Buying Meat

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January 17th 2013  |  1  |  Category: Fiction , Tragedy  |  Author: Judy F. Liu  |  691 views

Every since 47 year old Laozhang has been out of work, he has remained at home as a house husband. Lao always skims a little of the food money to subsidize his cigarettes and alcohol, as his wife only allows him 200RMb a month for spending money. It’s 4pm, and Laozhang is heading out to buy groceries for dinner.

His wife had told him, she wanted, meat bone soup, so when he entered the market, he went straight to the meat. Laozhang pointed to a pile of chops, and asked the butcher, “how much”.

The butchers wife replies in a warm manner “6.50RMB “Chop these two pieces for me please”, Laozhang points out, after seeing some nice looking cuts of meat. “O.K.” the butcher answers, while putting the two pieces of chops on the cutting board.

Watching the butcher work, Laozhang begins to think of how much he can skim from the meat money. After the butcher has finished the chopping and bagging, he says to his wife, “Weigh”

The woman looks at the amount on the electric scale and says, “21.50RMB” Laozhang hands the lady a 100 Yuan bill with a smile. After checking Laozhang’s money, she says to herself, “21.50 RMB from 100, I owe you 88.50 change”.

When Laozhang hears she is giving him 88.50 back, he starts to laugh in his heart. Pretending to be calm, Laozhang watches the woman count out 88.50 RMB. As usual, Laozhang takes the money without counting it, and hurries to leave the shop.

While leaving the market, Laozhang realizes he cant buy the other things he may have bought there, because he is afraid the couple might find that they gave him too much change and ask him to return the 10 RMB.

So he decides to go to another market and buy the rest of his groceries. Laozhang can’t wait to count the money the woman gave him, so once he had figured he was far enough away from the market, he takes the money from his pocket and starts counting, “50RMB, 10RMB………..the total is right” “88.50″while laughing.

He then checks to see if the money is real……”WHAT”, this 50 Yuan bill doesn’t look real! Lao decides to check again, hoping it might be real. He checks over and over again, but unfortunately, it is counterfeit.

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Buying Meat Created by Judy F. Liu


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