Donkey Wants to Become Horse (Part II)

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March 6th 2017  |  1  |  Category: Adventure , Children , Fiction , Inspirational , Philosophical  |  Author: Titu  |  345 views

Mr. Donkey Meets Miss Destiny.
The donkey was dreaming and in dreams, it saw a Horse laughed and said, “While I saw the places and you just did all the grinding.”
Donkey wanted to bite and kick the horse, but it thought it requires a different biting and kicking.
Donkey thought, “I am no longer a musical donkey, whose bray would only bring him sticks and pains, but I am a traveling and adventure donkey, who has traveled the whole world. I am one who can fly high in the sky. I am the one who can swim like fishes and kick the crocodile. I am the one who can climb highest of high mountains and receive the accolades of the wise.”
Now the Donkey often thought, “I am loyal and steady, which is as good as being smart and fast. Also, I do remember selfish humans always give bad names to trusted ones to tame them”.
The donkey was wise, the donkey was obstinate and the donkey was brave. It was its strange world that nobody could understand.
It often thought, “I am swift as I had traveled long, but I am still not swift enough to challenge the king’s horse. It is Ok. I was loved, but still not loved like an African elephant. I was awed, but still not strong as lion king. I feel it is all good.”
Now after his return from the east, he most of the time basked and slept in sun. It was good and refreshing after the long travel. Now Horse was jealous at donkey’s confidence and Zebra was more zealous and wanted to travel like the donkey.
But donkey sat peacefully and calmly, but it looked pensive as something unwise was troubling him inside.
He sat under the summer Sun and Sky and reflected about the sun and the sky. The Sun thought deeply about the donkey and seeing this, the distant sky too became deeply thoughtful. A distance cloud provided only hope to the donkey in hot summer noon. The cloud floated to African lands to narrate the donkey’s plight to the wise elephant.
The elephant got sad at hearing the donkey’s plight, he thought, “Donkey had seriously believed in my counsel, but my words let him down. I must not let donkey become a waste, but be a brave wise pride.”
Finally, the wise elephant in African Jungles planned and decided to travel north to share his vision with the donkey. During travels, It had a mystic vision that donkey has turned into an animal that could fly in the sky, swim in the sea and climb on mountains and finally It lived the most contented life.
Wise elephant thought of living in east jungles for rest of his life in the company of wise and hardworking donkey.

On travel to the east, the wise elephant often remembered the donkey’s innocent question. It reverberated in his heart, “Dear wise elephant, I traveled from far off land to know the answer from wisest of wise, noblest of noble, Why the prince does not ride on my back when he goes out with the princess? Why horses always think themselves as royal and I am always looked as a pauper. Why cannot I be respected as a horse, which is always so well fed and treated?”
It continued seeing the visions of donkey’s glory, but first, it needed to wipe donkey’s head of false perception of being inferior.
On reaching donkey’s abode, the elephant gave a triumphant call, “Oh hardworking donkey! I saw you in my dreams.’’
The donkey was happy at the call, but responded with calm, “Yes, I also met you in my dreams. In dreams, you were saying I must glide like a bat, flap like a butterfly and soar like eagle. Even In my dreams, you helped me balloon on straw nest with gossamer thread. In reality, the eagles wait for my flight.”
The wise elephant said, “I saw exactly that, but I even saw more in my dreams.”
The donkey said, “Yes, even I saw more… I further saw at a distance sea I was in open water. I was swimming on my back and even on my breast and belly. I was also swimming freely in water and when crocodiles and sharks tried devouring me, I kicked them hard. I felt real great at that moment, but you know wise tortoise wants me to enjoy my grass on land.”
The elephant now thought, “Perhaps the messenger cloud had misunderstood the donkey. It thought, perhaps Sun wanted him to witness the wisdom of hardworking creature.”
The donkey continued, “I further saw… you helping me in running fast. I was happy and felt the runner’s high… I saw you guiding me in crossing those snowy glaciers. In dreams, you helped me in climbing and crafting the rocks and snow and also, in sliding and skiing. You also saved me from that big bear with his cub.”
The wild elephant was looking with happiness at this new monk donkey. Finally, elephant said, “I saw exactly what you told me, but why you look sad to The Moon and the stars, and even to The Sun and the sky.”
Donkey answered, “Neither the Sun nor the sky cannot witness my inner peace. Even the moon and stars were concerned at my stillness and peace. But now I do what I have always done. I eat, work and meditate. I breathe and enquire about the halos that surround my beautiful life. I am mindful of your greatness.”
The elephant was happy at seeing the visions of donkey’s glory. The elephant wanted to dance, but thought it is wise to stay still sometimes.


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  1. Titu says:

    Thanks Admin! I hope readers would enjoy the
    Donkey Wants to Become Horse (Part II). I specifically wrote it on demand from my friends, who wanted to hear more about adventurous donkey. Thanks

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