Door of Death!

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December 1st 2012  |  2  |  Category: Fairy tales , Fiction , Horror , Suspense , True Stories  |  Author: Abu  |  1124 views

Walking along the long narrow road he felt a bit of haste in his mind, time is running fast, it’s past 7 now, though no problem with his vision as it’s a full moon day. He came over the bridge and there it was, a small house left all alone in the bank of the lake. He peeped into the water below. He just couldn’t believe that 20 years back on a day like this, 105 people sunk to the bottom of this lake. One of the biggest train tragedies ever happened. The thoughts made his blood go chill, and up to these days there has been no clear-cut explanation of how it happened. “Tornado” the authorities explained, but people couldn’t swallow such an outrageous explanation. What ever happened, it had cost the life of 105 people.

The professional life as a journalist never made him bored, moreover he was getting workaholic day by day. He crossed the bridge and made his way down through the narrow road towards the small house. Even though its just 7 past, the place was too silent, not even a candle light to be seen anywhere. The thought that he was all alone didn’t make him afraid. He got used to this, haunted houses, murder spots, suicide spots nothing made a tinge of fear all through his professional life. Maybe the parapsychologist in him understood that ghosts and spirits are not wandering machines. People told him largely about them being non-existent, but his studies during graduation made him think the other way around.

He came to the doorway of the house, it had all the impression of a haunted house, it doesn’t matter him. He took out his candle, slowly in the ignited flame he opened the door, and it creaked open with a disgusting sound, like it hadn’t been opened for ages. Maybe a bit of sleep would make him feel better. Tired he was, journeyed over 100 kms to take a single photo of the bridge in regard to the 20th year of a train tragedy. He came late, so late that he couldn’t get a glimpse of the bridge to take a photo from the distance. so he better chose to stay and planned to take the photo in the morning, but this place hadn’t any kind of places to stay for a night, so he came to the house near by the bridge and planned to stay till the morning.

He searched every corner of the house to get a place to sleep, but no space of it was in a good condition to sleep, then he found a door, a door that looked ancient than the house itself, it had a black color but no part of it got faded, he found that there is no lock in it, so he tried to pushed it open, but it didn’t move a bit. He tried it several times but the result was the same. Some part of his mind told him that it can’t be opened and whatever was inside, it would not suit him. So he had quit the option and started finding a place to sleep, he saw that the place in front of the unopened door was clean enough for him to sleep. He took his bag and used it as a pillow to sleep; he was too tired that he didn’t know how long he slept. But in his sleep he had terrible dreams. People screaming, he was running fast, at last he ended up in a doorway similar to what he saw earlier in the house, he saw a girl aged 6 probably, was holding a candle and asked him to move a bit to let her go through the door, somehow she opened it pretty easily, then there was a large explosion like that of a blast. He woke up from the dream, he was sweating, his heartbeat raced up, he was revealed that he was alright.

He checked his watch, it was 11:45, unlikely time for him to be awake, he felt like he needed a bit of fresh air, he went outside the house, the lake in the water murmured things he couldn’t hear, the full moon added beauty to those rippling water and lake, a train went right over the bridge with an enormous sound echoing all the way through, he felt the pain of 105 people drowning and which took all of their lives.

Time was ticking fast, its 2minutes past midnight, the moon shining with all its beauty, something made him come back to his senses, maybe he just imagined, but no, he could hear it, voices coming from inside the house, from those voices he knew that there were too many people chatting in low voices. He waited, the front door got opened, people were coming out of it, his mouths went dry, he stood in the small lawn motionless, from what he saw those people had all the impressions of being human except that their bodies were silvery white and transparent, he managed not to collapse, he dashed behind a large tree and watched what was going on.

A large no: of people came out and stood in silence in a circle, they waited for someone, once again he felt like he has stopped breathing, a small girl came out holding a candle in her hand, the girl he saw in the dream, the girl walked to the lake shore, he hoped she would stop there, but she continued, the people followed her, she walked through the lake and came under the bridge, all the others made a circle in front of her, they stood in silence like they were praying. Two minutes passed, they were returning to the shore, probably back to the house, he held all his courage and waited for them in the lawn.

