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November 17th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Inspirational , Philosophical , True Stories  |  Author: Jeffrey  |  51 views

I had gone to bed with a burden on my mind regarding the doubts and questions I encountered during the day but what burdened me the most was if I had given them a satisfying answer to the question they asked me, all of this thought came alive in my subconsciousness becoming so real to me as though I were still awake. But we all know that we can do very little that would affect our life while asleep and dreaming, we could only dream where our fantasies and expectations actualized, I prayed that the morning should come as quick as possible.
So, what was it that bothered my mind before I slept; Being a senior in college you tend to become an advice giver and a motivator, though you might not have attempted what you’re advising your juniors to do, they just have no choice but to listen.
On this day they asked me a question which needed a sincere answer.
What’s the difference between Hope, Believe, and Faith?
This was the question they asked me, and on hearing it I paused awhile, then little by little the answers came pouring. I decided to ask them what was their view on FAITH, BELIEVE, and HOPE. I realized how little they knew, the words confused them. Because they categorized them as having the same meaning. I knew that I had gotten an opportunity to explain to them in my own little understanding what the three words really meant.
1. Faith: complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
It means that you in the face of a difficult situation have an unwavering confidence that something you desire is going to happen, even though at that point in time it seems unlikely. Faith in the unknown.

2. Believe: accept that (something) is true, especially without proof.
Its just like you bought a fairly used phone, and the only proof you have at that point in time is the word received from the seller, you just accept it wholeheartedly whether it’s the truth or not.
3. Hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.
We often have expectations and certain desires we expect to be realized, it’s a feeling and the often time are things beyond our reach but we could be patient enough until it happens.
A farmer can’t expect a bountiful harvest if he doesn’t take the necessary steps involved, if he decides to clear the field but plant no seeds, by the time of harvest he would have nothing to harvest, and if he clears the field and plant the seeds but doesn’t water them they’ll eventually die. So, he needs to clear the field, plant the seeds and lastly water them, only then would he be able to harvest when the time comes. FAITH, BELIEVE, and HOPE need each other, and having one of them won’t guarantee you success, you just need them all. We are in a world that could be likened to a driver on the highway who made a decision to be careful when he drives but forgets that his carefulness doesn’t apply to everyone driving but to him alone. You can’t tell what life will throw at you but when you’ve got FAITH, BELIEVE and HOPE, it’ll carry you a long way whether or not you face difficulties and discouragements that will take your dreams of a better future and cause you think you’re worthless.
My advice is that you dream on but have the virtues (FAITH, BELIEVE and HOPE).


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