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February 22nd 2013  |  0  |  Category: Fiction , Tragedy  |  Author: tina20  |  1177 views

Ace and Betty
Ace was a yellow cat, happy, young, handsome, intelligent and with the senesce of humor. He liked dance, singing, drawing and dating. His master,Mr. Huang, an old professor, and his family lived on fifty floor of an old flat. They treated Ace as family member and they ate same food: fish, pork and rice, except the vegetable, Ace didn’t have the teeth for eating that. Ace got a girl friend her name was Betty. She was a pretty, sexy, sensitive yellow cat, with beautiful eyes and good shape, liking the model cat-walk when she was walking. Her master was Ms Zhu, a busy government officer, but she always took time talking and playing with Betty.
From Ace’s window could see Betty’s building. This morning, Ace was waiting at his window and seeing Betty as usual, after a while, Betty appeared, sexy, cute and she blinked her eyes quickly to Ace, Ace knew that she could have date now. Ace quickly washed his face and cleaned his fur jacket and his boots and ran down stairs right away.
“Hi, Betty, you look gorgeous.” Ace hugged Betty and put his mouth to hers. Betty moved her head and refused him.
“What’s the matter? You don’t love me now?” Ace was upset.
“Yes, I love you.” Betty said with wrong in her eyes:” You never asked my recent life since we met last week.”
“How‘s the things?” Ace asked and touched her fur dress.
“Not well, I was attacked by Basil the day left you. He wanted to kiss me and made love with me, I said no and he was angry and he and his friends made harassment in front of my home yesterday, my master was at home that time and called the police, I guessed he is still in the police station right now.” Betty said.
The rage on his face, Ace couldn’t control himself“He dare wanted my woman, I kill him.”Ace went to Basil’ home immediately and Betty followed him.

“Out, Basil, if you are brave enough.” He knocked the door loudly.
An old lady opened the door and said something and closed the door. Ace didn’t know what’s going on.
“She said Basil was not here anymore and asked we go.” Betty said.
“How do you know what human saying?” Ace was surprised.
“I’ve learned” Betty said:” Ms Zhu taught me and I’ve learned hard.”
“Amassing. Can you teach me, Betty?” Ace really wanted to know what hman talking about.
“Yes, I love to.” Betty agreed and told Ace : “ You can’t find Basil now, from that old lady’s language Basil would not allow to back her home anymore. The police would send him to homeless cat association.”
“Ok, what shall we do? Make love?” Ace wanted to have sex with Betty very much.
“You just know make love, never see my dress. What do you think of my new pink?
Dress which Zhu did for me.” Betty showed her dress to Ace.
“Junior told me he loved.” Ace hold Betty’s hand and took her to his home making sex.
“Ouw ouw ouw” Betty was enjoying and screaming
“Wow, wow wow, I love your noise.” Ace was working hard behind, in front, top or down Betty, Betty’s body was so soft and attractive and Ace couldn’t stop his working till Mr. Huang came back home and Betty was scared and ran away. Ace looked at the clock, they did two hours.
The life was peace, sweet and abundant for Ace, not only he got Betty, but also Caroline, Dale and Elsa. He would fight someone who wanted his girls and got the girl who said she loved someone else. His master’s family loved him and the human loved him.
“Come and see this cat, wow, powerful and handsome and smart.” He always heard the human said that complement to him in his neighborhood since he learned with Betty.
Ace and Betty had date at garden as usual.
“Have you heard the places called the Europe and America?” Betty asked Ace.
“Never, what’s that? I just know something about China’s reform; I always heard professor said with his wife.” Ace said: “But I don’t know where called China and what is reform?”
“You idiot, here is China, reform is open the door to Europe and America. Understand?” Betty laughed.
“You are knowledgeable indeed. Now I understood we are Chinese cats; we are yellow colour, correct?”
“That’s correct. I heard that the things in the Europe and the Africa are better than in China, the grasses are greener, the moon is around, the people are smarter and the cats are more handsome and more capable.” Betty continued: “Ms Zhu will send her daughter to study in the America and will have good job when came back to China.”
