Farewell 30

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October 12th 2016  |  1  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Romantic Love  |  Author:  |  486 views

On New Year’s Eve evening, Kotaro, who was a son of Tohko, had continued to use her laptop computer since he had finished eating toshikoshi-soba, which was buckwheat noodles eaten as this day’s Japanese custom: Japanese people would like to cut off this year’s misfortune from themselves on New Year’s Eve, eating buckwheat noodles that tended to be cut more easily than other kinds of noodle. Of course, it was a sort of superstition for good luck.
This evening, Kotaro was allowed by his mother to stay up late as much as he wanted.
Tohko would have liked to use her own computer, too. However, Kotaro had learnt to use computer recently. So, Tohko gave up her computer to Kotaro while he was at home and wanted to use it. If she had some matters she should search online, she used her cell phone’s internet.
The next year was about to take the place of this year soon. A little while ago, Tohko got a telephone call from her parents and heard that it was snowing heavily in her hometown.
The snow had reached a depth of 50 cm though it was still December.
Tohko’s mother had often said to her, “Please come back to home during at least New Year.”
Naturally, Tohko also hoped to do so, but was worried about her own physical condition because she could not take a vacation for a long time during Year-end and New Year season and it would be hard to come and go far places like her hometown. Therefore, she decided that she would never go anywhere from this Q prefecture during this holiday.
In this western Japan area she was living after having taken refuge from Tokyo’s radioactive contamination, it seldom snowed. So, it was fun for her to think about her own hometown where snow was always falling thick and fast. She could enjoy snow by indulging in imagination and often enjoyed it like this recently.
This evening, she was earnestly immersed in an image of such steady snow again, sitting next to Kotaro who was using the computer. Then, Kotaro said to Tohko, “What a lot of places you’ve been to, Mom!”
Kotaro seemed to look at the photographs saved in Tohko’s computer.
“Yeah, I liked traveling once. And I had to go on business trips to various places because I worked at a publishing company and wrote articles about sightseeing.”
Tohko also peered in the display of the laptop computer.
There were many photographs on the display and most of those were taken by Tohko while she was traveling.
“You did a job editing magazines, didn’t you?”
“Yeah, I was editing some magazines for girls and women. Flowery, gorgeous, and delightful magazines!”
“Really? Were those magazines sold at book stores actually?”
“Of course, they were really displayed at book stores all over the country.”
“That’s great!” Kotaro uttered a voice, obediently admiring her job, and continued to open the files of photographs one after another.
Then, Tohko went back to a place of her imagination where snow was falling steadily.
Kotaro already finished drinking a glass of hot lemonade Tohko had made for him. Tohko was still sipping it.
When Tohko was a little child, it often snowed heavily on this New Year’s Eve.
During December, the ground was rarely covered with snow readily.
Tohko, who hoped that it would snow as soon as possible, had used to wait for it anxiously.
However, myriad flakes of snow had used to begin falling like a present from the heavens on every New Year’s Eve. It snowed as if blessing a brand-new year, too. “Mom, who is this?”
Suddenly, Kotaro asked, showing Tohko a piece of photograph.
She looked at it and caught her breath.
A man in this photograph was “That man,” who was her ex-boyfriend.
Tohko had never thought that there were any photographs of him in this computer.
She wondered when and how this photograph had been slipped in this file.
Not so often checking her own computer, she hadn’t noticed there had been this photograph there.
“Well, he is an old friend of mine”
Tohko said.
“He is Akihiko Waki, isn’t he?”
Kotaro said, and Tohko was extremely surprised. She had never intended to conceal the presence of her ex-boyfriend from her son, but she had not told it to Kotaro. That was only because he was still little.
But honestly, it was really astonishing for Tohko that Kotaro knew the name of “That man” clearly.
“Yes, that’s right.”
Tohko could not but reply so because she had never deceived her son Kotaro so far.
This was a photograph of Akihiko Waki without doubt.
The problem was how Kotaro had gotten to know the name of Akihiko and how he had noticed this photo was Akihiko’s.
“Lately, I’ve had the same dreams repeatedly.”
Kotaro said, and Tohko muttered, “Dreams?”
“I noticed that those were the dreams of the hot spring resort where we had gone together.”
Tohko felt like that something like the time and space around her lurched.
And she waited for what Kotaro would say next.

