Farewell 16

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April 22nd 2015  |  4  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Romantic Love  |  Author:  |  893 views

There were the voices, “Changjiang, Changjiang!”, which many men shouted.
The fog tinged with pink including the dirty smoke began to hang over.
Coal would burn, oil would be scorched black, several kinds of the chemical materials would be mixed.
At last they might explode.
Garlic, fennel and a vague foul odor drifted.
It was the smell of continent, which was so ripe.

Quoted from “Jasmine” written by Noboru Tsujihara.

As Mitsuru read more and more what “That woman” had written, she got to find some compositions showing that “That woman” had already known the fact Akihiko was living in Shanghai.

However, it was the information everyone could get, if they would search Akihiko’s name on the internet.

Because they would be able to see the profile of the SNS having the most users in the world, with which Akihiko had also registered.

Mitsuru checked his profile of the SNS again to make sure.

For example, his workplace, his educational background, and something were not mentioned on his profile page at all.

And he seemed to choose his own privacy setting not to show what kind of friend he was linked.

But, Mitsuru found that his place of residence was mentioned on that page.
The information about Akihiko, which everyone could get on his profile page, was almost only the place he was living now.

Everyone seeing his profile could know that Akihiko was living in Shanghai.
Mitsuru searched Akihiko’s full name “Akihiko Waki” on this SNS as an experiment, and found that there were more than one “Akihiko Waki” registering with it.

Some “Akihiko Waki” did not also show their personal information on their profile page very much.

On the other hand, some “Akihiko Waki” mentioned their personal information in detail on it.

Still, it must have been easy for someone, who knew Akihiko very much, to find true “Akihiko Waki” in them, Mitsuru felt.

“That woman” was not just an acquaintance of Akihiko.

Because “That woman” had been Akihiko’s girlfriend, she could not help knowing which true Akihiko was.

But the information “That woman” had known ever seemed to be only that.

In short, the internet was only a way to know about Akihiko for “That woman” now, and she didn’t actually contact with him at all.

She didn’t write what she had known in clear method.

Still, the descriptions about Shanghai had increased too much in her blog since she seemed to notice that Akihiko lived in Shanghai.

For example, many web sites about sightseeing, gourmet, and culture of Shanghai were made to link to the bookmark service onto her blog.

And she repeatedly wrote about one novel, whose stage was Shanghai, on her blog.
That novel was written by a Japanese author.

She often wrote something like her true mind, or like just her fantasy, connecting to that novel.

Mitsuru noticed that “That woman” didn’t directly write that she knew Akihiko had started living in Shanghai, but That woman’s interest began to face Shanghai after that.

“Was it nothing other than her message intimating that she knew in where Akihiko lived?” Mitsuru wondered.

In addition, Mitsuru knew that Akihiko had a pocket book of that novel.
When Mitsuru was with Akihiko, she often saw that he was reading it.
Or, she sometimes noticed that there was that book in his bag, or in some his other belongings.
Mitsuru recognized that the book was just Akihiko’s favorite book.
So she had never tried to know why he liked it until now.
Once Mitsuru had glanced at one page of it because of her random idea.
But she did not attempt to search about it anymore at that time, because she thought that it was a kind of hard-boiled novel which males were apt to like.

But she was shocked very much, because of having known that it was the book, which “That woman” had written on her blog.

“That is why Akihiko always carries that book on him and reads, because ‘That woman’ writes about it? Or, because it was Akihiko’s favorite, ‘That woman” persistently writes about it?”

In either case, at 2 weeks ago when Mitsuru noticed that fact, she felt unhappy, and wanted never to read that novel.

But, Mitsuru noticed that she was attracted by what “That woman” had written, Mitsuru got to want to read that novel eagerly.

Then, Mitsuru bought that book and read it at the same time she avidly read the compositions “That woman” had written on the internet.

Then, after having talked with Takanobu at the office, Mitsuru directly went to the salon, which she had made a booking for treatment. She got massage, had a spa, and went to the dining room of the salon in neat clothes.

The dining room was separated from the main building of the salon, and Mitsuru went there, cutting across the dark garden where there were some lanterns lighting faintly.
Although it was a weekend evening, there were not too much guests in the salon because it was reservation-only.

The place of the salon including this dining room and the garden, there was a calm atmosphere as usual.

“I guess that the women, who always made a booking for such a salon on weekday, might go somewhere, dressing their perfectly body up at such a night of the weekend.”

In fact Mitsuru used to go to the various restaurants to enjoy the popular good food with Takanobu, Akihiko, and other her co-workers.

On the other hand, because she had lived in the various places in the world since her childhood, she had many friends living all over the world. So some of them also lived in China for their business, or some of them would contact Mitsuru when they would come Shanghai for business trip. At such a time, Mitsuru welcomed them with open arms, and guided them in Shanghai showing her natural ability to be willing to satisfy other people’s wishes.

Her friends in Europe were especially pleased that Mitsuru would take them the Chinese restaurant where got crowded by only local people in Shanghai.

And Mitsuru and her friends talked endlessly as if they would get back the time they had not seen each other, while drinking and eating.

Mitsuru had spent the time on Friday night in such ways until now.

The floor of the dining room occupied the almost all of this small building, and there was a small kitchen at the inner part of it.

As sooner as the guests after the treatment would have a seat at this dining room, a glass of iced herb tea would be served to them.

Three ladies had already sat down at the room, and Mitsuru chose the seat being at the bottom of the room, where she could watch the view of the garden well.

After waiting for a while, the meals were served onto the table in front of Mitsuru.
Taking the cover of a basket knitted out of bamboo, she saw there were some small bowls lined up there.

She recognized that this was an idea of the Japanese kaiseki cuisine.

Some lightly seasoned dishes cooked from vegetables were served in small quantities.
Mitsuru took time to enjoy them.

She didn’t have any plans from now on this evening.

Supposing that Mitsuru was going to read what “That woman” had written on the internet, staying at this salon on Friday evening, she could not help smiling cynically.

“Because I haven’t invited Akihiko for a date for a while, he might have a lot of free time. So he would also read what ‘That woman’ has written. Just like me?”

Mitsuru thought.

“Now, because I have not contacted with Akihiko for a while, I am wondering how he feels? I wish Akihiko would miss me. But, if he is afraid that I intentionally do it in order to catch his attention, I am sad.”

Mitsuru thought so, looking at the garden lit up.


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