“Mr. Huang’s son will go to somewhere for study, I heard that, and all the family cheered about that, I guessed that he will have good job after studding outside too.” Ace remembered.
“Indeed, and also we are beneficiated in the families moved to the top, we are supper than the other cats in this community” Betty said “We will eat best, live best, outside in the cars, the human and cats here will admire our situation.”
“Absolutely.” Betty explained: “The world respects the stronger, the smarter, the better and the more capable. You know, you are stronger, smarter and more capable than the others, so you are the boss. We girl cats all like you and human like you too.”
Ace was enjoyed in Betty’s compliment and he also knew he was stronger than the others, good at catching the mice, drawing, and math and knew human’s language.
The change in this community faster and faster, the old flat building became new houses or new flat buildings; the rubbish place became a pool and grew the trees, the flowers and grass ground; the cars replaced the bicycles and human said more than one languages and some families got the white cats and black cats

White Cats
Blair was a white cat from the USA, big, strong with blue eyes and bad tempers. His master was Ms Yan, a rich lady, living in the beautiful house in this community. Blair was very happy since he came China, great living condition, nice food, nice drink, nice bed, gentleman’s suit, sports stuff, piano, books and girl friends. Blair got whatever he had dreamed.
The great satisfaction was that Blair was respected by anyone in this community, the yellow cats worshiped him and the human treated him very well although he didn’t understand what human saying.
Blair’s ex master was not kind to him, Blair always in starvation and sometimes he had to sleep outside the house, because his owner didn’t come back home all night. Since the shower, the shampoo, the clothes, the nice food, the girl friends and everything he got here, that was no any connection with Blair when he was in the States.
The second day Blair here, he met Betty, both full in love in a second. Blair went to Betty’s flat had sex, after that Ms Zhu said: “Betty, you should ask Blair to have dinner with us. I will ask the maid to buy sea fish and beef.” Betty translated Zhu’s words to Blair and he was shocked having sex in someone’s home, the master was not angry, not scream, but invited for dinner with expensive sea food and beef? Considering not bothered the master so much he said hot dog would be fine. Ms Zhu smiled and said:” Ok, lobster and steak for dinner.” Blair ticked his arm pit to check he was in the dream or reality: he was in the reality.
The dinner on the dining table, Betty didn’t see her plate under the table as usual. Then the maid came and held Blair put he on a chair which he could have dinner, then did for Betty. They both got forks, spoons and chopsticks.
“What that for.” Betty pointed the fork and asked Blair.
“That called fork, human use that for eating.”Blair said.
“You use that eating?” Betty asked and she worried that if Blair could use she could not, that Zhu might be unhappy for her.
“No, I use my mouth and my paw helps sometimes as same as everyone.” Blair said.
The door knocked and Zhu opened the door, Betty saw Professor Huang and Ms Yan there.
“Welcome, we haven’t met together ages.” Zhu said.
Ms Yan said and held Blair: “Naughty little thing bothered you, Ms Zhu.”
“Not at all, just my pleasure.” Zhu was enthusiastic and hospitalities her friends and Blair.
“Lovely cat, isn’t it?” Huang touched the Blair and said: “I got Ace at home, he didn’t do anything as catching the mice and I have to spend money for his food.”
“And he came to my house to tempt Betty sometimes; I condemned him and let him go.” Zhu told Huang.
“You are right, don’t be gentle to him.” Huang supported Zhu.
Blair didn’t understand the things human talked, but knew that he was valued as a guest there. Betty translated to him,
“Why humans didn’t like Ace?” Blair asked.
“Because he is yellow.”Betty told Blair that Ace was her boyfriend and she left him yesterday, because of Blair.
“I didn’t ask you to break up with Ace, to be honest I don’t know who Ace is?” Blair was angry to Betty.
“That is not your fault, but Ace’s, because he is not white.”Betty said: “I love white, you are white, and I chose you.” Betty was soft and touched Blair’s back.
