1.How do I become a member of the website?

It is a very simple process. Open the website and log in through your Facebook account or by twitter. This will link your Facebook account or twitter with Shortstorylovers and you will become a member.

2. How do I submit a story and when it will get published?

In order to submit a story, firstly you ought to be a member of our website. If you are already a member then you need to log in to your account. After logging in, go to the “Submit” tab and you will be lead to an “Add New Story”. Compose your story there and click “Submit your story”. Kindly note that your story won’t be published immediately after submission, it will be sent to the editor for review and will be posted on the website. Generally a story takes a week to get publish. However, it can take more than a week too, depending on the stories already in the pipeline.

3. Where do I look for my story once it’s posted?

Once your story has been approved by the editor, it will be published on the website. You can find your story on the home page under the “Latest Stories” tab.
4. How do I rate a story?

To rate a story, you need to be logged in. Rate for a story by clicking on the stars between the range of 1 to 5. Remember once you rate a story, your action will not be changed.

5. How will my story be the “Best Story”?

If your story is the highest rated story and the maximum number votes, then it will be selected as the “Best Story “