Farewell 24

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November 27th 2015  |  2  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Romantic Love  |  Author:  |  1103 views

On a beautiful December evening, Takanobu and his wife Yumiko were at Ginza, Tokyo. Yumiko’s parents took Takanobu and Yumiko’s children out to the Tokyo sky tree tower, which their children had hoped to go to for a long time, from this morning. Because Yumiko’s parents suggested him to make a date with his wife without their children once in a while during their vacation at Japan.
So, Takanobu, and Yumiko dressing herself up for the first time in a while were dating today. After having had elaborate lunch at a gracious restaurant, they were strolling around Ginza, enjoying window-shopping.
Tokyo was the city that they felt a warm nostalgia, because they’d together spent time there in their college days. Yumiko said, “Mitsuru seems to have an enjoyable time very much at Paris now.” Yumiko as well as Takanobu seemed to have caught a glimpse of Mitsuru’s daily life at Paris by checking the SNS that they always used.
“I saw a lovely picture of Mitsuru on the SNS. She seemed to have gone to restaurant for dinner, wearing kimono. That pink kimono suited her very much.” Yumiko continued.
Takanobu also saw the same picture on the SNS, when he logged in it alone.
Many white flowers were dyed on pale pink cloth of her kimono, and its design was so neat and clean. Mitsuru was in the prime of life as a woman. Which made Takanobu think that there would be a period that women could be seen most beautifully in their life as if they were in full bloom. Mitsuru was fascinating very much.
Takanobu thought that Yumiko was still attractive, too. But, Mitsuru was living in the very age being able to have a privilege that every people would have only one time in their life.
But Yumiko said,
“Mitsuru seems to be cheerful recently, but how can I say? I don’t mean to be rude, but Mitsuru is falsely cheerful, I feel. She might only pretend to be vigorous.”
Yumiko seemed to feel that it was hard to say anymore, and stopped saying.
“I agree with you. Mitsuru pushes herself to be lively.”
Takanobu replied, but could not but stop saying, too.
It was the problem for Mitsuru and Akihiko, and other people should not intrude in that affair, Takanobu knew.
Still, because Takanobu had felt as if Mitsuru was a protegee of him, and she seemed to be sad, he could not help blaming Akihiko.
“Being worried about such things of others, I feel like that we become match-maker interfering too much. I can’t anymore believe there was a period when we were worried about our own love affair. It’s too far.”
At first, Yumiko’s expression was so calm while talking about such things, but Takanobu noticed that it was about to be uneasy.
Now, they were in the hustle and bustle of Ginza where it had gotten dark before they noticed.
So when Takanobu came to be worried that he might have lost something that his wife had truly wanted to say to him, she shouted trembling for fear, “An airplane disappeared today! Coming from Shanghai to Japan!”
Two of them were about to come to the crossing of Ginza 4-chome, where there was the building of Sanai with its huge TV screen that was broadcasting a news program.
The news caster of it read aloud, “The S airline aircraft 901 disappeared from air traffic controllers’ radar screens at about 3:00 pm, while flying from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, China to Q International Airport, Japan.”
Takanobu watched it, and was startled very much too.
Although it was noisy around them, he could hear the voice of the caster because of concentrating very much.
Mr. and Mrs. Takanobu had just come back to Japan from Shanghai by airplane, so it was not other people’s problem at all, they felt.
In addition, there might be some possibility that somebody whom they had a relationship in Shanghai had boarded that plane.
They rapidly walked to the place where they would be able to watch the screen more clearly.

When they heard the name of Akihiko Waki that the caster read out, Yumiko, who was wearing high heel shoes, staggered, and Takanobu held her in his arms.
But, Takanobu was also barely able to be standing.
“Hey, it must be an another person. Because Akihiko should have gone to his friend living in the U. S., he must not have boarded that plane to Japan.”
Although Takanobu was saying so, a bad premonition was surging up within him.
“What are the chances that there were some persons with the same family and personal name as Akihiko in Shanghai?” Takanobu thought, and noticed there were also the odds that Akihiko might have changed his destination of journey. Because there was Akihiko’s parental house in Japan as well as Takanobu, it was not unnatural Akihiko would stop over at Japan.
“How about trying to call the office of Shanghai?”
Yumiko said.
Takanobu took his cell phone out, and made an oversea call to his office. But it had already gone past the hours of business, nobody answered.
Still, Takanobu continued to try calling whoever he knew at office.
He noticed Yumiko was also calling someone, and thought that she might be talking with Mitsuru, who was at Paris now, judging from her way of speaking.


When Mitsuru was chatting with Rainy bird on the internet, it was suddenly down. After having come back to home, she tried to contact with Rainy bird several times, and Rainy bird never appeared on the Skype.

But, she was surprised when she checked her own e-mail box at night of the day, because she discovered an e-mail from Rainy bird there.
In that mail, there were not any text, but an attached file, which was the novel written by “That woman” Mitsuru had looked for.
Rainy bird seemed to have saved the whole novel when it was still online, and sent it to Mitsuru.
It was the novel “That woman” had written based on the affairs between her and Akihiko, and had submitted it to an online prize of literature. It’d gotten the prize.
At last, Mitsuru got to be able to read what she’d wanted to read for a long time.
At first, Mitsuru believed that if she would read it, she would get to know the truth.
Of course, even though everything would not be truth, but she expected to get to know something near the truth.
But, Rainy bird declared that everything of that novel was utterly a fantasy that Tohko had made up.
In any case, Rainy bird did send it to Mitsuru, and she nervously opened the file.
Then, she stopped using the laptop computer, and took a tablet computer to read the novel as she used it whenever reading e-book.
The quantity of the novel was very large. Mitsuru read that “That woman” had revealed on her blog that if the novel would be published as a book made of paper, it would come in two volumes of the first and second.
Now, every text went into the thin tablet computer, but she felt the tablet was somehow more heavy than usual.
All of the text seemed to be edited in vertical line for optimization to read on tablet by Rainy bird. It had been written from left to right on the blog, until “That woman” had stopped publishing it on the internet.
So this was something like a hand-made e-book by Rainy bird.
The photographs that were used for that blog once were inserted by Rainy bird on the e-book at the same place exactly where they used to be.
Mitsuru wondered why Rainy bird did such elaborate things for this novel, and what basis Rainy bird insisted that it was nonsense to believe this novel to be truth would be.
On the contrary, Akihiko and “That woman” implied that this novel had been written based on the true facts.
“Which one of these is correct?”
Mitsuru asked herself, but could not know it.
Now there was nothing other than reading it.


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