Farewell 22

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“I won’t mind it no matter what you would believe. Still, I’m going to tell you only what I’ve known. To begin with, it is the very demand you’ve made me. And, it is naturally impossible for me to tell you beyond the limits I’ve been able to know.

But, let me remark, I don’t have time so much. So, I don’t intend to devote my energy for telling you a groundless story I’ve made up.
Of course, it is also impossible to prove whether what I would say is truth or not.
If I would force you to trust myself, I would end up by doing the same thing as Tohko who let the readers of her blog believe what she had written.
Still, I give you a notice, I certainly like reading novels, but I don’t have a hobby to create such a thing.
Well, what I will tell you from now on must be the fact that I’ve really seen and known until now.
I will never intersperse it with any lies.”
Mitsuru got flustered a little, because “Rainy bird”, whose name was even poetic, began to speak in a way she had never in the least expected.
The way of speaking of “Rainy bird” was a little overbearing, forcible, and it somewhat made her displeased.
“Rainy bird” was a person who had read the novel that was submitted to an online prize of literature by “That woman”.
The novel seemed to be written based on the affairs that had really happened in the relationship between “That woman” and Akihiko.
Mitsuru patiently searched, and finally found this “Rainy bird”, which was a name of his/her user account used only on the internet.
“Rainy bird” was one of the keenest readers, who had left many traces on the blog or something like that on which “That woman” had written.
The online prize of literature that “That woman” had gotten an award seemed to be discontinued now.
But she found that there were still some remains of the literary prize’s website on the internet.
Mitsuru found this “Rainy bird” at the ruin of it. Next, she searched this account name, and found a website that “Rainy bird” itself was managing.
Apparently, “Rainy bird” didn’t have any relationship with “That woman” anymore. So Mitsuru had tried to contact with “Rainy bird” little by little.
Then, today, when Mitsuru was at a café of the department store “Printemps Paris”, which was a space like a transparent box, the circuit of Skype was suddenly connected between Mitsuru and “Rainy bird”.
His website —Of course, “Rainy bird” was not yet proved to be a male— was not written any his own opinions or feelings, but was managed as a place collecting his favorite things on the internet.
And Mitsuru could contact with him only by some short messages on the internet. “Rainy bird” seemed not to show any his own personal information on the internet at all.
Therefore, Mitsuru did not realize how his personality would be very much.
And there was a possibility that he didn’t always behave in such a way.
In other words, everyone could pretend to be a different person completely, Mitsuru thought.
There was also a good place to eat that some magnificent stained glasses were put around the part of copola at the mode building, but Mitsuru rather liked this café located at the maison building of the same department store.
This café was on its top floor, and Mitsuru liked this space having an atmosphere like an inorganic matter.
When Mitsuru looked at the panoramic view of Paris from this café, sitting there, she felt like that she came from the far distant future, being on a space ship and watching this antiquated city Paris.
She liked to watch it, feeling the gap between the old time and the future.
Christmas had passed, and when it was a day that this year would be about to end soon, Mitsuru walked aimlessly at the center area of Paris.
Then, she could not put up with today’s coldness of outside, so she burst into this café to warm herself.
There were many dull colored stone-buildings extending as far as she could see out of the window.
The gray sky was above them, and snow was falling lightly.
Mitsuru thought, “This inside of the window is warm and comfortable.”, while drinking a cup of hot chocolate, and looking at the frozen sky, “But, if I would go out from here, the cruel coldness would attack me from all directions again.”
She sometimes felt that it was inappropriate to be considered as a preppy.
But she felt that it was doubly inappropriate that she was considered to be selfish because the way of thinking so was peculiar to rich people.

“Although I was born and raised at a family that was certainly destined for wealth and happiness, I don’t openly feel happy that I have to leave my native place and wander all over the world.”
Mitsuru felt more and more it was inappropriate.
“There are more people who firmly live at one place than people who have to wander from place to place in the world.”
Mitsuru told to herself, and thought it must be very comfortable to firmly live at one place.
“Is it sympathy that I want to share with Akihiko? It is sympathy like a sadness? How does Akihiko feel about his own life that he must wonder from place to place all the time?
Has Akihiko ever told about such a feeling to “That woman”? In addition, could she understand his such feelings?”
Mitsuru could not stop seriously thinking such things.
After having gone back to Paris, because Mitsuru had continued to meet many friends of her, drinking, eating, and talking a lot all night as if she went back to her student days until yesterday, she was tired and out of it.
Therefore, when “Rainy bird” suddenly talked to her on the Skype, in conjunction with its shocking way of speaking, she could not but merely look at the massage “Rainy bird” endlessly sent to Mitsuru on the box of Skype chat.
Mitsuru replied only one word “Hi.”, and she could not say at all anymore, just listening to the words of “Rainy bird”.
“Why am I telling such things to you? Because I am also the very person who have been fooled by the world Tohko has invented.
I might have an interfering intention to advise you, but it is you who have asked me to tell about Tohko. If you would like to know it, you should listen to me.”
Those are mere stories Tohko has made up.
She writes her works in a way that would mix some true facts actually happening with a fiction. That’s the very her method.
The more she would explain to her readers that it must be a fiction, the more they would doubt that it might be a truth.
She has continued to make her readers believe that most of her works are true facts in such a way.
But, they are utterly fabrication. Everything she has written was just a fiction, and her imaginary world.”
Her imaginary world? Everything? Mitsuru confused.
“Well, which part of her works are you indicating it would be her fantasy?”
Mitsuru put a word with great difficulty in the messages that “Rainy bird” repeatedly sent to her on the Skype.
“Excuse me? Don’t make me laugh! It’s not as simple as you think. Everything is fantasy. There aren’t any facts written in her novel.
You asked me because you wanted to know the truth. You wanted to know what the story “That woman” had written was. And, you thought that the novel was written based on the facts, didn’t you? But in the first place, it was not written based on any facts.”
“Really? Tohko didn’t have any relationships with a man with whom she had fallen in love?”
“What are you talking about? Such a man didn’t exist, too. He is not a real existence. That is a fiction she has written, don’t you know?
Oh, you must not have known it, I know.
You contacted with me, supposing that he actually existed.”
What “Rainy bird” said made no sense at all to Mitsuru.
“Akihiko doesn’t exist? No, he actually exists. In fact I know him. And I also exist really.
Akihiko certainly told me the memory of Tohko. Therefore, I could have found ‘Rainy bird’, and could have contacted with him.”
Mitsuru told herself, wondering how I could well explain what I wanted to tell ‘Rainy bird’.
But, the next moment, the internet access suddenly seemed to be down.
The green sign of Skype that showed its circuit was online turned into blue, and started to whirl.
Mitsuru tried to make it recover some times.
She used the wi-fi that was provided from the café, but it seemed to be down, so she could not hook into the internet access anymore.
Then, Mitsuru unintentionally looked at the outside of the window.
Although she thought that it should have snowed lightly, she saw it was almost a snowstorm now.
Mitsuru decided to go back to home because she would like to listen to the continuation of what “Rainy bird” had said.
She put a portable keyboard, which she had connected with a tablet, into her bag, put a coat on herself, and went to the Metro station.
The snow was about to drift onto the bottom of Paris, as if it was a thick fog.


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