“I got it, that means not just the human didn’t like yellow, but cats didn’t like either?” Blair asked.
“That’s right.” Betty blinked her eyes to Blair.
“But you are yellow!” Blair asked Betty strongly.
“Yes, what’s problem?” Betty couldn’t get the point.
“You don’t like yourself?” Blair didn’t want to stop the question.
“I do, but I don’t like the others they are yellow.” Betty showed her patient.
“This is the first time I met the cats they don’t like their race.”Blair shouted.
“There you go.” Betty said loudly: “I am yellow when I was born, if have choice I’d like to be white, white is the top class.”
The dinner finished and dissert severed: cheese cake

Blair got big one which let he reminded the story in the USA. That was Christmas day he was hungry and ate a bit Christmas pudding and his owner was angry and threw him to the outside. Blair realized that he didn’t need to be angry with this couture which was benefited him! Since which discriminated the cats in this culture, that was not his problem and he needn’t to wake up the yellow cats to realize their problem. Anyway, any culture was not perfect, for example, the USA was wealthy country with democracy and freedom system, but violence and jobless and discrimination to the others and he was always in poverty, hungry and never had dignity. Betty liked white, he was and she put him to the position as king and why he must to educate her to respect herself and her race and created lots of argument with Betty? He decided to accept Betty; she provided him nice sex, nice dinner, guide and translation human language and all of these for free.
“I never angry to you, I was angry to myself, why I am yellow. I’d like to be a white with blue eyes same as u.” Betty touched Blair and said.
“Understand.” Blair said and left going home with Ms.Yan, on the way, Blair saw another white cat.
“Hi I am Blair, American.” Blair introduced him to her.
“I am Fay.” Fay was tiny, beautiful pussy, with hazel eyes. She said: “I don’t like anything here, and I don’t know human language, my master is rich and I got whatever, but I am never happy.”
“Got me you are happy now.” Blair huddled her and try to have sex with her.
“No, I am not a slut and I like the relation going slow.” Fay said seriously.
“Trust me; I’m slowly very slowly and deep.” Blair touched Fay’s hand and both walked to the huge bush which near the pool.
“I’d like to do in my place where I have nice bed.” Fay suggested.
“You said you didn’t like anything here, which did not including your bed, young lady?”Blair confused.
“I am confused, which I like which I don’t. I know anything here is much better than I had in my country, but I don’t know why I am still complaining about it and maybe I need time to use to so luxury life style, and….” Blair was already on Fay’s body and his something in Fay and the little pussy’s happy noise broke the peace and quiet of this community immediately.

Ace, Betty and Their Friends
Betty couldn’t sleep well last night for exciting in the happiness of the dinner with human and sex with Blair – he was white with blue eyes, although his sex performance couldn’t compare with Ace’s. In her mind, Blair would bring her to the America someday and she would be settled there and had the life like the queen of England. She would live in the palace and she got big land, houses, castles, human servants and she need a bell to call her subjects and she would wear expensive gown and crown and carried a small hand bag, inside a salmon, on her arm. Today was a big day for her, she made up her face and ware her pink skirt and went to girls’ club.
The girls club was the old house of human, the owner moved to the new one and inside got sofa, chairs, beds and whatever just like a nice home. Betty and her friends found that house arranged and decorated then became girls’ club.
The girls were all there when Betty opened the door.
“Wow, you at least appear.”
“We are waiting for you long time.”
“Come on, sit beside me.”

The girls were seven mouths with eight tongues making the noise.
“Please quiet, I all belong to you, sisters. Now I tell you my yesterday.” Betty said with extremely nervous and excitable.
“That is why we are together here now.” Caroline said and all the others opened the eyes and waited.
“I had gorgeous day yesterday – all day with Blair.” Betty spoke slowly.
“Who is Blair?”Elsa, a young girl asked.
“You are retro. Blair is a white cat and just came to our community two days.” Caroline looked down of Elsa’s out- of –the –way and said: “I saw him the day before yesterday, he and Betty was talking in the garden. He is white, handsome with blue eyes.”
