Fall that changed my life

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April 2nd 2016  |  1  |  Category: Adventure , Philosophical , Thriller  |  Author: Sri Harsha  |  523 views

Falling, I am falling. Not in life, not in career but from hell to heaven. After a series of events, fortunate or unfortunate, I was on a plane for the first ever sky dive to exterminate the doldrums of routine. Less I expected the pinnacle twist of my predictable life. Sweaty arms, thumping heart, excited grin and adrenaline filled body couldn’t have never foreseen the drastic leap of my future. I discovered myself floating away from the plane after an unexpected jerk of the plane, without a parachute.

Horror doomed on the functioning of my brain. My heart was poking me with rage to find a way to calm it down. I had none but just to shout out its punches. I could feel all the blood at butts and couldn’t help but just to flap my limbs in every way possible. After a long session of somersaulting, I was finally onto my face diving down like a professional diver. Every single hair of my body was under strict rule of attention. It was then, I gave out the loudest and longest cry I ever heard. I was racing down.

10 seconds after detachment, Present :

My larynx gave up screaming. I am still flying. This is the longest I have ever been in air. I always tried to feel flying when I was a kid but it never lasted more than a second. I can see my death is nearby. All I could think about is nothing. Yes, Nothing is coming to my mind. Nothing means a lot. All those plans of future, hardworking and sleepless nights, efforts to make girl friend and boss happy, Nothing at all. All I could feel are the skies above, below me. All I could see is the picturesque orange sun accompanying my fall. All I could have is the moment I am left with.

The present moment is everything. I still have it. I do.

Hey, stupid, Just don’t talk inside as always. This might be the last time we could ever do that. Shout out! Loud!

“Woooooohooooooooooo….. I am.. the.. King….”

Go on. Do the somersaults you are always scared of. You have nothing to lose.

My heart is still thumping hard but it’s content. It’s not scared anymore. I could feel the vibrating tone of mine when I shout, It’s making me happier than 6 digit paycheque I achieved. I am below the clouds and could see the magnificent view of the concrete jungle miles away.

“I.. Love.. You.. Sun.. Buildings.. Clouds.. Will you make love with me.. Ha..ha..ha…”

Woah! Look at the ground we are gonna hit. It’s a sea, of course it is as we were on coast. It doesn’t matter anyway. If we live, a stranger will come out. If we die, a new person will be born. Haha.. Let’s face the sea..

*hands and legs closer to each other in a diving fashion*

“I.. am.. coming.. babeyy..”


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