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October 15th 2014  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Tragedy  |  Author: Satish  |  1798 views

The performance of sound testing began by a group of girls and women…aged between 16 to 70 yrs had been singing Saa… Re… ga.. Ma…

Audience is coming more in numbers, chairs are filled and people are not able to find empty chairs to sit.

Someone went to cafeteria to bring couple of chairs on their own.

There is space between an outer wall and compound.

I was just sitting over there and trying to see the full view of the stage. I can only see three and half performers on the stage.

With one artist who is geared to play tabla, I get the view of one tabla on the left hand side and his palm on top of it.

Ree gaa maga Reesaaa….Gaaa.gaa. Gama pada sani dapa maga reesa… Tap tap…chalega the sound tested and …adjusted….

Mademoiselle Senorita, the anchor of the show was asked to announce the event who took over the microphone to narrate the event of the evening.

She is not a professional though, wants to give her best to bring hidden art, out of her kitty of many, from her wishful talents list.

A girl in her 25’+ yrs of age, with her camera wants to capture few photographs that challenges basil’s, the dorian grey’s portrait, she was twisting her cam that’s embedded in her phone…which she wants to prove that even with that camera, she can stand excellent photographer, as the show concert is beginning, she turned out in front of my view to the stage,well I thought it’s a perfect location to sit, while i judged thats when i was standing,but not when i sat down in a chair there.

She got her view to click the snap i.e frontal view.

In the moment slot of just-in-time check of the view (JIT-CV) was on, just then the tune is setting.

nee… nee… ma saa… saaa…daaa…Saa…dasanidhapa….

The lady finally could dare to walk the path, “the gorgeous aisle”– that dropped her again next to the stage, for the meaningful space that’s prerequisite for a photographer with mobile camera.

In her quest to find more picture perfect views, she had been determined to be a hunter for view “milega”.

Once, she as well looked from behind the stage, to know if it really makes sense, it appeared funny and more playful to some of the audience as well.

I expected the performers to reflexively turn back towards camera at least a glance for the sake of the lady’s effort, then i came to self awareness she must be in search of the one who is meditating among the audience.

the grew of the moment is jugal bandi between harmonium and tabla sets, sheer sync of sound & orchestration.

Din din naa…tak din naa…beats comes from the tabla artist…da…da…dada…da..dada…da.. call for the audience to tap on the thighs.

Everyone there happens to be first timers for the tap on the lap, but they have it in them, to get on with it anytime, if someone provokes them, no issues chalega.
The whole civilization is in chalega era.

Some are more talented and enthusiastic to count fingers and clapping for the tunes….it speaks lagega… justment….after silent count down on the fingers …comes da…da…dada…da…..
Thus the art of chalega renewed.

Manoharaaaa… supreetha mantaraa… Ab toh prakata mayi….karo sundar…

the cruelty of the life at this hour is hit.. hungry souls mosquitoes are sucking the blood of audience, the artists on the stage being fooled taking claps from the audience; otherwise the half truth is some of them are clapping the mosquitoes.

Rather the mosquitoes could have performed enigmatically fleeing in groups and dancing for the evening ragas in the effervescent lighting on the sets, which could have turned the mobile cameras of the audience towards them to snap the choreography.

Samosa and chai wala counters are set right inviting. The hungry male couple, their hunger triggered.

For the music can be awaited to those two dudes, for them first to grab the bite of samosa’s, that’s how samosapedia enchanted on the face book page. Everyone could just help ignoring the boys, finally turned right to take a look, whether they have finished eating, to their surprise, both of them disappeared.

All have turned towards stage with a big applause for the twister tabla performance piece,. now they drew the attention of the audience towards them, from the samosa counters, while some found imagining whether they may end up hungry, if samosa’s exhaust and the cafeteria gets closed.

Tabla and harmonium, together perfected their jugalbandi to the tune of mosquitoes again, the applause for the tune acknowledges the raga of the evening, in the name of the 300 mosquitoes, under the spell of 3 musicians.

A story narration by a performer disposed a sensible metaphor, thats about when she was 19-20 saal (years)…rejuvenated though; connecting to the double meaning of “unnis bees” (19-20) two words connects to the style and treatment to chalega arts.

Reega…reega…magha.. resa….regapa..magapa…resa…

Oh, yes this is another twister melodious “twitter wings flapping raga”…mosquitoes felt deceived…they got panicked twitters may flock on the venue any moment now for the invitation sent to them with the raga.

But the tabla boys hushed them with the da.da..didaka da… didaka da…the twitters turned back from the high way even before entering the city and the venue.

The da didaka..communes with the mathematical matrix formula tunes… the tune melodiously formed the raga of frogs in a vessel fighting to climb to the top thus it prolonged keeping audience mesmerised.

chalega arts anchor was delighted about and spake of the mouth smacking aroma of samosa’s spreading over, she could think a bit creatively, to fill the space in basket with another hidden talent.