“Wow, I love white.” Elsa murmured and no one mentioned, because she was too young to bother the other sisters.
“What did you do with Blair all day?” Caroline didn’t believe Betty.
Betty told them how Blair and her met and what did they do together yesterday.
“ You had sex with him morning, lunch time and afternoon? Caroline shocked “How’s his sex skills?”
“Wonderful.” Betty lied to her friend that she just had one sex with Blair and his skill was just so so. She said: “He is kind, soft and romantic.”
“I love that.”Caroline said.
“Romantic, that called gentleman, I heard humans said that.” Dale said.
“True, I heard that too.” Betty said. “He got a nice smell, like kind of flower.”
“I know, he wear perfume, I saw my master put that on his neck before going out.” Caroline said “He is a gentleman indeed.”
“His eyes like the blue sea, wide and deep.”Betty said.
“I love that” Caroline said
“I love that too.” The others said.
Then Betty told them how the human treated Blair on their dinner table.
“Ms Zhu bought lobster and beef?” Caroline just conformed.
“Yes, we got forks for eating as human had in America.” Betty told them.
“What’s that for?” Bella asked.
“That is kind of tool for taking the food into the mouth, here human use chopsticks.” Betty explained.
“That’s so noble.” Bella admired.
“Much better than chopsticks.”
“But we still don’t know what that is?” Caroline said.
“Come to my home when Yan is not and I show you that.” Betty said.
“I dare say that you never had lobster and beef and dinner on the table with human before last night dinner with Blair? Caroline asked.
“You are right. I could have that treatment because of Blair. We like Blair and the human like Blair.” Betty said.
“You are lucky girl get Blair, you must look after him well and let he loves you forever.” Caroline said.
“Oh, yes, I know he just love me and never see any cat.” Betty said.
Wow, so sweet and all sisters were jealous Betty.
The door opened Ace was there.
“Why do you come here?” Betty was mad “I have no any relation with you now.”
“I am here just passing and heard noise.” Ace said “And now I confused you and I no relation now, what do you mean?”
“Betty got new boyfriend, Blair, a white guy, and finish with you.” Caroline said.
“Is that true?” Ace asked.
“Yes, indeed.”Betty said.
Ace went out. The girls meeting was continuing, suddenly, they heard the cat’s fighting screaming outside; they went out and saw Ace and Blair were fighting; Ace was on Blair’s back. His paw hit Blair’s head, Blair was shouting and said something and his lips all blood: “ Buddy, we don’t know each other, why you hate me so much?” Blair said.
“Today let you know who I am. I am Ace.” Ace didn’t stop his fist.
“God Ace, grandpa, I beg you, what thing I did defend you?” Blair begged.
“You dared fuck my woman, you white idiot.” Ace couldn’t control his angry and continued fought Blair’s head.
“Who is your woman?”
“Betty.” Ace shouted to Blair.
“Sorry about that. I didn’t know she was yours, if I knew I would not touch her. Please forgive me and I will do anything for you, you are my boss.”Blair begged again and again.
Ace was a real Man and thought Blair’s words were reasonable, so he stopped fighting and said: “Don’t let me see you again.”
Blair ran rousingly.

Betty sware to Ace and all the girls surprised about Ace’s action and talked:
“Wow, He is so brave, even fight white.”
“Ace is crazy.”
“Betty has freedom to choice her boyfriend.”
“Ace will get trouble.”
“Ace is rude.”
“Ace is hero.”
“No girl wants to be his girlfriend.”
“I want to be his girlfriend.” Elsa said: “He is hero and real gentleman for our community.”
“You are idiot little thing.” Betty was angry to Elsa:” He is violence, he fights Blair and he is criminal.”
“He fought Blair for his dignity. You are his girl friend, he appreciates you.” Elsa said.
“I’ m not his girl friend anymore, I’m Blair’s. He is just a yellow cat.” Betty was screaming.
