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There is a word “Autofiction.”; it is one of the genres of literature and appeared newly in 20th century.
Serge Doubrovsk, who was a French writer, created this term to explain his own writing style. The term “Autofiction” is a portmanteau word made by combining `auto,’ which means self and `fiction,’ which means stories people create by their imagination.
But, these two words are mutually exclusive. In other words, a writer has to write by using 2 utterly different means simultaneously; he/she has to write as if writing an autobiography, depending on a condition that the main character is the same person as the writer, but he/she has to write as if writing a fiction, using a form of so-called novel.
When the author writes his/her own life in this Antofiction-style works, the main character is often a vicarious existence of the writer. But the name of this main character is sometimes changed into different one, and is sometimes described by using third person pronoun.
Then, Autofiction is effective to express dramatis personae’s unconscious territory when authors would like to write dramatis personae’s self-consciousness.
This style seems to be new, but Serge Doubrovst just gave a name to what had existed as a phenomenon for a long time. He said, “A story written by using Autofiction-style is a fiction based on a non-fiction. We have to entrust words used for expressing a certain adventure to another adventure when we use Autofiction-style.
That was the adventure words did freely.”
Autofiction is what the stories of author’s real life have hybridized with the fictional stories that the authors are writing to examine their own life and experiences.

【Mitsuru’s Memo】

※About 20 years ago
Tohko: she was an university student.
Akihiko: he was a high school student.
There was a possibility that Akihiko met Tohko for the first time in those days.

※About 10 years ago
Tohko: she was in her early thirties.
Akihiko: he was in his middle twenties.
Tohko met Akihiko again, or for the first time in those days.
But I don’t know what kind of relation they’ve had.
Was Akihiko really dating with Tohko?
Or, they were just friends?
Moreover, even though they were talking actually, I don’t know whether they’ve talked only online or they’ve actually met offline.
There is even a possibility that they’ve been reading only their blogging each other. It must have been hard to actually meet offline because they lived at different countries that were far-off each other. Of course, Tohko wrote that she had really met him offline, but there was no evidences.
I have not heard any details of the relation with Tohko from Akihiko.

Tohko: she is in her early fourties.
Akihiko: he is in his middle thirties.
After the correspondence between Akihiko and Tohko had ended, Tohko seemed to get married with a man, whom Akihiko didn’t know at all, and have a baby soon.
But several years later, she took refuge from Tokyo to a small town of Q prefecture in western Japan because of the big earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident.
Tohko is still writing essay, novel and so on that were something like autobiography on her blog and social media, in the same way as she did when she had the relation with Akihiko. Recently, in addition to these, she began to write the information and her own opinion about the nuclear power accident and radiation exposure. She is a mother being worried about the health problem due to radiation exposure especially for kids after the nuclear power plant accident in Japan. In Japan, there seem to be a lot of mothers like Tohko after the accident happened. I’ve read some articles reporting that some scholars pointed out that it might be rather bad for children’s health that such mothers were too nervous. But Akihiko has been worried about radiation exposure severely.

Is this a mere happenstance? No, I don’t think so.
I guess that is because what Tohko is writing has impacted on Akihiko’s such thoughts about radiation exposure.


“This is a note Mitsuru has summarized the information about the relation between Akihiko and his ex-girlfriend,” Yumiko said and handed a sheet of paper to her husband Takanobu.

Takanobu looked over it without speaking for a while.
It was familiar Sunday morning of Takanobu and his family. All members of the family were at home and Takanobu felt even the noise made by his children running around their apartment was calm and peaceful.
Takanobu always thought that Yumiko’s black-shiny hair cut around cheekbones gave the impression that she was a tender-hearted mother and was an intellectual woman concurrently. Yumiko was once fluffy, long hair style like Mitsuru. But this short hair style had become her basic after having children.
“In his high-school days? Does this mean that Akihiko already knew a woman called Tohko in those days?”
Takanobu said, looking back on Akihiko’s figure clad in school uniform with stand-up collar. Takanobu often hung out with Akihiko because both of them were the members of the same sports club in those days. Yumiko, who was the same age as Takanobu and Akihiko, said, “The woman called Tohko is older than us, isn’t she? About 5 or 6 years older?” and cast her eyes down at the memo, too.
“Hum, what was going on? Was Akihiko tempted by an older, amorous woman? Oh, 20 years ago, Akihiko perhaps violated something like laws protecting juveniles? No, no, in this case, it was Tohko who’ve violated,” Takanobu said. Yumiko said with a fierce look in her eyes, “No way! Why are you always imagining such an improper thing? It is that Mitsuru has said there is a possibility that Tohko was a reader of Akihiko’s website in his high-school days.”
“Oh, I see. Akihiko never seemed to do such a thing in those days. I cannot believe that only Akihiko stole a march on other fellows of us.”
“Oh dear! What are you saying? If Mitsuru listens to it, she must be sad. Please don’t say such a thing in front of her. Or don’t tell me you’ve always said such things to her.”
Yumiko’s attitude got hysterical more and more.
“Hey, Dad! What is ‘law protecting juveniles’? What does it protect from kids?” Takanobu’s son, who had sat down on the sofa near Takanobu before Takanobu noticed, asked him. Takanobu’s daughter sitting next to her brother looked at her father’s face with interest, too. Yumiko looked daggers at her husband more seriously, “Our kids also said such a thing because you’ve said so!! Hey, I’ll prepare some snacks for two of you, please come to the kitchen.”
The two kids were taken by Yumiko.
Takanobu tried to read the memo properly again but never got interested in it very much.
Certainly, Takanobu wanted to know whether Akihiko had been dating with the woman or someone else really or not in his high-school days.
But he was not able to be concerned with other matters related with Akihiko’s past at all. “Why are women interested in such details of other people’s love affair?” Takanobu sighed.
Yumiko came back to Takanobu after she had kept their children quiet.
Takanobu hoped to be relieved from this conversation as soon as possible because it was his precious Sunday. So he tempted to finish this topic and said, “It isn’t worth while detecting Akihiko’s past.”
But Yumiko seemed disappointed and said, “I should have shared these information with you. Mitsuru must have told me on the promise that I would notify you.”
Takanobu felt that such a feeling of solidarity that women often shared by telling their secret of love affair each other didn’t exist among men. So, he decided to have a good smile and said to Yumiko, “I’ve understood for the most part. Thank you very much for telling me,” only hoping that his wife would get into better mood.
Suddenly, a high-pitched sound began to ring. It sounded from Takanobu’s cell phone. He stood up and went near the sideboard on which there was his cell phone recharging its battery. The display of it informed him that it was a call from Mitsuru.
“Well, speak of the devil. We are just talking about her,” Takanobu showed the display to Yumiko and was about to answer it.


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