Click Clack Scream

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April 25th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Other  |  Author: Jorja B  |  181 views

“Come on Nemo, hurry up!” “Let’s go find some treasure!” said little blonde haired blue eyed Bella as she crashed through the waves onto the shore where her brown haired green eyed brother sat.


Rolling his eyes Nemo said “Come on then, let’s go find some treasure”. The two little children set off on their journey across the beach looking for some treasure.


“Nemo come here I think I found a” “never mind it is just a used retainer” said Bella disgusted and flicking the mouthpiece across the sand. As she did saliva flung across the beach with it. She shivered at the sight of it.


“Stop worrying about that, look what I found, said Nemo.” As Bella ran she could see her brother’s mouth drop and his eyes flickering back and forth like he was reading something.


“Watcha find Nathan Elizabeth Matthew Osmond?” Bella said batting her eyes as if she was completely innocent.


“I told you I don’t like it when people call me by my real name, and I think it’s a treasure map” said Nemo with his eyebrows turned in and a frown upon his face.


“Are you serious. “Come on Nemo, it’s a very simple map let’s follow the directions, all we have to do is walk to the other side of the beach” said Bella.


“Well that just makes it easier on us replied Nemo. “But did you say the other side of the beach?”


“Yeah” replied Bella with a confused look on her face.


“That’s the spooky side of the beach where there is is nothing but a cave. It is planted right smack bang in the middle of the sandy beach, and the waves never stop crashing around it.” Nemo replied with scared look on his face.


“So who cares if there’s a spooky cave,there could be treasure. Do you know how much money we could find?”


“I suppose you’re right, let’s go find some treasure.”


Bella and Nemo set off on their adventure to the spooky side of the beach. When the children finally got to where the light stopped and the darkness started, an eerie breeze started that made their spines tingle. “Can we please turn back Bella? There’s probably no treasure anyway” muttered Nemo with a frightened look on his face as if he was about to cry.


“But you don’t know that do you?” questioned Bella.


“No I don’t, but I have a bad feeling about this, look there’s bones everywhere!”


“Don’t be a pinhead and come on” said Bella stepping into the darkness.


“Wait, don’t leave me!” yelled out Nemo as he sprinted to Bella as if something was chasing him.


“What does the map say?” he said as water sprayed on him and a breeze rushed past him that made his teeth chatter.


“It says the treasure is in the cave” Bella replied while pointing the way.


“You mean that cave”


“No the other cave” Bella said sarcastically. “Oh don’t tell me your scared” said Bella with a smirk.


“No, no I’m not scared why would you say that” muttered Nemo.


“Um maybe it’s because there is pee trickling down your pants” sighed Bella.


“What, no that’s not pee it’s, um water from the ocean” muttered Nemo embarrassed.


“But we haven’t been in the ocean for hours” smirked Bella.


“Whatever let’s just look for that treasure” grumbled Nemo.


So the children ventured off into the cave. As they entered the cave they could see that there were piles of bones everywhere. Bones piled on the ground, in crevasses and even hanging from spider webs that had been woven across each wall of the cave shining like stars in the night as the rays of sun peeked through the cave walls . All of a sudden they could hear the bones rustle and they jumped at the sound both letting out a  high pitched scream. They convinced themselves that they had nothing to worry about and that it was probably a seagull or some other small animal looking for any remaining flesh left on the bones, but little do they know.


The children walked further into the cave where they stumbled across a pot. A big pot. A human sized pot. “Maybe the treasure is in there?”


“Don’t just stand there, look!” yelled Nemo


As she did a darkness covered the walls. They turned to to see why darkness had risen upon the cave . What they saw scared them. They could see the pile of bones connecting click, clack, the bones started to grow tall until there were no bones left in the pile but dozens of skeletons surrounding them.


They moved closer click, clack, scream. The two children screamed at the top of there lungs and immediately a waterfall of tears rapidly poured down their faces.


The skeleton slowly clicked their way towards the children, pushing them into the corner of the cave. Then one picked up a bone and wacked them both across the head. Smack they both plunged to the ground, out cold.


Swoosh, as the children regained consciousness they became aware they had been hung from the roof of the cave. Wide awake now they began screaming for their lives, but no matter how loud they screamed no one would ever hear them that far down the beach. The children hung above a bowl of bubbly boiling acid.


They were slowly lowered down to the bowl, as their hair touched the acid it sizzled up and broke of. Bit by bit the children were slowly being lowered to there doom.


very minute or so the skeletons would check how well their bodies were decaying. When they did you could see there eyes melting into the back of their skulls, holes growing bigger in their skin until there was not one piece of flesh left on them. The acid turned dark red. Finally the children’s bodies were destroyedin the acid. The skeletons pulled the bones out of the acid and set them on the ground.

After awhile you could hear click clack, as the children slowly stood up. The children had lost their humanity and joined their new family in a goal to turn every human on earth into one of them. A skeleton.


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