“What problem of yellow color? You are yellow too and we are all yellow.” Elsa asked.
“I don’t want to talk with you, you know nothing about life.” Betty said: “Power is everything in this community and outside is same.”
“ What power Blair has? I’ve just seen he was begging Ace and his blood face.” Elsa said.
“He is power, because he is white, am I right?” Caroline asked Betty.
“There you go.” Betty had to appreciate Caroline’s intelligence.
Betty was concerning about Blair and Elsa was worrying about Ace and the other girls were hungry and went their homes.
Ace got punishment from professor Huang for hitting Blair. Since that Blair ignored Betty although Betty tried hard to close to him. Betty’s heartbroken. Ace supposed Betty was his lover, still concerned about her but Betty told him that she would not love him anymore, because he was yellow.
Ace said: “I am yellow from when I was born, why we fucked together in the past?” “That time I didn’t see any other color, but yellow, nowadays, got white and black too.” Betty said.
“So?” Ace couldn’t get Betty’s point.
“So I chose white.” Betty said.
“What the things white got better than yellow?” Ace asked.
“Nothing, just white color and blue eyes are enough.” Betty was impatient already: “I don’t want to talk with you anymore.”
“I’ll let you go, just one more thing: you are yellow too.” Ace reminded.
“Don’t worry; I will change my color to white soon.” Betty was gone.
Ace was sad about Betty and still couldn’t understand why the color was so important. Elsa comforted, admires and respected Ace then they became couples.

Black, White and Yellow Cats
Edmond was a new comer from Ghana. His owner, Mr. Gao a business man, got two cats, the other one was Fay who had connection with Blair already before Edmond came. Edmond was strong; in the dark night his hazel eyes matched his black fur jacket liked the diamond shining. Anyway he was a handsome and charming boy. He liked talking and he talked to Fay, to Ace, to Bert, to Betty, to Caroline, to Elsa and to everyone. He was popular in this neighborhood soon.
“I heard that new comer is talking at the garden at the moment.” Betty called Caroline on her I phone 5: “Are you going to have a look?”
“Sure.” Caroline said and called Dale, Elsa and boys as well.
“In Ghana, the human is wealthy, they live in the big houses, lot of people live in a house, the human’s car is big, human put whatever on it and lot of human on it, very happy.” Edmond talked in the garden and in front of the local cats.
“To be honest, I preferred living in a big house and just one or two human there.” Caroline talked to Betty’s ear.
“Me too.” Betty said: “ I really don’t know what that big car look like,which can put whatever on it?”
“We never worry about food, everywhere is mice, and we can have that at any time.” Edmond said.
What amazing place!
“We don’t know what the mouse looked like?” Dale said.
“My mum told me that mice are our food, we see them and eat them when I was baby but we never see any mouse in our community.” Caroline continued: “I guess she didn’t see that in her life time either.”
“So I don’t like here, everything is awful, so big house, small car and no mouse.” Edmond said.
“Why not leave?” Bert asked.
“No, Bert, you can’t be so rude to a foreigner.” Caroline said: “That will break the relationship between our community and his country.”
“Bert just asked a question. The rude word is from Edmond, he said here everything was awful, his words insulted us and our community.” Ace said.
“Ace is right.”Dale said.
“He is stupid; he might do something stupid this time again.” Betty said to Dale.
“No, he is smart boy.” Dale said.
“Hi buddy, you just said you are suffering here, why not go back to your country?” Blair was just coming and asked.
The atmosphere became tension, very quiet, just heard the breath in and out. Betty and Caroline felt Blair’s question was so gentle and reasonable. They smiled to each other.
“Great question.” Betty said,
“Indeed.” Caroline answered.
“Who are you?” Edmond was angry to Blair.
“Who I am not important, the important is you should have an apology to the cats here otherwise you should leave.” Blair said.
“Fuck you, white pig, you think who you are.” Edmond waved his arm to Blair’s face. Blair avoided it and held Edmond’s and same time used his leg to push it and Edmond fell off on the ground. The cats group was all enjoyed in watching the fighting.