Samosa and chai milega before the next part of the show begins.

The sound testing has a multipurpose in the music show biz…so as samosa’s had heart chilling effect whether it is movie theatre show or the music live show.

Girls have turned up on the stage as they all were waiting for this opportunity again to demonstrate the sound testing wala performance.

With taste buds filled, the heart beats to get chill.. with the pic’s in the cams, click the cam saga hoovered up among the audience, the girl up there is still in high who claimed her photo graphical euphoria with her mobile camera.

Saa reee gaaa…maaa…paaa…

lots of samosa’s and nimbu paani is still to be consumed,many of them expecting to be rewarded of free snacks at the end of the show,coz the show organizers might show up some courtesy to audience by offering the hospitality for those who spent till the end of the show cheering up the performers.

Gita sura…baaje baaje reee…

Sura sira jiya akula baaje reee…

The pitch picked up, the show began, to the surprise sound testing team took the stage and continued their performance.

Yeha murali nayana bhari hamari…all at once on the go…nayana bhari hamari…some girls twisted their cheeks and eyes with dramatic and frantic expressions.

Madhura tune baaje ree…gita…

Baaje re…baaje ree…

yeha murali nayana bhari hamaari…

madhura tune baaje re…

The raga concluded, a girl among the entire group tapped the mosquito while sitting on the stage, another girl sitting next to her slapped on the girl’s who is sitting in a posture folding her legs back ward on the floor, she inferred retrospectively on the act of the co-performer, as it is a bad stage etiquette.

Every raga starts with sarega…ma…to begin with till they can make up the beginning intonation to keep the uniformity of the group’s raga waves help them tie together.
pama ga pa nidapa nisa…Sare… gama…paa.. danisa…kahe adhoori…

The performance of the group going swiftly all time high, the audience are enthralled with the music and surfaced their hearts and souls groped in the jugalbandi of tabla guys even they are overjoyed.

Harmonium is now playing all by itself effortlessly.

Raag yaman ek solo bhajan by a boy, only one boy among many angels on the stage, his plead is to god sri ram in the bhajan,all the audience at once turned devotional and traditive, while girls are looking at him pitifully.

The girl sitting next to him had a very bold and keen observation, as her attire and personality indicates very chubby and youngest girl on the stage.

It appeared like she is ready to pinch and pull him down the stage, if he said Krishna instead Sri Ram. Chanting Krishna is consciousness of a romantic saga for girls, precisely in case if there is only one boy with a complexion of black skin and sitting among many of them.

And then it smeared to his alertness and ended the bhajan & took back moving towards a 60 year old lady, who is of the age of his grandma,to seek safety and protection from threatening girls around him.

Sa re ga ma pa……sa re ga ma paaa…sa re ga ma paaaa……testing, tuning and synchronized….then again the tune of the raga…

Tha ..dha ..dirina tadaa neee…tha…dha ….neee….

Tana..uditana tada…neeee…


This tune stands a challenge to not to sing “sa re ga ma pa….”

As if the “sa re ga ma pa” is attacking them, but they are resisting with sheer effort.
No ” sa re ga ma pa” stay away for now, we will let you get in when we need…without you we are going to make this happen.

Audience are looking forward when will “sa re ga ma pa” is going to step in, curiosity and expectation growing about how its effect will be at the instance of its entry again.

…..But…But…. they start again to retune in sa re ga ma pa….after the conclusion of Uditana dhiranana …deemtana dhiranana…..ta …da…neeee…

There she is the anchor of the chalega arts company over the mic, announced Raag bhairavi.

Ni sa ga ma pa da…No,saregamapa..again…

Ni sa ga ma pa da… da..paa…da…paaaaa….

Ga pa da…..daaanisa…paaa… pa da sa….



Udathana nidhatana tada neee…

Dhimtana naa…dhimtana…naaa….

Tha dhir…dhir… thom dhir..dhir….dhir..dhir..dhir..dhir…dhir…dhir

Girl on the stage,the mosquito beater is skipping ….dhir…dhir…tunes,
the chubby girl is singing the tune…

dhir..dhir..dhir…with her cheeks vibrating which is clear and visible to the audience, as if she is waiting, when she gets to say Tha.. dhir…dhir… thom

she also blinks her eyes for the heart bumbling… dhir…dhir…dhir…dhir…tune

It appears like she also game for, given space and freedom, she ready to do jumps and leaps on the stage for the tune dhir….dhir….dhir….dhir….dhir….dhir….dhir….
Anchor of chalega arts left for home.

Among the audience an aunty who is waiting for the end of the show to cheer hip hip hurray, another talent wish list saga.

Sanjana -the chubby girl
Ransha( the mosquito beater) and charu ( the etiquette teacher)
Amol –Harmony from nanded
Vinay & anuraag for tabla


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