The girl came to the shore first, she stood in the middle of the lawn, people followed her, he started counting how many were there, he already knew how many, 105 to be precise, the spirits of 105 people died came back to the place, where they lost their lives. But what’s the role of girl here? People walked near him but no one cared about his presence. The last man to come shore was an old lady, she was the only one who noticed him, and she stood on the circle once again and told others “there is presence of the living with us”. He knew the old lady was referring him. Others nodded even the girl. “I will talk to him, while you people continue with our custom”. They nodded once again. The old lady came to him and told him” shall we sit inside and talk, I think you need to know lot”. His senses went numb, talking to a spirit inside the house. He felt suicide is much better. But he followed the old lady. She went inside, when he got in he saw that the unopened door now stood ajar, he made a glimpse through it, from what he saw it was nothing like a room, a large corridor leading to somewhere, that he couldn’t guess. The old lady sat on a black chair, but he had nothing to sit upon.

Leaving every bit of his fear behind he asked “what’s going on?”, “you already know” the lady replied, yes he knew what was going on,105 of those people died that day came back to their death place. But what’s the girl doing here? “I saw her in my dream “he told the old lady, the old lady smiled weakly “she has all the right to be here, coz she is the reason why all these people are d…., I mean “dead” in your language, well the reason why you saw her in your dream is that something I can’t explain, it’s above the laws of power “,”how come she is the reason? He asked. Just because she opened the “door of death” the old lady told him, “the door of what?” he asked as if he didn’t get the word death correctly.

Once again the old lady smiled and told him “the door in front of which you slept”, “but how could she open it?, I tried but it didn’t open “he asked the old lady, “she opened it from the other side, she came to us when she was six years old, she didn’t like our place then, so she tried to go back one day, so she found her way to the “door of death” and tried to open it, no one ever passed through it, and no one is allowed to go back, but she did. Sometimes the power of nature becomes so strong, at those times the power gets transferred to each and every thing in the nature. She opened the door on a full moon day, the sacred and the most powerful day on nature. She alone opened it at the precise time and when she tried the power of nature reacted violently in the form of a storm, but she couldn’t go and she was taken aback by a wild blast” told the old lady. He just couldn’t swallow a word of it. “But how could that lead to the train tragedy?” he asked. The old lady replied him “it was at that moment when she opened the door of death the train passed through the bridge and the violent storm took everything near this house”, the old lady told him. He thought about the dream, what he saw in it was the girl trying to get out through the “door of death”.

Whatever was happening outside ended, coz people were coming back to the house. Slowly people one by one walked in through the door of death; at last only two remained the old lady and the girl. He went to the girl and asked her “why you tried to go back?”. At first he thought the girl wont reply, but he heard the short sentence pretty well “I missed my mom and dad very much”, a single tear escaped her eyes, but it vanished into nothing. The old lady took the candle from the girl and asked him to hold it, “when we go through you put this candle in the lake. The “door of death” will vanish then, it won’t ever open again”, he stood there in silence “after you my dear girl” the old lady told the young girl, and when they went through the old lady told him “bye for now, we’ll meet sometime later”. He nodded. He knew what she meant one day he had to go to the other world. One last look to the girl and the lady, the door was closed.

He went to the lake. The moon was high spreading the light like a small sun,” this might be the powerful time in nature” he thought, and placed the candle slowly in the water. Some sort of enormous power passed through the lake, then it extinguished. He went back to the house “the door of death” vanished. Tomorrow he’ll be going back, he’ll take a photo of the bridge and write that the tragedy still remains as a mystery and silent prayers for all those people died, else who is going to believe his “door of death story?”. He could still hear the silent sobs and simple sentence of the beautiful girl…


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    Hey Abu,
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