mitsuru had met him for the first time, Qui looked much more casual today, with his hair a little messy.
Qui had clear skin like a female, and was thin, long-limbed. On top of that, his demeanor was perfectly elegant.
Mitsuru had always liked someone like Akihiko, who was quite manly. But she noticed that she felt comfortable when she was well treated by Qui. She regarded Qui as something like a bore because his attitude seemed inflexible and to lack individuality when she met him for the first time. But Mitsuru noticed that was because Qui was in the public space like a plane with her that day.
Today, Mitsuru came to know that Qui’s personality was more friendly than she had thought.
Qui peered in her eyes more intimately at the situation he was alone with her like today.
In addition, she remembered that she had been very pleased to be treated like a princess by Qui that day. Which made Mitsuru regain female’s confidence.
As a result, Mitsuru was getting to let her guard against Qui down despite such a strange situation.
Mitsuru asked, “Well, are you going to see your uncle to consult him about your dream, too?”
“Hmm, at first I was one of the clients of my uncle. But I’ve got interested in fortune-telling itself and am a kind of his disciple now,” Qui replied.
“Oh, are you going to be a fortuneteller officially in the future?” Mitsuru asked to Qui and he said, “There’s no way to tell. Unlike uncle Ryang, I don’t have enough ability, I feel. You know, it needs special power like something magical and miraculous. However, everybody cannot get enough such a thing. So, it’s nothing more than a hobby for me so far. My uncle often said that if I am not still serious, I may not be able to get enough ability even though I do much training. But I’m doing it seriously, even though my uncle never accepts it.” “I see. I’m interested in your fortune-telling. Oh, I’ve got a good idea. Could you divine my case? Of course, I’ll defray the fee as well.” Mitsuru said, being worried that Qui might not be willing to do it.
But his face lit up as soon as hearing it.
“Sure, I’ll do it with pleasure. But I’m still a trainee and cannot get money from you. And could you have a counseling session with me but also with my uncle at first? I need his support and it’s better for you.”
“I’m OK with that.” Mitsuru answered. She had used to be irritated with Akihiko because unlike Qui who could speak socially, Akihiko tended to fall silence when he couldn’t say something as desired.
However, Mitsuru noticed she was still attracted to Akihiko including even such his behaviors. Qui saw Mitsuru was absentminded with unfocused eyes.
“Hey! Just now, your mind seems to be travelling at far place as if daydreaming,” Qui said. “Sorry, I was in a daze,” Mitsuru apologised. “Please never mind. Well, the session of the client before you seems to have just finished.” Qui said, and Mitsuru certainly heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs.
An elderly, portly man clad in a dark-colored suit disappeared, going toward the door, as soon as appearing.
He completely ignored Mitsuru and Qui, being in blank in amazement.
Mitsuru thought that this man probably had continued to dream since he had Mr. Ryang’s session.
Next, the receptionist came back to Mitsuru and offered to lead her to Mr. Ryang’s consulting room. But Qui explained the circumstance to the receptionist and took the place of her to lead Mitsuru to his uncle.
After having knocked the door and opened it, Mitsuru found that the consulting room was overly plain and simple: there were only an office desk, some chairs, and some cabinets, all of which were austere. They were not too old but were not too new. Mitsuru felt that everything was too ordinary in spite of the fortuneteller’s office.
“Hey, I’m glad to see you, but why are you coming here with my new client, Qui?”
A slender man sitting down on the chair said to Qui.
He was the very fortuneteller that Mitsuru had an appointment to consult.
Mr. Ryang seemed to be in his 60s and an intellectual person with a pair of glasses the frame of which was thin and silver-colored. Mitsuru didn’t know whether Qui was really related with Mr. Ryang by blood or not but felt that the two of them had the same atmosphere that could make Mitsuru recognize that they came from the same clan.

