Crafty Kid

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February 22nd 2017  |  1  |  Category: Bedtime , Children , Fairy tales , Fiction , Inspirational , Moral , Philosophical  |  Author: Titu  |  827 views

Crafty Kid
I am God (The maker, the preserver and the wrecker) and I live with you all the time. All you mortals call me by various names, and I love you. You have varied beliefs and faiths to salute my presence and I love it. You have made places of my abode; I do live in those venues till you have the truth and faith in your hearts and souls. I love you and need your love.
Today I am giving you a story of my child. It is also the story of angel and devil. Yes, It is story of love and faith and also of hate and fear. It was ancient time, a time when man lived in small villages. In such villages, name of one village was Kadabra. Kadabra was once an abundantly rich village. It had rich fertile lands and wise people of faith, but now it had turned in shambles as villagers loved vices and amorality. Now people believed more in evil (Mumbo jumbo) than faith. It was a village which was filled with fear and failure as people were happy at sufferings of others. They had rituals, but no faith. They had places of worship, but I didn’t live there as they believed in devil more.
As time progressed, the evil started its vast destruction in village. First an old woman died, she was very old. She lived a very happy life till end as she was atheist. She neither had faith in me, nor did she believe in evil. I loved her.
Next died her grandson, he was young, but his family believed more in village superstition and less in doctors. I wanted to help and wanted them to go to doctor, but they prayed me without faith and empowered devil with their fears.
I had to reincarnate myself as a wise man to go into village and counsel the villagers, but I could only talk. Nobody believed me! Nobody! I kept on debating the God vs. Evil with village elders, but nobody believed me.
The villagers had strange custom of sacrificing animals to pacify God. I being God asked them to pray rather than sacrifice an innocent animal life.
I said, “Why sacrifice poor animal for your sins?”
An elder said, “It’s our ritual. We sacrifice to show our love to God.”
I said, “God created humans and animals equally as life form. Both must live till they meet their natural death. It is devil, which wants you to do evil things, not God.”
Villagers were angry and burnt my hut and wanted to kill me, yes I do die, when I am human.
A child saved me. I was still bit concerned about ignorance of the village.
The village was filled with evil forces and villagers believed in occult and witchcraft. It was place of renowned witch craft. Every house believed less in me and more in devil. I wanted to help. One day a fake medium was falsely communicating with departed soul. I saw him and remained quiet. It was a room filled with many people.
The medium talked in strange voice, “I have returned to live in village again in my house and give me a place near fire.”
It was not a normal voice of medium, but an acted out voice. The medium, shamans and priests had successfully implanted the fear in innocent villagers. Villagers were now lost in their own traditions and rituals. They had forsaken their commonsense and foresight long back. Being a God, I had to help.
I again talked to villagers, “The God wants you to love him and have faith, not any devil and superstition. Please educate yourself and spare your children of ignorance. With education you would see new world in every new age. You have stained your soul with ignorance, Clean and repaint it with faith, love and knowledge.”

Villagers had all the references from traditions and rituals, but nobody knew its origin and history. The villagers thought that they would kill the wise as he is threat to their ancient traditions and rituals.
As they were planning to eradicate the wise (GOD), a child who was shaman’s grandchild actually heard it. It ran in dark night to men with the cruel plan of villagers. I listened to him patiently and wisely and I blessed the child. I gave the child the special powers that would eradicate the ignorance and superstition from villages. I also said, ‘My Child, You would be brave son of village. You would bring light to village, but before giving you my purpose of light I need to go with light.”
Next day early morning, it was raining heavily. The villagers were looking for wise man and ran with weapons to his makeshift abode under big tree. Suddenly a big lightening struck the Wiseman and loud thunder happened. The villagers were scared, but happy that the threat to village had vanished. Nobody cared about me in the village. Now I had an innocent child to finish my job.
He was innocent and talked and debated all the issues with his commonsense. One day he asked his father, “father when I play sports I change strategies to win. If I am losing, I read opponent and play different game differently. If I am winning I still read the opponent and play the game more brilliantly. How old grandfather can has one strategy for so many of people with no loss. How can he just play one strategy to win all games? Is he god or god man or magician or sorcerer or an evil?”
Papa remained quiet as he could sense dark forces telling him to fear and be quiet. Child knew god is not fear and submissiveness; he is love and can only be approached by faith and courage.

Child’s grandfather was Shaman, the renowned ascetic of the land. He had one trick and was often flamboyant about them. He used to tell future by picking up rice gains or reading compass and sometimes on pendulum. He was renowned for quick remedies.
One another day, a group of villagers gathered around shaman’s house. It was some kind of ancient ritual and ascetic was busy noting the pattern that had appeared on floors and gave his interpretations to villagers that some evil is going to happen. Everybody was worried and suddenly an innocent child voice echoed, “Don’t get worried Grand Papa, I will get it cleaned. It requires bit hard scrubbing and all its stains would wipe out.’’
Everyone was amused except grandfather. He continued in his trance and saw the wall deeply and said I see a great darkness in future. The world will end, I see the doom. He was actually bothered about his reputation.
An observant child in house saw his grandparent becoming very concerned interpreting the things from that stained wall. Next morning, he simply repainted the whole wall in beautiful scenery with rising sun.
There was commotion in the whole village and family. Everyone was crazy and angry at the child. Why you painted the wall in white. The child had innocent answers, ‘’ because we paint the walls when they get dark and scary. Don’t we?” Nobody around had answers.

I, The God was also surprised at child’s wit and what I could not do, this child did so effectively. The child knew through his past karma that philosophical discussions were past time, only actions bring solace to people.


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