Donkey Wants To Become Horse (Part-3)

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October 27th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Adventure , Fiction , Inspirational  |  Author: Titu  |  122 views

The Trio
Elephant spoke to trio, ‘Inspire through your adventure. Unite for animals and find salvation for yourselves. Now, go on the adventure collectively and bring the lost glory back from the mountains. You are The Trio, The Troika, and The Trinity”
The trio: The Bull, The Monkey, and The Donkey, listened very carefully. The forest was crumbling and suffering under the cruelty of king lion. The lion was dictatorial and arrogant, and animals were suffering. There were blood spill and cruel death all around. The lion was murderous.
The elephant continued, ‘’the journey would be tough as lions would not let you finish that epic adventure. He would throw challenges at every step, so be very careful. It would be a journey amidst the avalanches and blizzards, unknown crevasses and erosions, and painful frostbites and hypothermia. You all would have to be each other’s guide in those tough ranges and deep ravines, you all would have to be each other’s rescue on those high peaks and dangerous moraine. In harsh climate, you would have to climb. Amidst glaciers, icebergs, ice caps, ice sheets and ice fields you would have to make your abode. ”
The elephant further continued, “You would have to move with courage in flooding rains, snowing cold and freezing winds. You would have to save the colorful monals and blue sheeps, who wait for your arrival, from the evil eagles, snow leopards, and grizzly bears. Beware of steep slopes and rocky mountains.”
In meditative mood, the elephant could easily foresee the dangers that lay ahead for the trio. He cautioned and inspired them,’ the alpine breeze would refresh your energy and also, the friendly environment would help you conserve your health.”
Finally, elephant ended, “In those altitudes, you would be your own atlas and compass.”
The cave went silent after it. Nobody talked and asked questions. The task was clear. To bring back the lost glory from those mountain heights and save the forest from the cruel.
The trio had left early to reach mountains couple of months back to bring back THE LOST GLORY to jungles. The trinity often talked, ‘’we would reach the top and see the world around.” The journeyed through grassy green landscapes and fields, alongside the big wild river and beautiful mesmerizing valleys. It was the mountains beyond those vast barren lands and dense forests that they had to reach and conquer.
One morning as the sun rose, the bull awoke to the sunrays falling on him. The rays of the morning Sun were gentle and thinly spread. The Sun had enlivened and beautified the mountains and the vast foothills.
“What a beautiful Sun.”, the bull thought after seeing the first morning Sun. It was pleasant, but no one was around the bull.
At the other end of foothills, a gentle river passed. The river was deep but flowed very slowly at this part of the jungle. The morning sun had turned the river into sparkling water. At a treetop at one of the ends of banks of the river, the monkey was sitting and reflecting at the wonders and dangers of nature. It was surveying the river and the jungle more closely and was also peeping at the distant mountain ranges before him.
It thought,” So there lays the lost glory of the forest.”
It also saw a big vultures at far away from the top of the peak and thought, ‘’so vultures are here to attack us. I must be more careful.”
At the bottom of the tree, the donkey was lazing under tree shadow and was desperately thinking of returning back. It thought, “Why I am getting restless? My friends are very calm and positive about the adventure and I am bit anxious.”
Finally, the later trio met and monkey said, ‘’Friends, It was great recreation so far but now onwards we must get ready for challenges. I see the crows, eagles, and vultures are sitting at distant hilltops and flying high in the valley. They are watching us closely and would attack us anytime now, so we need to remain more vigilant.”
‘’Yes, I also noticed them, ‘‘the bull said.
‘’They can be fatal if they attack us together.” The donkey added.

‘’No, they won’t attack us as long as we stay together. No one would risk their lives.” The bull reflected.
‘’Yes, they might fly high in the sky or might have mighty claws and firm beaks, but they would not dare attack us till we move in groups. They are a cohesive force, but they don’t realize it, ‘’the monkey quickly added.
“Their formations are weak; otherwise they could have been kings of land and air. They are fickle brains with great reflexes.” The wise bull retorted.
The trio looked around and saw peaks, plateaus, and ridges. They saw countless waterfalls, forming lakes and trickling tributaries. They saw a merging of lakes and falls into meandering wild river. They also saw the canyons and passes, and valleys and foothills that they had crossed so far.

Finally one afternoon under the harsh Sun, after ascending a steep slope and reaching a vast plateau, they reached the summit, a vast ridge, the highest peak they had ever climbed. To reach it they had to cross countless glades and boulders, dangerous glaciers and slim snowlines.
The bull finally said while taking a rest, “There lays the summit. At last, we conquered it.”
The donkey was more thoughtful, “So far it was a great journey. We should be grateful to almighty that helped us. Now, we must be more careful while descending.”
Suddenly, a big rock landed at the left side of monkey. The monkey cried, “Run for shelter, the evil is attacking us.”
Plateau was open and vast and shielding from eagles and vultures was difficult. The prey was formidable and resolute. They started hitting trio with their powerful beaks. They started grasping, piercing and breaking the trios’ backs, heads and bones. The bearded vulture wanted to carry monkey by its talons and claws and then drop it on hard rock.
The predators cried in jubilation, “We are the leopards of the air. Our beaks would kill. Our deadly talons would tear you apart.”
The bull knew the danger and said loudly, “Let’s unite and fight and scare them away.”
As the eagles and vultures intensified the attacked, the trio made sure no serious injury happens to them.
The bull said, “The birds are birds, they cannot scare us. We would knock them off, once they touch us.”
Seeing the trio united and formed a solid formation, the Eagles and vultures summoned the help of snow leopard and grizzly bear.
The summit was dominated by a cruel predator in the air and tough hunter on land. But, even the presence of snow leopard, grizzly bear and eagles could not dampen the spirit of triunity.
The troika looked confident and formidable. They had sweated endlessly for this golden moment.
Finally, the bull charged the leopard and flew it into the air and injured the leopard badly. The leopard could not bear the fatal blow and tumbled through the steep precipice.
Now, the trio surrounded the bear and charged it with full force. The monkey kept scratching and biting the bear and the donkey kept hitting the bear with its hooves, while the bull kept goring the bear. Finally, it pushed it into a deep gorge.
The fight had ended and the trio had won. It was a quick battle, but potent.
The monkey said, “The evil birds in the sky would now do the rest and it would devour its own allies of the land. ”
The monkey said, “It would fool the lion by carrying their carcass of the dead to the cruel king.
The bull was silent and calm and full of gratitude and said to the donkey, “Now, everybody would appreciate you. Even, the princess would like you to give her a ring.”
In the deep jungle, the elephant had a vision of liberation of animals from the cruelty of the king.


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