“First, I saw a man in my dream. Next, I met the man again. Then, the same man appeared repeatedly in my dreams. Yeah, that is the very Akihiko Waki.”
Kotaro said.
“How could you get to know his name?”
Tohko asked. Even though she searched his name online, she carefully deleted the history of past searches from the computer.
But, she was afraid that she had carelessly forgotten to do it once.
“When I saw him at the hot spring resort, he introduced himself and told me his name.”
“Really? I didn’t know that you saw him when we were there the other day.”
Tohko almost shouted because of confusion.
“No, I didn’t see him when we took a trip to the hot-spring resort, but met in my own dreams!”
“Is this dream, or reality?
What is dream?
What is reality?” Although Tohko was the ringleader who had made such things of which borders were obscure, she felt it was incomprehensible.
Kotaro said, “Well, I’ve been interested in the airplane accident that happened that day we were at the hot-spring resort. I’ve checked the news about it because you have been strange since you heard the news at the public bathhouse, as I’ve told you once.” Tohko could not say anything.
He continued, “And I found the name of Akihiko Waki on the passenger list of the airplane. So, I realize that’s why you was shocked very much when you heard the news.”
“That’s true. I was unsettled like that because I got informed by the news that one of my old friends had boarded that plane.”
Tohko said so and noticed that it was, despite herself, her honest answer to his question.
“I understand. You must have been very shocked. But it is good that all passengers are alive after all. Of course, Akihiko Waki is also safe.”
Kotaro looked relieved and said cheerfully.
“Where was this photo taken?”
He asked, operating the computer to enlarge the picture.
“At a small island in Okinawa.”
“Really? I know Okinawa prefecture is located at the southernmost place in Japan!”
Kotaro paraded his knowledge.
“Well, Mom, you said to me that you had often been to Okinawa alone, I remember. But, you went there with Akihiko Waki when this picture was taken, didn’t you?”
“Of course, with him.”
“That man” in the photograph was still smiling, Tohko noticed.
“He was probably a lover of you.”
Suddenly, she came to feel funny and suppressed her laughter, wondering how such a little boy like Kotaro comprehended the meaning of this word “lover.”
“Why do you think that he was my old boyfriend?”
“Oh, it’s simple! His face is saying ‘you’re important for me.’ “
“Really? Can you know it from this photo?”
“It’s you who took this photograph?”
“Just as I expected. This face expresses that he likes you.”
The more Kotaro said seriously, the more Tohko felt funny.
“Can you really understand such a thing?”
She said jokingly, put her hands on both his cheeks, and pinched them softly.
“I can understand because I am also a man like him.”
Kotaro enlarged the photograph more and more and said, “Look at carefully!”
And he escaped from Tohko’s hands and peered into the display more intently.
”I see. He certainly liked me in those days. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have traveled with me.”
Tohko felt like that an image of green-transparent tropical ocean was flowing into the landscape of snow she had imagined so far. They coexisted in her head: the ocean was so cold as to freeze, but was so hot as to boil simultaneously.
“But now, he still likes you, doesn’t he?”
Kotaro said, cocking his head in puzzlement.
“No, he does not anymore. He stopped doing so once.”
Tohko said and felt sad that it, despite herself, became a correct answer to his question again.
“Akihiko Waki didn’t like you anymore. So, you ended up separating with him?”
She noticed herself getting injured by Kotaro’s casual words related with “That man” still now.
“That’s right. That’s why I had to say good-bye to him.”
“Really?” Kotaro replied with a sad air.
“However, he came to see me.”
“What?” Tohko cried out in surprise.
“It was in my dream, not in reality.”
“Oh, dear! I see. He appeared in your dream to see you.”
Tohko closed her eyes and wondered, “What is dream? What is reality? And where am I? I am confused. Akihiko…”
It was snowing onto the tropical ocean.
A million flakes of it vanished as soon as they fell onto the surface of the sea.
A purple flash of lightning was running in zigzag line across the perfect-blue sky spreading above the tropical island.
Tohko murmured to herself, “Why is it thundering despite such a fine weather? Hey, Akihiko. You’ve not come to see me though you saw Kotaro. I’m dying to see you again.If I can see you again, I don’t mind whether it is reality or dream. No matter where I’ll see you, it is certainly true for me.”


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