“Come on! Blair!” Betty was cheering.
“Blair is great.” Dale said.
“Blair looked like man.” Elsa said.
“Blair is wonderful.” Ace said.
“Well done, sweetie,” Fay said.
“This is discrimination, you white sold our black as slavers in the past, and nowadays you still bully us?” Edmond fought Blair back.
“You must know I am a black and the human President, in the USA, a great county, is black too.” Edmond said and used all his strength to hit Blair.
“Do you know USA, nuts? I know you don’t know, you idiot.” Edmond said“But I know, it is the country near my country.” The fist of Blair fought on Edmond’s mouth and it still could move but no sound.
Blair was winner and the cats were round him singing.
Edmond was on the ground, after a while he woke up and didn’t know what’s happened.
“What’s going on, why I am on the ground and why blood on my nose? Edmond touched his nose and asked.
‘You and Blair just had fighting.” Betty told him.
“Who is Blair, why he and I fight?” Edmond asked.
“Blair an American, he fought you for you’re offending the cats in our community.” Ace told Edmond: “Please pay attention of your behavior later, to learn how to speak, how to respect the others and learn some basic knowledge before you speaking.”
“Who are you, do I know you?” Edmond asked.
“I am Ace.” Ace told him.
“Ace is none of my business, piss off, this is my place, I am continue my speaking.” Edmond stood up and talked again.
“I had to eat fish, pork, milk or a biscuit for my food, Fay is happy about that food, I don’t know why and how?” Edmond said: “The master’s house is so big and clean and just he, one human and two cats, me and Fay. The cleaner came to clean it twice a week. I don’t think that need clean. I preferred my old house in Ghana there were lot of people, everywhere rubbish and mice and I can go pee and go pooh everywhere.”
“Barking mad.” The cats moved to the sound and saw a tiny black cat was coming; her name was Jo, from South Africa “There you liked so much, why you came here? And here you hate so much, why not leave?”
All the cats, except Edmond, thought Jo’s words were reasonable. He was insane and jumped to Jo and his hand held Jo’s neck.
“Came down, Edmond, to be a gentleman and also she just saying.” Ace said.
“Fuck, piss off.” Edmond pushed Ace and shouted and his mouth crashed to Ace’s fist and fell off and couldn’t get up for a while.
“Edmond died.” Betty was screaming.
“Maybe he pretends.” Elsa said and put her hand to Edmond’s nose: “He doesn’t die and he is still breath normally.
Blair mocked Edmond: “Too weak to fight.” Ace went to Edmond and helped him standing up.
The fighting which caused by Edmond’s speech ended, two boys were involved in Edmond’s behavior, the former was Blair became hero, the latter, Ace became trouble maker.
“I heard that professor Huang drove Ace off his home and he is homelessness.”Betty told Caroline.
“I know, but I confused that why in the same case the result for two boys total different? In our culture should be yellow, white or black who catch the mice is the best cat. When the culture changes to who is not yellow, who is the best one?” Caroline asked,
“The change from our community changed the old houses, old streets, and old human and old cats all gone. By the way there is no mouse, so the system doesn’t work here.” Dale guessed.
“Even here got mice, the system didn’t work here either.”Elsa said.
“Why not?” Cats all confused/
“Ace and Blair both did well in the fighting, but as the colour issue, they got opposite results.”Elsa said.
“So colour is everything.” Betty said.
“That makes sense. But which color is best?”Caroline was confused.
“The colors are different from us are the best. It’s easy, isn’t it?” Dale said.
“It’s easy, but why we are worse than the others?” Elsa wanted to know.
“Because we don’t know the others and think the others are better is better.”Betty explained.
“But if we already know the others worse than us, what shall we do? Dale asked。
“Still treat others better than us.” Betty said.
“Why?” Elsa asked.
“No why.” Betty and Caroline said same time.
Dale and Elsa were unhappy about Betty and Caroline didn’t answer their question because they didn’t know that Betty and Caroline didn’t know that answer either.


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