After Qui had explained to his uncle, Mr. Ryang said to Mitsuru,
“Hmm, my nephew sometimes reads dreams in interesting ways beyond my expectation. So, why wouldn’t we join today’s happenstance? You ran into Qui here again by chance. Which must have a certain meaning.”
Mr. Ryang was talking pleasantly with impish eyes.
Mitsuru had supposed that Mr. Ryang must have been an unworldly person practicing tortoise-shell divination like a wizard until she saw him actually.
Therefore, she got relieved more and more because of his ordinary manner. In addition, Mitsuru felt that the divination done in such a room like a laboratory had assumed even an academic aspect.
However, Mitsuru was the type to have stopped her study because she had felt that her study had reached its limits when she was a college student.
Instead of entering grad school, she chose to find work, hoping to learn various things through actual experience. And Mitsuru was also the type to be a little interested in a kind of spirituality: fortuneteller, horoscope, and so on.
Of course, there were some deceitful business in such a field.
Still, Mitsuru somehow believed that there might be mysterious things that human beings had never made clear in this world.
Mr. Ryang stood up and surrendered his seat to Qui.
Mitsuru was led to sit down on a couch in front of Qui.
Qui sitting before Mitsuru looked into her eyes carefully.
Suddenly, Mitsuru recalled her own feeling of the time when she met Qui again by chance a while ago. Mitsuru certainly felt, “Am I dreaming? Am I in continuation of my dream? All of our life might be utterly dreams?”
Now, there was no fear in her mind.
“I know,” Mitsuru murmured and was about to be filled with something nostalgic.


After the session, Qui invited Mitsuru to have dinner while driving his car to bring Mitsuru to her apartment.
Mitsuru gladly agreed to him.
Qui stopped his car at a luxury restaurant. Mitsuru felt that it looked like a kind of place used for a special date.
Such a high-grade restaurant might be rather excessive normally, but Mitsuru felt that this situation was so natural because a gentleman like Qui escorted her in a polished manner.
Mitsuru envisaged that if she always dated with somebody like this, it must have been easy for her. But she remembered that whenever she felt herself being transported by conveyor belt while dating with any guys she wanted to alight from such a steady course for some reason or other.
Two pieces of small glass plate filled with appetizer were served on the table in front of Mitsuru and Qui. According to the waiter, it was a mint-flavored salad of pink-colored risoni with sautéed scallops and crabmeat.
Mitsuru said, “How lovely this pink pasta is!”
Qui replied, “So beautiful like the color of your cheeks.”
Mitsuru thought it would take more than one million years to let Akihiko say such a serif and noticed that she had compared Akihiko and Qui unconsciously, giving a wry smile despite herself.
“You’re thinking about him again, aren’t you?”
Qui pointed out to Mitsuru and she blushed.
“Well, is it possible to talk about the session we’ve had? Or is there a rule you shouldn’t talk about the oneiromancy apart from the session?”
Mitsuru asked to Qui.
“No problem. It isn’t a medical treatment, but just a divination. Take it easy and let’s talk. And we might notice something new while enjoying dinner.” Qui continued to say while handling a knife and a fork very well.
“In nowadays we usually think that we see a person in our dream because we love that person so much. But in ancient Japan, people seemed to believe that they saw a person in their dreams because that person loved them and came into their dreams to meet them. People’s soul cannot help but go out of their bodies to see their sweethearts because of loving too much even though they live apart from each other.
Japanese people believed like that generally a long time ago.”
“Japan?” Mitsuru muttered and for the first time noticed that she had felt the existence of “Japan” had been nothing to her for a long time.
Of course, Mitsuru’s parents were Japanese, but she had spent most of her life time at the countries other than Japan until now.
So, although her own roots belonged to Japan, she had only a faint, vague impression of it.
Mitsuru had been able to feel Japan’s presence only through the relation with Akihiko, Takanobu, and Yumiko, all of whom were Japanese.
Therefore, Mitsuru felt as if Japan was an unknown place like a stage of fairy tales while talking with Qui.
“It’s too early to tell something because we’ve still only once had the session. But as you expected, it is most likely that the world like dreams Tohko strongly wishes to have might have come out without staying inside, I reckon. But that isn’t all. For example, I’ve never encountered Tohko’s dream and never strayed into it. Is that because I have no relation to Tohko? However, you should have been on the same standpoint with me. You’ve had no relation to her, too. But only you have strayed into her dream. That means, the person who has involved in the dream might have a cause.”
Suddenly, Qui stopped his own hands moving to eat.
“Anyway, I am wondering what kind of person Akihiko Waki is. I’d like to see him someday. Do you remember you talked about him so frequently when we met for the first time? So, I quickly realized you like Mr. Waki so much. Which almost made me get jealous.”
Mitsuru replied, looking sad, “Well, but I don’t know even where he is now. He has never contacted with us and never shown the slightest proof that he has logged in any social media”
Qui said, “Yeah, I’m worried about him, too. Where is he? What is he doing? So, we are going to depart to seek the dream.”
“Seek the dream?”
Mitsuru chewed over what Qui had said, while feeling something miraculous.
“The adventure has started,” Qui said as if administering an oath.
Mitsuru caught sight of the waiter reverentially bringing two piece of bowls filled with soup.


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